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"Worth every penny"Tim, UK, 17 Mar 15
"Dr Mantzourani offers a very specialist and tailored service and is worth every penny. She is very knowledgeable and has a 'can do' approach. A wise investment in your health if you need a holistic and diagnostic approach. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Dr. Mantzourani is a private doctor fully registered with the GMC and a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. She has special interests in Bio-identical Hormones, Chronic Complex Disease Management, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Antiaging/RegenerativeMedicine and Medical Diets. Her mission is to improve patient outcomes through prevention, early assessment and comprehensive personalized patient care management.
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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
What are bioidentical hormones? They are hormones chemically identical to the natural hormones produced by the human body. Although their primary ingredients come from plant sources such as yam or soy they are subjected to extensive laboratory modifications to be made "bioidentical". Their advantages compared to synthetic hormones and other hormones used in conventional HRT are their ability to bind with the same receptors in the human body and to follow the same metabolic and elimination pathways as naturally produced hormones.Therefore, their actions can be more "physiological".     Additionally, they can be measured in bodily fluids- blood, urine, saliva- allowing your doctor to monitor their levels throughout your treatment and avoid over- or under-replacement. Conventional HRT hormones cannot be measured in bodily fluids and dosage remains fixed and unmonitored. BHRT refers primarily to the replacement of sex hormones- oestrogen, progesterone. However, for better results your doctor will assess and restore the status of other vital hormones such as thyroid, DHEA, melatonin etc. What are the health benefits of BHRT? Efficient treatment of hot flushes and sweats, prevention of osteoporosis and bone fractures, improvement of incontinence and vaginal dryness, improvement of sleep and mood, improvement of memory, concentration and thinking, improvement in wrinkles, skin texture and hair, improvement of body composition and muscle mass, improvement of libido and sexual function.
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Nova Vita Kliinik

Tallinn, Estonia
Beginning of New Life at Nova Vita Nova Vita is the Latin for a New Life. The aim of Nova Vita is to help barren couples to produce offspring, their long-awaited child. Nova Vita entails the notion of happier life management for future parents and the chance of life for yet unborn children.  The clinic was established in 1995.  Our 2 doctors, Dr.Elle Talving and Dr.Peeter Karits, started work in the clinic when it was founded in 1995. They have been fully dedicated to fertility diagnostics and treatment since that. The full IVF team, doctors, nurses and embryologists, have long experience of working together and perform in full synergy. The quality of work and good results are very important to us. Our fertility laboratory responds to ISO standards and  the certificate of ISO 15189 has been received in 2012  Nova Vita has been leading the way in Baltics. The first ICSI baby, the first FET baby and the first blastcyst baby in Baltics have been born with the help of Nova Vita's IVF team in nineties.
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Hormone Therapy
Hormone Treatment

Natural Doctor

London, UK
Natural Doctor was founded by, with a background in Science (PhD) as well as Medicine; Dr Eccles has achieved high recognition for his contributions to Medical Knowledge. Our mission is to achieve optimal health and wellness. We offer a consultancy service from an anti ageing expert and hormone specialist, who will be able to underline hormone imbalances in the body and look to restore health and prevent illnesses. We do this through the use of nutritional therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement and specific programmes to fight ageing and weight loss.
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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Why should you have to choose between your quality of life and increasing your risk for certain cancers when engaging in HRT therapies? For women over the age of forty this has been the choice for hormone balancing for generations, leading to a precarious lack of physical and emotional wellbeing for women. As rates of cancer instances rise throughout the world, the use of synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has become widely studied for its impact on raising the risk of developing cancer. That is not an option we are comfortable with and Dr. Eccles and his team are pleased to offer an advanced whole health alternative hormone treatment for men and women.
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Gözmed Health Group

Istanbul (Anatolia), Turkey
Gözmed Health Group is a Eye Specialist in Atasehir. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Hormone Treatment
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Liv Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey
"Prompt, straight to the point and casual response"Mohammed, UK, 10 May 15
LIV takes its name from “Leading International Vision”, a distinctive concept in hospital design, treatment and care focusing on international patients.As a custom-built structure with 30,000 square meters of closed space, this new-generation “smart” hospital incorporates the latest digital technology and green design concepts, evident from the flowing ergonomic patterns and soothing design of the entrance foyer inspired by the forms and healing capacities of the human body that is reflected throughout every detail of the hospital’s 163 patient beds, 48 polyclinics and consulting rooms, 8 operating theaters and 22 Intensive Care Unit beds. With a focus on extreme medical cases across the entire range of medical specialties, the LIV Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology including daVinci Robotic Surgery, “TrueBeam” radiotherapy equipment, individualized comprehensive cancer treatments, and a fully-equipped Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Center.
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The Holistic Haven

Wexford, Ireland
"I would highly recommend"Margaret, Ireland, 20 Jan 15
"I am delighted with my experience in The Holistic Haven in New Ross. I have family in New Ross so I decided to visit the clinic there as opposed to travelling all the way to Dublin from Clonmel. The communication between the clinic and myself was fantastic and they emailed me back immediately after i made the enquiry which made the process very smooth from the beginning. The facilities were one of the highlights of my visit to The Holistic Haven with very good parking and the clinic itself was spotless. There was a beautiful fire lighting in the room and i could have stayed there all day! The treatment was everything I wished for and the price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend The Holistic Haven to friends or family and I will return in the future."
Systematic Kinesiologist Finola Foley founded The Holistic Haven to provide a genuinely holistic therapy system which gets to the root of issues and provide quality solutions in helping restore and maintain great health. Providing structural, bio chemical, muscular, electrical and energetic corrections.
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Hormone Treatment

The Northwood Surgery

Northwood Hills, UK
"Very pleased with service"Amaka, Potters Bar, 18 Jun 14
"Very pleased with service. Quoted £70 for YF vaccine and paid £70,"
The Northwood Surgery provides a "boutique" private primary healthcare facility where patients can access general medical expertise, travel vaccinations, non-surgical beauty treatments and acupuncture provided by an experienced doctor with a holistic approach.
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Hormone Treatment
HRT - Hormone Replacement Treatment

Róbert Rendelőintézet

Budapest, Hungary
"Very kind.straight to the point.very helpfull"Adina, Ireland, 05 Jun 14
"Fast and very good feedback. Answered exactely what I asked for. "Adler, Norway, 02 Apr 15
The clinic provide service on world-class Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Our plastic surgeon, Miklos Molnar dr studied and worked in Brazil with Professor Ivo Pitanguy. Philosophy and method is based on Brazilian technique. We are open to all kind of requests. The clinic is located in Budapest, Hungary. Experienced staff, high quality of service, newest technology can be found at the clinic. Ambulatory and hospital care is given. Our patients can recuperate in single or double rooms. Each ward has a private bathroom, a television set, a telephone, wifi connection. -Facial plastic surgery: face lift, eyelid surgery, b.tox treament. wrinkle filler, lip augmentation -Body restoration after weight loss/ child birh: breast surgery, tummy tuck, liposuction -Body contouring: liposcution, Brazilian Buttock lift. Buttock implant.Calf implant  -Plastic surgery for man : liposuction/nose surgery/ pectoral implant, buttock implant, calf implant -Feminization for transexuals: breast, face, nose
Hormone Treatment
From $21
"Very informative"Julie, UK, 26 Oct 14
"Very prompt response. Thank you."Mrs, UK, 16 Feb 14
The Whitecliffs med centre is a general and private medical practice.We believe in providing a holistic approach to every consultation.The practice is doctored by 4 male and2female GPS.We offer  NHS and Private medical  services . The centre also runs a doctor led aesthetic clinic for permanent hair reduction ,Photorejuvenation of the skin,threadveins on the face ,.wrinkle injections and dermal fillers .We also help poeple with obesity by dietary advise along with the Hawkins toning system. Anew treatment added on to our aesthetique treatments is chemical peels and mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is used for various skin cond including rejuvenation and hair loss.
Hormone Treatment
HRT - Hormone Replacement Treatment
1 other location in UK for Dr Premnath P & Partner - White Cliffs Medical Centre.

Dr Premnath P & Partner - White Cliffe Medical Centre Shepherdswell Surgery

(888) 848-7639 ext: 64994Mill Lane, Shepherdswell, Dover

FirstMed Centers

Budapest, Hungary
"Very pleased!"Elisa, UK, 17 Jul 14
"Very pleased!"
FirstMed opened in Budapest, Hungary in February of 1999 and has become a leading provider of private family practice and urgent care medical services in Budapest. FirstMed serves individuals, families, companies, embassies, and non-profit organizations. FirstMed´s success depends on its highly-qualified and dedicated employees who strive to continually improve patient services through professional development, willingness to pursue new challenges, and understanding of patients´ needs. FirstMed places high value on continuing medical education and regularly sends staff to conferences in the United States and around the world to keep current on medical issues. FirstMed’s central clinic is located in the Hattyúház building close to the Széll Kálmán (formerly known as Moszkva) Tér metro station on the red line. Our more than 800 sqm facility on the 5th floor includes 10 exam rooms, a laboratory, x-ray and mammography and a dental section of three seats complete with a panoramic x-ray and dental laboratory. A comfortable, child friendly waiting area with free WiFi, refreshments and international magazines and the latest newspapers make the short waiting time pleasant for every patient of FirstMed. We are proud to announce the opening of our second Budapest location. The new clinic brings our high standard of medical care and attentive customer support to the north-west of Budapest, located at the junction of Huvösvölgyi and Nagykovácsi út, directly across from the Sto
Hormone Treatment

Sarafianos Private Hospital

Thessaloniki, Greece
SARAFIANOS Private  Clinic  is  a  model  Diagnostic  and  Therapeutic  centre ,  situated  at  the  most  central  place  in  the  city  of  Thessaloniki  and known for its long tradition of  high  quality  health  services  since  1957.  We are characterised by respect for the patient,  a  high sense of professionalism,  quality ,  thoroughness and consistency in the services provided and, above all, our anthropocentric approach.  The Clinic is ISO  9001:2008  certified.   The clinic possesses : 100 Hospital beds in spacious, air conditioned rooms 15 beds  –  stations in the Artificial Kidney Unit   4 Intensive Care Unit beds Modern medical technology equipment, constantly renewed Diagnostic laboratories Outpatient services Lithotripsy Unit Top Scientific Personnel in all fields of specialization Highly qualified Nursing and Administrative personnel Fully equipped operating rooms Home nursing services Ambulance service International patients nursing services Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit   DEPARTMENTS – Specializations       Pathology Cardiology General Surgery Laparoscopic Surgery Plastic Surgery Ophthalmology Urology  Orthopedics Surgery - Trauma
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Mammectomy, Mammectomy - Mymph Node Removal

United Medical Centre

Dublin, Ireland
"Very quick response, and was seen the same day. The doctor was professional and I felt he did a good job."David, Ireland, 30 Sep 14
"Very good in terms of responsivity + doctor."Alexandra, Ireland, 30 Sep 14
Clinics Family Medicine General Medical Problems Male Health Clinic Cholesterol testing Blood pressure measuring Diabetic testing Prostate screening Impotence and erectile dysfunction Screening for sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STD/STI) Testicular lump(s) and problems Semen and sperm analysis Treatment of genital warts and genital problems Women's Health Clinic (with lady doctor) Cervical smear by female Doctor (Free for women between the ages of 25-65 yrs under Cervical Check Programme. Check with secretaries.) Contraceptive care Breast Check Screening for sexually transmitted disease/infections (STD/STI) Gynaecological problems Treatment of genital, herpetic and warty lesions Hormone replacement therapy care Investigations for infertility problems Maternity - antenatal and postnatal care for mother and baby Baby clinic Childhood Immunusation and Vaccinations (by appointment only) Other Services provided Blood Tests: In clinic, by appointment only Travel vaccination (Registered clinic for Yellow Fever) Asthma Clinic Diabetic Clinic Flu and pneumonia vaccinations Medicals for insurance and work Warts and verrucae, treatment by freezing and cryotherapy Joint Injections Minor Surgery covered by VHI, AVIVA, QUINN Mole excision Abscess drainage Suturing of cuts and lacerations Removal of skin cysts Excision of dermatofibroma Removal and treatment of actinic keratosis Interest in Dermatology and Skin Problems The Clinic Opening Times are: Monday - Saturday 10am - 7
Hormone Treatment
HRT - Hormone Replacement Treatment
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