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Arden House Dental

Cheltenham, UK
"Truly wonderful"Teresa, Swindon, 03 Oct 13
"This is a truly wonderful Dental Practice. From being greeted by the most friendly warm reception staff to all dental staff and the Dentist Ian Hazlem himself. I was very nervous upon arriving for my initial consultation. I arrived very early for the appointment so I would be sure to find the address (the address by the way is very easy to find). As I waited in my car in the car park a very kind friendly receptionist came out to me in the car & offered me tea or coffee and to wait in the waiting room. I declined from nervousness. A short while later the kind lady returned to me to tell me the Dentist Ian Hazlem would be happy to see me early!!! I was so relieved about this as it had taken a lot of courage for me to get to this appointment, Ian is wonderful. He is so friendly and spent a great deal of time talking to me and made me feel there was no rush. He filled me with confidence. He thoroughly explained 3 different solutions to my dental needs and I left feeling so happy and confident that my dental issues would be met. I was so happy that I agreed with one of the solutions Ian gave me there and then. I am happy with the cost of the treatment. I would highly recommend Ian to everyone. I have now had several visits and am hoping my treatment will be complete very soon. You will be in safe hands here at Arden House and the prices are reasonable for all treatments. Good value for money and good value for nervous people."
Our kind and caring team is dedicated to giving you friendly advice and private dental treatment of the highest standard.  We offer general dentistry, dental implants and a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry.  We also provide an an innovative range of dental hygiene services. A well-trained team of dentists, dental nurses, hygienists and receptionists are all involved in your dental experience. We are all tremendously proud of our Practice.  We work hard to ensure that your time with us is everything you would hope for : efficient, professional and friendly with up to date dentistry in a scrupulously clean environment. We are proud recipients of the British Dental Association Good Practice Award that demonstrates our commitment to modern compliance and best practice standards.
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Dental Bridges
From $1864 Enquire
Rather than give up and have dentures, spaces can usually be filled by using the teeth either side to create a bridge - say three teeth supported by two teeth. very effective and long lasting
3-Unit Bridge
From $2815 Enquire
A 3-unit bridge is a restoration that uses the good teeth either side of a gap for retention. The result is three good looking teeth and no evidence of the space
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Dr. Alejandro Benitez Dental Clinic

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
"Highly recommend"Humberto, Texas, 15 Dec 13
"Was very pleased by the quoted price and work. I highly recommend this establishment. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff."
Here at Benitez Dental Clinic, we have the best Dental Specialists in Northern Mexico. Any type of dental procedures of your interest are available at our clinic ranging from dental implants to simple cleanings and extractions. We invite you to compare our clinic based on our quality of work and our excellent patient reviews. We strive to provide excellent patient care and be up to date with technology. We offer guarantees on all our work and have our own laboratory to provide expedited and perfected work. Our clinic uses American Dental Association sterilization practices and strict hygenic rules. Our goal is to give you the best possible quality and comfort at a fraction of the cost to you! Our clinic is backed with more than 10 years professional experience. Our patient turnaround is unmatched. We have patients coming from all around the US and Canada and are quick to recommend our clinic to their friends and family members. We invite you to read our reviews and view our patient cases to see for yourself the professionalism and quality work we offer. Our customer care specialist will guide you every step of the way with any questions you may have and to make your trip as comfortable as possible. 
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Dental Bridges
$580  -  $600 Enquire
Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap – these two anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth – and a false tooth/teeth in between. These false teeth are called pontics and can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants.
3-Unit Bridge
$580  -  $600 Enquire
Replacing one single missing tooth with a 3 unit bridge was the most effective tooth replacement treatment prior to dental implants becoming available. This particular type of dental bridge comprises of three prosthetic teeth joined alongside each other in a row, the tooth in the centre bridges the gap with the false teeth on each side being attached over 2 healthy natural teeth.
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"Very good service"Neil, UK, 24 Dec 10
"yes. i have finished the first phase of the treatment.The procedure was longer than i expected, however i was never in any pain or discomfort."
We are proud to be the first clinic in Egypt & the middle east to offer dental treatments for international patients.  Our Clinic specializes in Cosmetic dentistry, Dental implants and Smile makeovers. Please refer to our reviews section. All reviews are 100% genuine and  are written by the patients themselves. Key Points at Our Clinic: Sterilization: We know that patients are always concerned about the risk of transmission of infectious diseases. We have an established state-of-the-art sterilization system that guarantees your safety. Patients are always encouraged to ask the doctors how they maintain the sterility of the equipment and tools they use. Location: Located in maadi, a beautiful superb in Cairo, just 30 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the city center. Our staff: A team of friendly professionals that will guide you through all the steps of your treatment, making it simple, fast and enjoyable. If you would like to avoid the long waiting lists, receive high quality dental treatment which would cost 50-70% less than in your home country, then you have come to the right place. Our services: - Cosmetic Dentistry & Smile makeovers. - Dental Implants. - 1 hour Laser teeth whitening.(Zoom advanced power) -Periodic Check ups. -Teeth prophylaxis (Scaling and Polishing). -Gum treatment. - General Dentistry: Root canal treatment, Fillings, Crowns and Bridges. - Wisdom teeth
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Dental Bridges
Based on the same idea of crowns, bridges are used to restore a missing tooth when a dental implant cannot be used for any reason. It utilizes the two teeth on either side of the gap (called abutment teeth ) which hold a false tooth in- between. Why should I restore a missing tooth? Teeth help to support our cheeks and lips. When teeth are lost and not replaced the cheeks loose their support and become sunk-in giving an older appearance. Also when a tooth is lost and not replaced the neighboring teeth start to move in place. These results in loss of chewing efficiency and predispose to gum and periodontal problems.
"Complete oral rehabilitation program"George, Malta, 01 Oct 12
"Absolutely delighted with the results and the price was less than originally quoted.Friendly and very professional staff. The doctor is very professional.He offers excellent advice and is readily available to help with any problems you might have.All of the staff at Savina's cannot be faulted in any way.I first walked into the clinic ashamed to even open my mouth to speak. Now I speak confidently and am not afraid to laugh."
Savina Dental Clinic We are a friendly, state-of-the-art practice dedicated to Comprehensive Quality Dental Care. We cater for all our patients’ dental requirements from routine care and preventive dentistry, through restoration, treatment of gum disease and aesthetic dentistry, to full rehabilitation using the latest materials and techniques. These include tooth-colored fillings (mercury-free), inlays,porcelain crowns and veneers, precision attachment-retained partial dentures,conventional crown and bridgework and implants. Non-surgical faceliftsand Lip and Facial cosmetics are also catered for. Child and Adult Orthodontics including INVISALIGN® -(invisible tooth straightening) is available as is bite correction for aching and clicking jaws and some forms of chronic headache.  In 2006 Savina Dental Clinic was accorded International Visiting Centre status for ZIMMER® Dental Implants (California, USA), a point of reference for colleagues andpatients Oral Hygiene, spa-style ZOOM!® Tooth Whitening and Fresh Breath clinics are conducted by our two resident dental hygienists, Mr Martin Vella SRDH and Mr Paul Debrincat SRDH. Children, Emergencies and Phobic patients are welcome. Our Clinical Team is committed to continuing education programs in order to keep up todate with techniques and materials to provide our patients with the treatment and services they desire.All surgeries are fitted with the latest equipment for optimum patient care and comfort. Digital radiography and C
Dental Bridges
$329  -  $505 Enquire
1 other location in Malta for SAVINA CLINIC - Dental & Implantology Centre.

SAVINA CLINIC - Dental & Implantology Centre Malta

(888) 848-7639 ext: 86054Sky Parks, Outside Arrivals Hall, Intern

Arizona Dental Now

Nogales, Mexico
"Exceptional service"John, Alberta, 22 Jul 14
"My experience with the clinic was very pleasant and went very well. The service was exceptional. The doctor did a very good job."
Located just steps from the border, our clinic offers all specialties, great savings, 1 to 2 day services, and free consultation. 100% bilingual staff. 
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Dental Bridges 3 Units
$930  -  $1380 Enquire
A dental bridge is a fixed (non removable) appliance, and is an excellent way to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are highly durable and will last many years. Reasons for fixed bridges. *Fills space of missing teeth. *Maintain facial shape. *Prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position. *Restore chewing and speaking ability. *Restore your smile. *Upgrade from a removable partial denture, to a permanent appliance.
Permanent Bridge 3 Units
$930  -  $2500 Enquire
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Dental Marmaris

"Email but no prices."MARY, UK, 25 Feb 10
 Our clinic DentalMarmaris is located in the heart of the Marmaris, opposite the Blue Port shopping mall (old Point center). When you step into our clinic you will have your treatments done without dental fears with our friendly dentists and smiling staff. We care about patients gladness. All treatments are done according to hygiene standards  and with high quality materials and most up to date instruments.   We offer high quality treatment facilities at affordable prices.
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Dental Bridges

Utama Dental

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
"polite"Huga, Indonesia, 15 Apr 14
"Quick and effective response"Jessy, Malaysia, 17 Apr 14
We wish our patients a very prosperous Deepavali. Our centre will be closed from October 22nd to October 26th October 2014. We will resume on October 27th. Happy Holidays! Welcome to The Utama Dental Surgery. Utama Dental is not only a place where you get a dental treatment, it's an amazing experience that you might have never had with any other dentist. Our goal is to provide the best possible dental care at a reasonable price. We offer dental treatments but specialize in Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Veneers, Clear Aligners, Laser Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry.  Once you enter into the clinic, you will be greeted and welcomed by our professional yet friendly office manager who will assist you in making yourself comfortable and answer any of your treatment related questions that you may have. You will find our uniquely designed sitting area, as welcoming as any upscale hangout spot or even as comfortable as your own cozy lounge at home. It will be a pleasant place to relax with our soothing music, beautiful ambiance or you can browse the net and connect with your friends by using our high speed Wi-Fi. Our principal dentist has more than 18 years experience and has achieved several recognitions from different global dental bodies and forums. He is a professional in a true term, he is friendly, caring and likes to spend time with patients in explaining each and every aspect of diagnosis & suggested treatment. You can also expect the superior care from our
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Dental Bridges
3-Unit Bridge
From $581 Enquire
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The Hong Kong Japanese Dental Clinic

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong SAR
"Initial response, but I haven't heard from them since."Thomas, China, 17 Jan 13
"This dentist is amazing. He has gone above and beyond anything I could imagine, even before I have made an appointment to see him. He has given me so many options."Damien, Australia, 20 Mar 13
Dr.Benjamin Lee BDS British Dentist- Royal London Hospital, University of London, England, UK 97% Patient Satisfaction Highest Rating for Good Treatments and Care. BRACES CONSULTATION.-ORTHODONTIC CARE.  COSMETIC CONSULTATION-PORCELAIN VENEERS, DENTAL CROWN, INVISALIGN, TEETH WHITENING. GENERAL CONSULTATION- FILLINGS, EXTRACTIONS, ROOT CANALS, DENTAL IMPLANTS.  1). INVISALIGN- STRAIGHTEN YOUR TEETH DAY BY DAY USING CLEAR BRACES, IT'S SO EASY. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom made series of clear aligners created for only you.These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. However, compliance to wear the appliances is critical for the success. 2). ORTHODONTICS; 3M Gemini Metal Brackets, Clarity Ceramic Brackets. 3). BEAUTY SMILE MAKEOVER FOR ALL FRONT TEETH IN 2 VISITS: FOR THE PERFECT SMILE. A new technology makes it possible for adults to have perfect teeth without wearing braces, via an instant Full Smile Makeover Reconstruction.This magically corrects all the front teeth in your smile in an effort to create new beauty to your smile instead of wearing braces. In this procedure, Dr.Ben uses 3D Printing Cad/Cam advanced computer technology to precisely re-position your teeth for the ideal smile, the typical natural smile that gives human attraction. Refinements are critical for success, with expert skills a lovely smile
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Dental Bridges

Dentoamerica - Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
"Root canals, crowns and posts"Kathleen, New London, 21 Mar 12
"I am more than happy with the treatment. I am thrilled with the ENTIRE experience. I have never had such a positive dental experience in my life and I have had a ton of work done in the past. The cost was exactly what was quoted and very reasonable. I still can't believe the speed with which my work was completed. It would have cost me quadruple in the states and taken three times as long. All of my work was completed in less than a week. Did I mention that my crowns are absolutely beautiful? The location is very easy to find and the equipment is very modern."
Our team of professionals is like no other in Puerto Vallarta. We have specialists in all categories including Endodontist, Periodontist, Surgery, Pathology, Implants, and Orthodontics. Our facility is complete with hospital level sterilization for your safety, and fully modern equipment. All of this is available at prices that are affordable. English is spoken at Dentoamerica by at least 7 of our staff members. We treat patients only with professionals holding degrees in their field of expertise whether that be cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, endodontics (root canal) or orthodontics. Even your basic cleaning services, and teeth whitening is performed by a Dentist, and . See our staff page for the Doctors and their Universities attended. We have 9 dental stations to serve you. We are fully equipped with Autoclave sterilization. Our Xray equipment is low-dose digital x ray imaging. We also employ a digital imaging system so that explaining the work to you is very easy. Checkup and Revision When you come to Puerto Vallarta for your checkup, you will be pleasantly surprised with our diagnostic consult. We include the revision, a full set of xrays, and photos all for one super low price. If you're also combining it with a cleaning, it becomes even better. Cleanings are performed with Ultrasound for the best possible result. If you would like traditional scaling with manual tools, we can accommodate that as well   Whitening We provide a whitening system tha
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Dental Bridges
$750  -  $1080 Enquire
We offer various types of bridges, from the basic PFM (porcelain fused to metal) type crown, to the modern, and more esthetic Zirconia bridge which is precision milled.
Porcelain Bridge
This treatment requires a consultation prior to making a price due to the variances from case to case. Since a bridge can be three teeth, or up to 7 or more, the pricing depends on each case.
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Dentaprime Dental Clinic

Varna, Bulgaria
"The facilities were state of the art"Val, Bulgaria, 17 Jun 08
"I was really pleased with the treatment I received at Dentaprime Clinic. The facilities were state of the art and all in all it was really a pain-free experience - in fact I rather enjoyed all the fuss and attention!"
Specialised in 'same-day implants'Experts in bone graft and sinus liftIn-house lab specialised in full ceramic crowns and bridgesFlight and accomodation € 200 onlyPre- and aftercare at partner dentists all over Europe The Dentaprime clinic specialises in jaw bone reconstruction , dental implantation and aesthetic dentistry. It is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the attractive city of Varna, only minutes away from the beautiful Goldensands resort. The clinic combines dental holidays at the highest standards with considerable price advantages for its international patients. We are specialised in same day loading of implants, a convenient solution for patients with toothless jaw: For many patients same-day use of implants is possible, thanks to the blueSKY fast & fixed System. They come into our clinic in Bulgaria toothless, and leave with firmly implanted teeth replacement. Dentaprime's prices are 60% below the average of Western European costs. But as a patient you don't make any compromises regarding quality and safety. Dentaprime's attention to quality management shows in the trouble-free experience and optimum care we provide.  Only the market leaders We have selected the world market leaders in dental equipment, KaVo and Sirona, to supply our dental equipment. Dental material and implant systems is supplied by Bego, Ivoclar Vivadent and bredent medical. Hightech for a reliable, painless and safe treatment Digital x-raySoft
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Dental Bridges
From $656 Enquire
3-Unit Bridge
From $656 Enquire
ceramic fused to metal bridge
"A very pleasant experience"Aaron, UK, 20 Oct 13
"After my filling was dislodged during a business trip in Istanbul, I needed to consult a dentist quickly. Dr. Cem Baysal came highly recommended, so I paid him a visit. Any worries I had about visiting a dentist outside the UK were quashed instantly as Dr. Baysal spoke very good English and made me feel comfortable by explaining exactly what needed doing. I spent most of the procedure watching television. A very pleasant experience for less money than I expected."
This clinic is owned by Dr. Cem Baysal MD, a specialist in cosmetic dentistry, implantology and oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and is located in the centre of Istanbul. The clinic provides a host of services including implants, dental restorations, dentures and emergency dental treatment.Dr Baysal was the first scientist to discover that oral recurrent apthous stomatitis (known as 'aphtae') is the result of an infection. Patients of this clinic can look forward to personal treatment as they will only engage with one specialist. Dr Baysal's ability to speak 3 languages means foreign patients are welcomed and made to feel very comfortable in this environment.
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Dental Bridges
From $680 Enquire
Picture: laser gum leveling, removed metal based crowns, upper right bridge, other teeth single crowns. one bridge includes 3 teeth
3-Unit Bridge
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"Superb treatment by a friendly team"Penny, UK, 23 Nov 14
"Superb treatment by a friendly team. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Powell to any of my friends and family. Excellent service."
Briercliffe Road Dental Practice in Burnley, Lancashire has been established since 1996. We are a very friendly private dental practice, our dentist Mike Powell qualified at Guys Hospital in London in 1983 and has kept up to date since then with courses in the UK, Hong Kong and the USA in both general and cosmetic dentistry. He has also completed an MSc in Dental Implantology. Having just the one dentist means we can quickly build up a rapport with our clients and you are assured of always seeing the same dentist each visit. Mike is supported by a dedicated team of staff including a Hygiene Therapist who are here to look after you. We understand that some people are very nervous about dental visits,  Mike and his team work together to help nervous patients through their treatment gaining great satisfaction from doing so. We understand that money is maybe tighter for everyone in this economic climate so we ensure that whatever treatment is proposed is explained very carefully, all the different options are offered and various payment options are provided. Please be careful shopping around on price as this often reflects the quality of the materials used and expertise of laboratory technicians. Cheap dental treatment is not good and doesn't last, good dentistry isn't cheap but we can promise that it will last a long time and look great. We are by no means the most expensive dental practice but can assure you that we use only the best materials and a top class denta
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Dental Bridges
From $756 Enquire
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