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Specialist Dental Group

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33664 Singapore, Singapore
Rating from 14 Reviews Fast, efficient, friendlyAlejandra, China, 27 May 14

Implant Dentist Consultation It was perfect. All the treatment went great. Fast, efficient, friendly.

Dental Implants $3898  -  $4607
Immediate Implant Placement $3898  -  $4607
4.0 / 5  Very Good
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Dr. Amy's Excellence Dental Office

(805) 804-9172 Rosarito, Mexico
Rating from 22 Reviews The Dental Implant procedure was fast and painlessKathleen, Canada, 30 Aug 16

Dr Amy is very kind and knowledgable. The implant procedure was fast and painless and I was able to go home the next day. One more trip back for my permanent crowns and I will be done. As a single female traveling alone I felt very comfortable with the accommodations and the whole process. Thank you Dr. Amy!

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Dental Implants METAL FREE ONLY  
Metal-Free Implants only  
4.3 / 5  Excellent
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Rating from 107 Reviews Very happyDan, Canada, 28 Feb 15

My wife and I had 3 implants between us and are very happy with the experience with Dr. Galvadon and her staff.

Dental Implants
Dental Implants From $900
Dental Implants From $900
Dental Implants Are The Conservative Approach To A Bridge. Dental Implants Has Its Pros & Cons Just Like Any Other Procedure. With A Dental Implant You Can Avoid To Shave Down Two Healthy Anchoring Teeth & Go With A Single Crown, The Fact Is That With An Implant In Most Cases You Have To Wait From A 4 Month To 6 Month Period While The Dental Implant Aosseointegrates To Your Bone Before It Can Be Rehabilitated & Restored. Once The Healing Process Takes Place After Placing The Implant, You Can Return To The Clinic Where They Will Slightly Open Up Again, Remove The Healing Cap, Screw In The Abutment, Take An Impression, Have The Final Crown Made & Placed. One Of The Pros Of Having A Dental Implant Rather Than A Bridge Is That If For Whatever Reason The Crown On The Implant Were To Break, Chip, Etc... It Would Be A Whole Lot More Affordable To Replace That One Crown As Opposed To Replacing Lets Say, A 3-Unit Bridge (A Bridge Has To Consist Of At Least 2 to 3 Units, A Bridge Can Consist of As Many As 12 to 14 Teeth As Well). In Some Case There Are Other Treatments Required Before Being Able To Place A Dental Implant, Such As A Sinus Lift, Bone Graft, Membrane, Extraction, Etc... Please Keep In Mind That These Procedures Are Not Included. A Dental Implant Has A Starting Cost Of $900 USD For The Surgical Phase (Which Is The Placing Of The Implant) After 4 to 6 Months When You Come Back To Get The Implant Rehabilitated You Will Responsible For Covering The Cost Of The Abutment Which Has A Starting Cost Of $100 USD to $250 USD In Some Cases, Also You Will Be Responsible For The Cost Of The Crown Which Has A Starting Cost Of $350 USD Depending On The Material You Choose. 
1 other location Mexico for Cancun Dental Specialists.

Ocean Dental Playa del Carmen-US Certified Dentist

(877) 959-7551 Playa del Carmen, Playa del Carmen
5.0 / 5  Outstanding
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Dental Brush

(805) 856-6122 Tijuana, Mexico
Rating from 27 Reviews My teeth were terrible after years of neglectEric, east nicolaus, 03 Apr 16

I was wanting to get some work done on my teeth. They were terrible with years of neglect so I had free consultation with clear choice. Their comercial said it was affordable on any budget well affordable if you wanted to pay on your teeth like forever and like six hundread or better a month if you wanted to pay it in 78 months. Well that wasn't working for me I think their comercial was a joke because in no way was it affordable unless you are rich. Since the day this clinic found out me teeth needed attention they were on the phone to me concerned about my teeth and when i was going to have work done and to me meant alot because I avoided several calls and still he called to check on my status of my teeth and was always very polite. His drivers opened car doors for me when they picked me up like I was a king or something and were very polite. Equipment was professional clean and most important of all the dentist talked me through it let me know everything he was doing before he did it pretty much let me know everything was going to be ok. And it helped me get through it he was good.

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Dental Implants From $900
Surgical Placement Of Implant Body: Endosteal Implant, Includes Local Anesthesia
All-on-4 Dental Implants Up to $5600
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PureChoice Dental

(877) 304-0812 ext: 47369 Los Algodones, Mexico
At PureChoice Dental located in Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico,we specialize on dental implants and total smile reconstruction applying wide range of general, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. Our goal is to exceed your expectations while offering outstanding service at a discounted price! We are at the leading edge of Dental Arenas and provide modern,state of the art dental care in a warm and relaxing comfortable setting. Let us help you get the SMILE you've always wanted! 
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Dental Implants From $799
Dental implants are the permanent way to replace missing teeth, with a look and feel that’s very close to your natural teeth. Implants are metal posts or frames surgically placed into the bone beneath your gums. The implants fuse with the jawbone providing stable support to artificial teeth, preventing individual teeth, bridges or dentures from shifting in your mouth. They are a high-tech way to replace missing teeth, and offer more stability than traditional bridgework since they do not rely on neighboring teeth for support. Implant Supported Teeth: Allow you to speak, smile and eat with confidence.Are comfortable and stay in place.Function, look and feel like natural teeth.Do not need adjacent teeth for support.
Immediate Implant Placement From $799
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4.4 / 5  Excellent
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Helio-Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33587 Cairo, Egypt
Rating from 35 Reviews The clinic is impressive, the ambience when you enter till the proffesionality of all the staffAhmed, Egypt, 26 May 16

painless precise root canal treatment and implant. The clinic is impressive, the ambience when you enter till the proffesionality of all the staff and cleanliness of all operation rooms, in addition to the highest standard of hygiene and quality of service. In addition to an in-house laboratory...

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Dental Implants $350  -  $500
Mini Implants  
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DentGroup Dental Clinics

(888) 848-7639 ext: 88777 Istanbul (Anatolia), Turkey
Rating from 8 Reviews I would highly recommend anyone doing implant surgery to consider this clinicBernadine, South Africa, 28 Apr 16

I am currently living in Istanbul as an expat wife . I attend the Dent Group clinic in Maslak for implant surgery . My surgery was handled professionally and the doctor that saw me was excellant. He was patient , kind and professional. My treatment was done in about 20 minutes and I was totally surprised with minimal discomfort and little pain. I would highly recommend anyone doing implant surgery to consider this clinic. I also used them for my daughters braces whos 13th and that too was handled by the Dr who was very kind and patient and explained everthing in detail. The final act of kindness was the driver that took me to the pharmacy for my meds . He helped me out of the vehicle and ordered my meds then explained all to me with translator from phone . He was so supportive and caring when he dropped me at hotel.The entire team there are very friendly and professional . Thank you Dent Group.Maslak. I am very pleased to have choosen this clinic. Excellant , professional and caring ..

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Dental Implants  
Implant (American/German)  Implant (Nobel-Swiss) 
Single Implant  
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2 other locations Turkey for Sun Agiz ve Dis Sagligi Hiz. Tic. Ltd.

DentGroup Maslak

(877) 304-0812 ext: 14497 Büyükdere Caddesi No: 239 4/10, Istanbul

DentGroup Antalya

(877) 304-0812 ext: 33281 Güzeloba Mah. Barınaklar Bulvarı 130/B M
4.5 / 5  Excellent
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Circle Dental Group - Los Algodones

(877) 863-7456 Los Algodones, Mexico
Rating from 87 Reviews Can't complainTimothy, Washington, 03 Jul 14

I can't complain. Hope to get adjustments at next visit.

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Dental Implants From $800
Immediate Implant Placement From $800
Not with crown
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4.9 / 5  Outstanding
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Rio Grande Dental Dentist Mexico

(805) 706-0002 Juárez, Mexico
Rating from 5 Reviews A rare opportunity to get to be treated with dignityMemo, US, 28 Dec 16

I had a toothache and went to see these folks for help. I was picked up by a very courteous driver sand taken directly to the clinic. I was seen immediately, no waiting. A diagnosis was made, I was given the cost, and treatment recommendations. My gums had receded from an old crown and a new one was called for. I told the staff of my great fear of pain by dentists, and they responded by being gentle and using warm water and asking throughout the procedure if I was comfortable. The work was done without incident and I am very appreciative of all the people involved. Thank you for a rare opportunity to get to be treated with dignity, compassion, and care at a very reasonable price. From the driver, to the front desk, to the dentists and assistants, I say thank you and you are highly recommended. Thank you, Memo Licona

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Dental Implants Up to $599
Mini Implants Up to $399
Include 1 denture attachment
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British Qualified Dentist Dr. David W.K. Tong

(888) 848-7639 ext: 73952 Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
Rating from 45 Reviews Real overall problems that had stemmed from poor treatment years beforeSimon, Hong Kong SAR, 01 Oct 15

My original bridge snapped on the two teeth holding this together, the teeth had rooted underneath. Bone decay , real overall problems that had stemmed from poor treatment years before. Had to have implants, deep cleaning, post to hold the tooth, bone work, new bridge, never felt uncomfortable and the treatment was done over a period of time. Would highly recommend and will return with my 13 year old daughter. Simply quite brilliant , the way they handled my case and the treatment I received was first class. Just waitng for final fitting of my new bridge. Very clean and extremely friendly, liked the family feel to the dental practice. Hong kong can be very commercial sometimes, but this practice is far from that , warm and all about the patient and their well being

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Dental Implants  
3.9 / 5  Very Good
from 1,923 users
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Dr. Alejandro Benitez Dental Clinic

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Rating from 72 Reviews Don't go anywhere else but hereLynn, Texas City, 10 Jul 15

I saw an implant specialist through this clinic in January. I received a deep cleaning and a Straumann implant on the right side. I was to return in 4 months for the abutment and crown. I was also going to have a sinus lift and two implants done on the left side when I returned. I was a little disappointed in the 'deep cleaning' because it took less than 10 minutes for the dental assistant to do it - not enough for a true deep cleaning. I was very happy however with the implant work that I had done. The dentist gave me something for pain, but I never needed to take it. I used Aleve once, then there was no more pain or swelling. When the time came to return, I was having some financial struggles so I contacted another dentist. Long story short, it was a terrible decision. The healing was long and painful and the implants fell out of my mouth after less than 3 weeks. I am now out almost $2,000. Now I have to start saving my money again and return to Benitez for the work to be finished. Don't go anywhere else but here.

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Dental Implants $1000  -  $1100
This method employs a non-submerged one-piece implant that has a metal collar designed to protrude through the gum while the bone is healing to the implant. After a suitable healing time, an abutment can be connected to the implant, allowing for fabrication of the crown to replace the missing tooth. Alternatively, a one-stage technique can be achieved by immediate connection of a temporary healing abutment to a two-piece implant that protrudes through the gum in much the same way as a one-piece implant. Both single stage and two-stage implants have similar success rates and you should ask your dentist which systems they use and discuss how one- or two-stage procedures might be appropriate for you.
4.6 / 5  Outstanding
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Stetic Implant and Dental Centers

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33764 Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Rating from 207 Reviews Excellent treatmentPatricia, Humble, 14 Jun 15

My mom had mini implants and I had one implant and several crowns and fillings. treatment was excellent. No pain whatsoever and everything spotless clean. I had a extraction in the US and it was the worst pain ever, crying in the chair, this was definitely unnecessary. Seeking dental treatment in Mexico was the best decision for me, and I refer my friends and will keep going to this clinic. If you want a clean, friendly and beautiful environment...this is the place. They will treat you right. They will pick you up at the Hotel and take you back and you can even do a little shopping in the area. I love this clinic and I will keep going to it for any treatment I need, as long as their door are open.

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Dental Implants  
Mini Implants Up to $500
Mini implants are only $500 each.  
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