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The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

087 550 3603Centre for Medical Excellence, Melrose Arch, 18 The High Street Melrose Arch, Jo
"A big thank you"Atalia, South Africa, 11 Feb 14
"I was scared of looking the same and being disappointed but it was a huge success. I have been receiving so many compliments and my confidence is back!! I feel 'unstoppable'!"
The Melrose Aesthetic Centre is part of a new niche in the anti-ageing and grooming market – a 'medi-spa', that offers a variety of sought-after, cutting edge skin rejuvenation procedures and treatments. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest international trends and being able to provide clients with a comprehensive anti-ageing solution. At The Melrose Aesthetic Centre each client receives personalised care and a thorough consultation with one of our resident aesthetic physicians. We base our recommendations on every client’s individual needs, personality and expectations. In addition, only premium, scientifically tested products, treatments and equipment are sourced and applied in our regimes and procedures.  Testament to our impeccable reputation is the growing list of high profile clients in the entertainment industry, business executives and politicians from South Africa and other countries.  Our team of medical experts are internationally trained and regularly updated on the latest trends in the aesthetic industry.  Our high level of professionalism and expertise form the foundation of our business and we aim to provide every client with a positive transformation experience… both during and after their visit to The Melrose Aesthetic Centre.
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Acne Treatment
4 Sessons
SAR895  -  SAR1345 Enquire
This common condition (not limited to teenagers as is commonly believed) manifests as scaly red skin, blackheads and whiteheads, pimples and pustules and usually leaves patients embarrassed initially, and later with unsightly marks. Acne may be inflammatory or not and affects mostly skin with the densest population of sebaceous follicles – areas including the face, the upper part of the chest and the back. Genetics, infections and hormonal or psychological changes are all factors that may cause or contribute to the condition. Acne scars form as a result of inflammatory or cystic acne. This is when the follicle/pore becomes enlarged due the accumulation of excess oil, bacteria or other impurities in the pore, causing the follicle wall to break. The impurities spread to the dermis where it damages healthy skin tissue and, combined with the over-production of collagen to heal the wound, leads to the formation of a scar. Treatment options include laser and/or chemical peels. A series of blue light acne treatments for several weeks is recommended to achieve optimal results. However, the amount and frequency of treatments that you will need depends on the severity of your acne and how well it responds to treatment. To maintain results after the initial series of treatments, monthly treatments are often recommended. Treatments are typically repeated weekly for several weeks until optimal results are achieved.  However, maintenance treatments are often recommended to sustain results. Blue light photodynamic therapy sessions are typically spaced two weeks apart to allow the full effects of the treatment session to appear. Light chemical peels are usually performed in addition to laser treatments to improve the effectiveness of results.

Paarl Aesthetics Medicine

087 550 3622 ext: 70707Thru shop Nothing Plein by Gizella K, 86 Main Street, Paarl, 7646
"They were very helpful."Barbara, South Africa, 15 Jul 13
"She is just the best. Contacted me immediately. "Yolandie, South Africa, 12 Sep 13
Medical Aesthetics is for Men and Women and is not just about Treatment for lines and wrinkles!! There’s so much that can be done to improve your appearance and how you feel about yourself. Often a small change can start a whole different attitude that gets reflected in your everyday life.  You can re-invent yourself, re-style yourself, restore your previous looks as best possible, re-create yourself or rejuvenate yourself.  Or maybe you just want to feel and look a little less tired, a little less stressed, a little less angry.  Maybe you just want to treat yourself,because you’re Special. ABOUT ME: I am a Medical Doctor with specific training in Medical Aesthetics. Safety dictates that I use only reputable products. I do not want unpredictable results or unpredictable side-effects. I only use products that have established safety track-records in Aesthetics Medicine.
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Acne Treatment
SAR350  -  SAR1600 Enquire
Depending on severity: Lamelle Clarity range of products, Regular Superficial skin peels, Topical keratolytics, Topical retinoids, Oral antibiotics, Oral retinoid.  Soon to have Microdermabrasion for resurfacing nce the lesions have healed

Skin Renewal Parkhurst

087 550 3622 ext: 2221870 6th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, 2196
"Happy."Nancy, South Africa, 07 Jun 10
"It was prompt and gave sufficient detail on how to proceed. I'm very satisfied."Khangwelo, South Africa, 17 Jun 10
Skin Renewal Aesthetic Skin Care Centres are conveniently located in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa. The clinics are managed and operated by resident aesthetic physicians who are highly experienced in aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing. They are supported by a staff of qualified and experienced technicians, nurses and therapists who provide a range of services to clients. The clinics specialise in offering a full range of anti-ageing treatments including Treatment for lines and wrinkles®, fillers, facial rejuvenation and skin resurfacing. In addition to aesthetic medicine a wide variety of skin conditions including acne, pigmentation and rosacea are treated. When circumstances require, patients are referred to dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons. Every client is provided with a fully customised solution dependant on expectations, budget, time and medical conditions. The clinics furthermore offer a full range of body treatments, specialising in circumference reduction, cellulite removal, treatment of stretch marks and a medically based weight loss programme. In addition to medical class lasers, microdermabrasion and mesotherapy systems the clinics also have the latest body treatment technologies such as carboxy therapy, VelaShape and TriPollar. With a client base of over 10 000 satisfied patients, leading technologies and physicians and staff who are passionate about non-invasive cosmetic procedures, Skin Renewal can rightfully lay claim to bei
Acne Treatment
15 other locations in South Africa for Skin Renewal.

Skin Renewal Willowbridge

087 550 3622 ext: 81468Shop 70 Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre, C

Skin Renewal Cape Quarter

087 550 3622 ext: 81464Shop 205, 2nd Level, Cape Quarter, Somer

Skin Renewal Irene

087 550 3622 ext: 81470Intercare, South Downs Shopping Centre

Skin Renewal Morningside

087 550 3622 ext: 81460200 Rivonia Road, Morningside, Johannesb

The Cosmedic Centre

087 550 3622 ext: 79217Frater Square, Unit 6, 40A Main Road, Paarl, 7646
Welcome to The Cosmedic Centre, where our aesthetic practitioner and his staff are dedicated to bringing you the most effective non-surgical cosmetic solutions available. We aim to provide our clients with the transformative cosmetic results they desire in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Cosmetic procedures are becoming easier, less painful and less expensive daily. You may be surprised to learn that yesterday’s traumatic cosmetic surgery is today’s simple injection! We are committed to making your skin and overall appearance the absolute best it can be.
Acne Treatment

Medi-Sculpt Clinic

Ruimsig Office Estate, cnr Peter and Hole-in-one Road, Ruimsig
Non surgical facial rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments are performed at this clinic located in Johannesburg in South Africa. Treatments provided at the clinic include cellulite removal treatments, facial volumizing treatments, facial sculpting using Treatment for lines and wrinkles injections, administration of dermal filler injections, non surgical facelifts, hand rejuvenation, administration of dermal filler injections, cheek and lip augmentation, removal of pigmentation, spider vein removal, acne treatments, weight loss treatments and administration of excessive sweat reduction injections. All treatments are available for male and female patients.
Acne Treatment

Ultimate Skin

087 550 3622 ext: 708051024 Saxby Road, Eldoraigne, Centurion
"Thank you, very prompt reply. Very polite and efficient!"Kara, South Africa, 03 Jun 12
Ultimate Skin is a Medical Aesthetics Specialist in Pretoria. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Acne Treatment
SAR300  -  SAR450 Enquire
Various Medical Chemical Peels OR Deep Cleansing Facials.  A Home Range that will ensure you get the results you have always longed for. Products:  NeoStrata OR Dermaceutic

Treatment For Lines And Wrinkles Cosmetic Clinic

087 550 3622 ext: 68900306 MEDICAL CENTER, 5 KLOOF RD.,, SEA POINT, 8005
"I was contacted by the Doctor and he explained to me a bit about what can be done. He has welcomed me for a free consultation. I am happy with the help that I have receive thus far from this clinic. I haven't made an appointment as yet but will soon."Nicole, South Africa, 21 Jul 14
Welcome to Treatment for lines and wrinkles ,skin rejuvenation ,cosmetic clinic ;we pride ourselves  in serving the community in which we are located.Treatment for lines and wrinkles cosmetic has revolutionized the manner in which wrinkles can be removed,with adequate quality assurance ,practical experience of a few thousand cases ,cosmetic training in USA under supervision of Board  Certified dermatologists. Call today for a consultation! Re-discover the beautiful you!
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Acne Treatment
We use a variety of preparations that are recommended by accredited Dermatology Centers ;depending on severity of each case a treatment plan is formulated with special requirements for each today for a consultation for acne

Age Smart Skin Care Centre

087 550 3622 ext: 84931Naturally Yours Centre, Cnr 453 Main Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2021
"they asked me to call them for an appointment"Tondy, South Africa, 24 Sep 13
"am happy so far with your customer service"Sindile, Swaziland, 26 Apr 14
Age Smart Skin Care Centre are the proud stockist of Dermalogica & Lamelle. From chemical skin peels, Dermaroller and professional skin care advice, Age Smart is your answer to healthy skin and all your anti-aging requirements We further specialize in Laser Hair Removal, as well as the latest technology in cellulite and centimetre reductions.
Acne Treatment

Dr Dylan K Naidoo Inc.

087 550 3622 ext: 19916241 Alan Paton Road, Glenwood , Durban, 4001
"Response was quick. Will visit"Duran, South Africa, 20 Aug 14
"Very fast response however I do not want to do carboxy but would like something more effective "Aneesa, South Africa, 23 Oct 14
Dr Dylan K Naidoo Inc. is a Dermatologist in Durban. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Acne Treatment
PDT Acne Therapy

Secrets of Youth

283 Tram street, Brooklyn, Pretoria
"Yes they have contacted me and their service was excellent. "Ndaba, South Africa, 25 Apr 12
"I am happy with the clinic's response. I will be making an appointment as soon as I can clear my schedule as I am also writing my exams at the moment. "Pertunia, South Africa, 29 May 12
Holistic Medical Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing clinic.
Acne Treatment

Advanced Dermatology

087 550 3622 ext: 78287Hazeldean Square Shop Centre, Intercare Building, Cnr Lynwood & Silverlakes Road
"I think they are very professional and they value their clients. I have a free consultation scheduled for me so I will visit them soon."Nanakie, South Africa, 02 Jul 13
"The customer service was excellent. "Shumi, South Africa, 30 Jul 13
Dermatological solutions for a range of skin problems are offered at Advanced Dermatology. The clinic is located at Silverlakes in Pretoria, South Africa.  Services provided include treatments for psoriasis and vitiligo, IPL based hair removal, cellulite treatments, treatments for eczema, treatments for acne and acne scarring, skin tightening and body shaping, chemical peels, radiofrequency based skin rejuvenation, IPL based skin rejuvenation and Dermaroller treatments for pigmentation, stretch marks and sun damaged skin.
Acne Treatment

Youthful Beauty

087 550 3622 ext: 716653 Bosberg Crescent, Aerorand, Middelburg
"Well informed"Ankia, middelburg, 08 Oct 13
"Lize were very helpful and well informed. She was very friendly and gave me advise that suited my situation best."
Medical Aesthetics
Acne Treatment
A chemical peel of 30% glycolic acid is used to treat greasy, acne-prone skin, visible pores and excess sebum. This is a dermalogical facial cleansing.
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