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Czech Republic has one of the oldest and most respected traditions of plastic surgery in Europe. Savings of up to sixty per cent can be made on cosmetic treatment compared with prices in some western countries. Dental procedures and eye surgery are also high on the list of reasons to consider this easily accessed Central European country.

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GYNEM Fertility Clinic Prague - MEDICAL TRAVEL

228 881 220 ext: 88999 Ledcicka 1, Prague, 18200
Very satisfiedOlena, Jedburgh, 13 Apr 14

At the moment of my treatment I am very satisfied with all services provided.

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Fertility Specialist Consultation Free
FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION and if you decide to undergo treatment at our clinic we do not charge you for personal consultation.
Egg Donor From Kč129733
Guarantees: - Selection of a suitable donor for the recipient according to requirements (height, weight, colour of eyes, colour of hair, blood type). - We guarantee 6 harvested eggs and 2 healthy embryos for transfer if the sperm quality is good. - If donor does not produce enough eggs, we will provide you with a new donor for no extra charge. - If your 1st and 2nd cycle is not successful (you are not pregnant) you will get the 3rd cycle for free. This price includes: - Airportpick up, first transfer to the clinic with our representative - Monitoringand consultations with doctors  - Stimulationmedications for the recipient- Selection,testing, compensation and drugs for donor - Compulsory pre-treatment tests - Infectious diseases testing (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis) - Ultrasound examinations during treatment - Fertilizationvia the ICSI method - Prolongedcultivation of embryos to blastocyst stage -Transfer of 1 - 2 fresh embryos - Spermcollection, sperm analysis (spermiogram) and sperm freezing for 1 year 
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228 881 220 ext: 67662 Hlinky 60/144, Brno, 60300
So far so good.Dede, Netherlands, 06 Mar 12

So far the answers are cleared and they are really fast. They respond quickly and they make sure you understand everything properly. Customer service part they are 100 pct perfect! I just started the procedure with them, still at the beginning point. A letter to my doctor from them for the necessary checks they need prior to my IVF treatment. The rest Ill update when I actually do it. So far so good.

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Fertility Specialist Consultation Kč2703
1 Hour We are a newly emerging reproductive medicine clinic. We are a modern clinic equipped with a fully qualified team with many years experience of IVF. We specialize in the program donated oocytes and sperm. We have no waiting time and treatment can be started almost immediately.
Egg Donor Kč121625
Reprogenesis ic clinic specialized to donor oocytesfor infertility patients, donor oocytes helps themto be succesful in their treatment, to be pregnant and have a child. Waiting time for donor oocytes at our clinic is minimal and we are doing our best to find suitable donor with the same genetic disposition and also with the same interests. We use only utilizing oocytes from proven donors. This package includes: -treatment protocol, - stimulating medications for the egg donor, - monitoring of the donor's IVF cycle, - donor's oocyte retrieval, - fertilization of all mature oocytes via ICSI, - prolonged embryo cultivation, - assisted hatching, - embryo transfer, - ultrasound exam of the recipient, - the donor's compensation
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ISCARE clinic Prague - IVF

228 881 220 ext: 85037 Jankovcova 1569/2c, Prague, 170 04
Highly recommended!Michelle, US, 24 Oct 13

My husband and I visited the clinic few months ago and had IVF there. Everything worked like a charm. The first contact through pick up at the airport and then treatment itself. Guys were always at the end of the phone and did the best they could. Highly recommended!

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Fertility Specialist Consultation Free
Fertility consultation can be done over the phone, Skype or right at the clinic.  If you have historical data and examinations from your gynecologist at home, this is all you need to have at hand. If you would like to visit the clinic we are able to give you a short tour and explain how we carry out a procedure.
IVF with Egg Donor From Kč81083
The package includes 2 transfers of 2 embryos per each transfer and medicaments needed for transfer preparation. Embryos are cultivated up to 120 hours. Possibility of choice of donor’s phenotype. 
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Praga Medica - Infertility Treatment Prague

228 881 220 ext: 63287 plzenska 155/113, 150 000 Praha 5, Prague
A beautiful baby boy, happy and healthyAnonymous, UK, 19 May 14

We are overjoyed with the result of the treatment Praga Medica arranged for us,- a beautiful baby boy, happy and healthy. This clinic has made our dreams come true! Our son was born with the help of Hypnobirthing, a relaxation & self-hypnosis system developed in the U.S. which allows a pain-free birth without medical pain-relief. We recommend Hypnobirthing to all Praga Medica mothers, and we unreservedly recommend Praga Medica to all couples who need expert help to start a family,- this clinic is the best!

Fertility Specialist Consultation Free
The initial phone consultation with our consultants is FREE of charge Evaluation of your medical questionnaire by our doctors is FREE of charge Personal consultation with our doctors and basic examination is 150 EUR
Egg Donor Kč100003  -  Kč134977
NEW: PREGNANCY or 3rd CYCLE FREE OF CHARGE. Fresh egg donation with guarantee of a young tested donor and 2 quality embryos Shared risk: New donor free of charge in case of fail, significant discounts in case of necessity to repeat the cycle. We can only accept female patients until their 49th birthday, we can treat heterosexual couples only, not single women or same sex couples Caucasian Czech donors only (pale skin),  African or Asian are not available. We can not treat couples where one of the partners is a carrier of the HIV virus, hepatitis B or C, viruses or should they suffer from syphilis. PGS or PGD with sex selection are not allowed Our egg donor cycles include in the base price everything important for successful treatment:FREE evaluation of your medical questionnaire Initial consultation with a highly qualified IVF specialist Necessary examinations for both partners Preparation of the egg donor All examinations of the donor, including the genetics Stimulation of the egg donor Egg collection Sperm freezing and STD test Fertilization of eggs by the standard method Extended cultivation 3 - 5 days Embryo transfer Guarantee of at least 2 quality embryos Transfer to the clinic for the 1st appointment Local representative to help during your whole stay Significant discount on possible another attempt should you not get pregnant
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation From Kč53515
Shared risk and discounts in case of necessity to repeat the cycle. Phone or personal consultation with a highly qualified IVF specialist Initial gynaecological examination Cycle of IVF + Embryo transfer Necessary blood tests for both partners (STDs) All ultrasound scans Cultivation of embryos for 48 hours Transfer to the clinic for the 1st appointment Local representative to help during your whole stay We can not treat couples where one of the partners is a carrier of the HIV virus, hepatitis B or C, viruses and does suffer from syphilis.  PGD with sex selection are not allowed. The age of the woman should be ideally less then 43 years, otherwise the next attempt is with donor eggs.
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Pronatal Genus

Zborovska 1100, Kolin, Central Bohemian Region
Pronatal Genus is a Fertility Specialist in Kolin. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Fertility Specialist Consultation Up to Kč100


228 881 220 ext: 24350 Boleslavova 2, Olomouc, 776 00
Fertimed opened its doors in 1992 and performed its first IVFcycle two years later. In 1995 the first ICSI baby in the Czech Republic was born in this centre. In the same year, Fertimed became the second infertility centre in the Czech Republic to see the birth of a baby following the transfer of a cryo preserved embryo. Two years later, in 1997, Fertimed’s success was recognized by the national government when it was awarded the Czech Ministry of Health Research Project Award, the first time a private gynaecological center has won the award. Doc.M.D.Aleš Sobek, Ph.D. and his team developed a new method for the examination of female reproductive organs and tubal patency- the UTHL - Ultra sono graphically guided transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy. The results of the team work are reflected in many studies in national and international scientific journals. There are now two centers in Olomouc and Ostrava working under one supervision. Fertimed operates according to European Directives and ISO 9001, 15189, 14001. Doc.M.D.AlešSobek, Ph.D. The head consultant and owner of Fertimed infertility center. He has published more than 100 publications in national and international journals and has held numerous lectures and presentations on international conferences. He is an experienced gynaecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine. He has undertaken  study programmes in Germany (Homburg, Ulm, Essen, Luebeck), Israel (Tel Aviv), Belgium (Bruxelles), France (Paris), Austria
Fertility Specialist Consultation Free
Send us your qoute. You will receive an answer as soon as possible. 
Egg Donor  
We recruite young healthy women and men younger than 35 years, mostly university students, Czech citizens, white race. All of our donors undergo standard genetic examination (karyotyping, cystis fibrosis, trombophilia), hormonal examination, sexually transmitted diseases examination (HIV, Hepatitis, Lues)
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation  
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IVF Zlín

228 881 220 ext: 97420 U Lomu 638, Zlín, 760 01
IVF Zlín is a Fertility Specialist in Zlín. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Fertility Specialist Consultation  
Egg Donor  
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Arleta IVF Ltd Czech Republic

228 881 220 ext: 87001 Komenského 702, Kostelec nad Orlicí, 517 41
Understanding, informative supportiveYasmin, Manchester, 05 Jun 14

I've just got back from Arleta and I can't begin to find words that will express how wonderful they were. Their package is exactly what it says on the website. They treated us with respect and made us feel special. Tom was unconditionally supportive and informative. The efforts he went to make us feel comfortable and welcome was priceless. The apartments they provide are super comfy and central to Prague. Tom went over and above his duties to accommodate us. Dr Dolezal is a sweety, warm, friendly and reassuring. The quality of service from Arleta is beyond any experience we've had in the UK. I'm in my second day of my two week wait and so I don't know if I'm pregnant. No matter what my results are, I would wholeheartedly recommend Arleta over and above any other clinic in the world. If you want the personal, honest and supportive IVF journey then do check out Arleta. There's a totem pole in the Arleta garden which Dr Dolezal made himself for the Arleta annual children's party. Each year they have a different theme and this year it's a zoo. All the staff will be dressed as animals. I mention this because Arleta is more than a IVF factory, it's a community and family centred place that values it's staff and clients, past and present. Choosing the right clinic is daunting and a huge risk with a cost. So I took that risk and was overwhelmed with my experience. It's all a personal choice but I would suggest you give Tom a ring at Arleta before choosing any other clinic. He's not a salesman but an understanding, informative support who will do his utmost to make your IVF journey comfortable.

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Fertility Specialist Consultation Up to Kč5625
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation Kč108983  -  Kč175779
IVF OWN EGGS - MEDICAL package: £3,100 All prescribed medication* Consultations with specialists Gynaecological, ultrasound, STD and sperm examinations Sperm processing and cryopreservation PICSI - selection of sperm for ICSI via method based on binding to the hyaluronan ICSI Prolonged cultivation to a blastocyst stage Primo Vision – a video time lapse of continuous development of embryos, available on the Internet and a flash disc Embryo Transfer (ET) Unused embryos cryopreservation - Vitrification IVF OWN EGGS - ALL INCLUSIVE package: £4,100 Extends the MEDICAL package for: Representative who will wait for you at the airport and take care of you completely during both of your stays All necessary transportation among airport - apartment - clinic All necessary accommodation in a 4-star apartment (or in a 4-star hotel) with breakfasts and free wifi All taxes and fees, etc. IVF OWN EGGS - ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE package: £5,000 Extends the ALL INCLUSIVE package for: Return air tickets for 2 visits for both partners, from any European airport with direct flights to Prague** Medical Travel Shield Insurance for Fertility Treatment * The limit for medication is 2000 IU. Within the packages we only cover medication up to a pregnancy test (from the blood) performed 14 days after an embryo transfer. ** The limit for air tickets is £900
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My IVF Alternative - Europe

358 880 280 ext: 17650 Polni 1326, Slavkov u Brna, 68401
Welcome to My IVF Alternative, we are glad you found us! I am one of the 9.3 million “baby challenged” women in the US. I dislike the word “infertile”. Being emotionally stressed from the inability to conceive, the huge out of pocket cost for In vitro fertilization has only made it worse. We had three options: Get a loan for the IVF costs (get deeper in debt). Give up on having a child. Or… Search for alternative In vitro options. We focused on Mag’s home country – The Czech Republic. To our surprise we found that there are several private IVF clinics treating foreign patients for IVF and Donor Egg IVF for less. Already, we began to feel like we had options with In vitro – already we were closer to achieving our dream. We are thrilled to share with you that we found it. We came up with a way to make getting pregnant with IVF and egg donor IVF an affordable, pleasant and fun experience. How does shopping, sightseeing, spa treatments, massages, history and quality time alone, or with your close friends/family sound? All for as little as $4,700 for In vitro fertilization treatment. We believe that the decision to start a family with IVF should not be made more stressful by insurance companies dictating what we can and cannot do when it comes to fertility or IVF treatment. As a result, my husband and I have decided to form this IVF website to help other couples and to offer alternatives of IVF for less than in the US.
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Fertility Specialist Consultation Free
Donor Egg IVF From Kč14449
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IVF Travel

228 881 220 ext: 21193 U Lomu 638, Zlín, 760 01
Zlin in the Czech Republic is the location of this sanatorium where a comprehensive range of fertility and other treatments are offered to help couples achieve their conception goals. Low cost and high quality services are offered for medical tourists by the highly trained and experienced team at the sanatorium. Transport and accommodation for overseas patients are arranged by the team. Services provided include extensive health examinations, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, sperm analysis, counselling services, IUI, ICSI and IVF procedures and assisted hatching procedures. The clinic also offers cryopreservation and storage services for embryos for one year.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
Egg Donor  
Assisted hatching  
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Gynem Gynekologie a IVF - Praha 8

228 881 220 ext: 21196 Ledčická 1, Praha 8, 182 00
The team at this clinic located at Prague in the Czech Republic welcomes overseas patients and offers affordable services to help them achieve their conception goals. An individual approach is taken by the team while treating patients. The team is highly qualified and experienced and have a high success rate in helping couples start a family. The clinic is fitted with modern equipment and the safety and privacy of patients is a priority of the team. Services provided include advanced diagnostic services, counselling, sperm and egg donation assistance, egg and sperm preservation and IVF, IUI and ICSI procedures.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation
IVF Cycle Stimulation Oocyte Collection and ET From Kč26000
IVF Cycle Stimulation , without Fertilization Oocytes ( without ET) From Kč15000
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1 other location in Czech Republic for Gynem Gynekologie a IVF - Praha 8.

Gynem Gynekologie a IVF - Praha 6

228 881 220 ext: 11672 Ořechovce 7, Praha 6

IVF Centra Prof. Zecha - Pilsen

228 881 220 ext: 21202 B. Smetany 2, Pilsen, 30100
Fulfilling the desire of couples with infertility and helping them start a family is the focus of this surgeon and his team. He serves patients at clinics located in five countries in Europe. He has a history of successfully helping couples achieve their conception goals through high quality treatments and procedures. The directives of the European Union for fertility clinics are strictly complied with at all the centres for the safety of patients. Services provided at all the clinics are health assessments and advanced diagnostics, counselling, pre-implantation diagnostics and IVF procedures.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation
Egg Retrieval  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation  
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