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Dental Travel Romania
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Pitesti, C.A. Rosetti street, no. 1, Postal Code: 110040, Arges County, Romania,, pitesti 031 630 1004 ext: 17286
Dent Gan Travel & Tour
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Calea Craiovei, Bl.27, Pitesti Show Phone Number
Dr. Tufeanu Daniel Virgil
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Str. Eroilor nr. 6, Pitesti Arges Show Phone Number

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Dental Implants ROL1773  -  ROL2409
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About MedicalTours

Planned and build since 2004, the concept of Dental Tourism applied by Medical Tours Company solved the dental issues of over 1000 people coming from abroad every year. Being awarded by the French-Romanian Chamber of Commerce for its unique dental tourism concept, our clinic became the leader on the French market also thanks to the collaboration with great specialists from Paris, Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux.

Offering the best on the market, we treat every dental service like a "state of art". Therefore we obtain amazing and we are well appreciated by our Starting with well trained doctors from Romania and abroad and continuing with our own dental laboratory, accredited by Amann Girbach, the clinic invest every year in the newest "know how" and technology in the dentistry area hoping to obtain through this strategy not only great results, but also great value among our competitors.

1. Implant+abutment+ zirconium crown 615 £

2. Smile makeover( 8 veneers, 8 wax-up, 8 mock-up,8 temporary) 1858 £

3. All on four (8 implants, 8 abutments, 2 temporary dentures, 2 permanent dentures) 5540 £

4.The 199£ package which includes: round trip ticket London - Bucharest, 2 nights accommodation in the clinic's appartament, airport - hotel transfer, dental check and a confirmation of the initial treatment plan or a new one.


1. MAKING AN APPOINTMENT: You will have the possibility to choose from several dates available. Our team will help you select the one suitable for you.

2.FLIGHT BOOKING:you will book your flight with the airline company of your choice. Make sure you do not forget to send us your flight references so that we can assure the airport-hotel transfer.

3.ACCOMODATION:You will have the possibility to choose from a variety of hotels and our team will make you a reservation at the hotel of your choice.

4.ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT:Our chauffeur will welcome you at the airport and will assure the airport-hotel transfer.

5.SUPPORT DURING YOUR STAY:You will receive a local mobile phone and our team will offer you all the support needed during your stay.

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Tison France
Reviewed 17 July 2013 "Excellent clinic"
"Dental Implants, Dental Crowns

I was very happy with my stay in an excellent clinic with professional staff, high-tech equipment and a calming atmosphere that put you at you ease. It enabled you to relax and took your mind off the treatment process. You are allowed as many appointments as you want and you do not have to attend several times for the same tooth. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is scared of visiting the dentist as they do their utmost to ensure that patients are relaxed and pain-free whilst they are here. Everything is well organised: the hotel is very comfortable and close to the clinic and offers real value for money. I decided to come to Romania due to the attractive price and the possibility of follow-up appointments in France. I don't regret making this decision and would advise others to follow my example."
Helayel France
Reviewed 17 July 2013 "Exemplary"
"Dental Implants, Zirconium Crowns

I want this testimonial to assure people who are still undecided about whether to choose Medical Tours Company. The clinic is professionally equipped and staffed by people who truly care about their patients: the cleanliness is exemplary: the support is fantastic: the doctors and the rest of the team are friendly and welcoming and a credit to their profession. We made the journey to Romania in order to save money and as a result of doing so, saved 4 times the costs we would have incurred in France. The treatments were performed by qualified staff and the follow-up maintenance will be carried out in France. If you want this you will have to make a trip to Romania where you will have the luxury of visiting a country with a very rich heritage."
Defossez France
Reviewed 17 July 2013 "Very satisfied"
"Dental Implants, Zirconium Crowns

My name is Laurent Defossez and I am from France. I have wanted to say a few words about my experience in order to encourage those who hesitate on whether to come or not to Romania for their dental treatments. It is more and more difficult to solve “one’s major dental issues” in France mostly because of the high prices and the low refund rate (refund received by the Social and Private Insurances). Do not hesitate, the quality of the services provided, the reliability and the helpfulness of the Medical Tours Company team will be at your disposal. You should not see my testimonial as a free publicity for the clinic, but as a way of encouraging those who have the same dental problems (medical, aesthetic, and financial) to take this step. I have just returned to France from my second visit to Romania, and I am very satisfied, as I was after my first trip."
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Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental aesthetics Teeth Whitening - Dental Veneers - Dental Crowns
It is not new that the world is in continuous change. After a long time when the artificial was the main urban trend, people slowly returned to natural. No more excessive makeup, with mutilation of the human body, no exaggerations and fake. All that matters now is to stress out natural beauty as much as you can and what could be more beautiful than a healthy smile. And when you look for a natural smile, dental cosmetics comes to meet your desires perfectly, because it is a discipline of dentistry entirely dedicated to the art and science of giving back a persons natural smile.
ROL909  -  ROL1341
Dental Bridges
Because there are many cases in which a cavity is sufficiently extended so that it can destroy a big part of a tooth, without allowing its rehabilitation through a single obturation, Medical Tours Company performs a series of prosthetic devices at the highest level.

The need for these prosthetics is that when we eat and carries extended long enough, thin walls do not bear pressure and tooth can fracture. In these cases, when the tooth cannot be saved and extraction is the solution, the space can be filled in either with a fixed prosthetic work, namely bridge that is cemented. We provide the folowing:
-PFM ( porcelan fussed metal)
-Zirconium Bridges
-Emax( full cermic crowns)

ROL909  -  ROL1364
Dental Crowns
If a tooth has been broken, or weakened by a lot of decay or a large filling, a crown can be fitted. For teeth near the front of the mouth crowns are usually made of porcelain-like materials. Crowns on back teeth may be made of porcelain or gold. Inlays and onlays are similar to fillings. However, like crowns, they are made in a laboratory and then cemented to the tooth with special adhesive.
ROL1773  -  ROL2409
Dental Implants

One of the most innovative breakthroughs in dentistry, bringing new solutions and hope to those who for various reasons have missing teeth, is represented by dental implant. The dental implantmeans inserting a false root, respectively a small titanium screw in upper or lower jawbone. For the body to accept the implant and bone cells create new bone tissue around it to, recovery after such an intervention can last up to a few months. A dental implant can last between 10 and 15 years and can serve as support for a crown, fixed bridge or mobilized denture. At Medical Tours Company we use the best dental implant from French market: Biotech!

Dentist Consultation
The Consultation The consultation is the most important first step that must be done when you wish to start dental treatments.

The consultation has the same meaning as the project when building a home, it should be done and it represents the compass of the medical practitioner when developing a successful treatment.

Although the patient comes to the doctor with certain problems, other affections are revealed after the consultation, affections that the patient is not aware of.

Denture are a removable replacement for missing teeth and adjacent tissues. It is made of acrylic resin, sometimes in combination with various metals. A complete set of false teeth replace all the teeth, while a partial denture fills in the spaces created by missing teeth and prevents other teeth from changing position.
ROL13865  -  ROL27731
Immediate Dentures

What seemed impossible: to lose all your teeth or just a few remaining, those being sick also and that need to be extracted and all in a day, then immediately getting new teeth on that same day, is now possible.

This technique has been adopted in our clinic also, thanks to the state of the art equipment and materials we use.

The method is applicable to most patients and involves the application of implants compulsory.

ROL182  -  ROL273
Teeth Whitening - Dental Veneers - Dental Crowns
Dental therapy is the treatment of lesions that destroy the hard tissues of teeth, lesions known as "caries". Dental caries occurs when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that attack tooth. If it is not treated in time, tooth carries may complicate with infections and may even lead to tooth loss. In the early stages of development, caries are invisible to the patient so that a preventive visit to MTC can solve anyones problem of not seeing it on time. When it is early detected, the tooth is much less affected, the treatment is much simpler, less expensive and requires fewer therapy sessions to treat it.
Hygienist Session
Prophylactic Prophylactic treatments - dental hygiene - scaling
Regardless of age and social status, everyone knows that when it comes to the human body, it is better to prevent than to treat. This theory is valid also for dentistry, as much as for any branch of medicine. But unfortunately, even if the world is aware that it is better to prevent than to treat, most patients developed a dentist oriented fear, fear that forces him to come to the clinic only when they suffer from severe pain. But with a simple visit to a dental clinic, when the pain has not appeared yet, they can resolve things in a more efficient and less expensive way. And when you want to prevent any teeth problem, prophylaxis plays a key role.
Implant Dentist Consultation
Implant benefits

Losing one or more teeth leads to further reduction of bone volume, giving the appearance of facial aging. Through their integration, dental implants can stop or slow the process. Dental implants eliminate the pain and discomfort given by dentures that are not stable on gums and which require a special cream to stay fixed. Crowns and bridges applied on implants provide even greater stability, behaving like natural teeth due to safe anchoring in the jawbone. Dental implants eliminate the need to modify adjacent teeth, the result being aesthetic and conservatory. Dental implants increase chewing efficiency comparable to that of natural teeth, this allows the patient to be able to feed himself in civilized and comfortable conditions. Dental implants, compared to conventional dentures, provides stable prosthetic structures that eliminates the discomfort and embarrassment of the patient provoked by reinsertion of adhesives throughout the day and fear that when laughing or smiling, teeth will rise or fall. From a psychological viewpoint, dental implants improve quality of life by creating a feeling of naturalness, a safety state and help regain self-confidence, restoring the patients ability to smile and speak clearly in a relaxed and non-complex manner.

Periodontist Consultation
Periodontology Periodontology is the branch of dentistry dealing with gum diseases. The word "periodontal" has its origins in ancient Greek and it is translated as "around the tooth". This means periodontology combats diseases caused by bacteria in the mouth that affects primarily the gums and supporting tissues of the tooth. The factors which cause periodontal disease are hygiene problems, tobacco, diabetes, untreated caries, puberty, pregnancy, psycho-emotional stress. Even if during the first stage, the periodontal disease is completely painless, its consequences are severe when left untreated (about 3 or 4 adults suffer from some form of this disease).
ROL1364  -  ROL4091
Periodontitis Treatment
Periodontal disease control

In order to meet patientsneeds and combat any form of periodontal disease, Medical Tours Company dental clinic offers the most advanced tools, specially designed for such diseases: Gracey curette. Periodontal curette is a dental instrument used primarily in the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases of the teeth. Working heads can take a variety of shapes and sizes, but are always rounded on the edges in order to make subgingival cleansing less traumatizing for the gums. It also presents a sharp end to reach subgingival plaque in tight spaces, making curette best choice for treating subgingival areas of calculus accumulation.


A Gracey curette has an inferior cutting edge and a top edge, which does not cut. Because only one side of each blade has the ability to cut, Gracey curette are used depending on the area of use, a posterior tool used to clean the mesial surface of the teeth, could not be used to distal surfaces and vice versa.

ROL318  -  ROL682
Root canals
Endodontology Microscopic Endodontics - root canals
Keeping an intact dentition, for a longer period of time, largely depends on the correct endodontic treatment. Endodontology is one of the most important branches of dentistry and deals with root canal treatment (treatment known to people not specialized in dentistry under the name of "nerve killing "). Because endodontology plays an important role in maintaining healthy teeth, at Medical Tours Company a canal treatment is done perfectly correct, with the latest equipment and materials, aiming to save as many teeth as possible, that would otherwise be extracted and then replaced by a dental implant or dental work, as appropriate.
Teeth Whitening

Because a natural smile can only be white, dental aesthetics includes one of the most desired cosmetic surgeries for a smile: teeth whitening.
Because Medical Tours Company team is aware of the importance that an impeccable smile has, as regards our company, teeth whitening process is conducted at the highest level, namely with Zoom2 equipment. Zoom2 is a revolutionary device whose main attributes are simplicity, speed and impeccable results. In addition, numerous scientific studies to which it had been subjected to, revealed total absence of negative effects on tooth enamel. In one session of only 45 minutes, Zoom2 realizes what traditional processes of teeth whitening fail to perform in monthly treatments, such as: discolored teeth whitening and stain removal in the enamel and dentin.

Zoom2 teeth whitening process is carried out in two steps. During the first phase, a gel is applied to the teeth, gel whose main active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide and iron gluconate. Then, the device emits ultraviolet light in order to activate the gel. The gel is activated by the Photo - Fenton reaction of the dissolved iron peroxide and this reaction ensures a continuity of gel action throughout the treatment.

By the process nature of penetrating tooth structure and altering inside pigmentation, it receives durability. Teeth will remain as white for years. More precisely, if a minimal post-whitening care is carried out, Zoom2 effect is guaranteed at least for two years.


Because a flawless smile is obtained only when teeth are in perfect condition and not when they are chipped, cracked, fractured, Medical Tours Company team successfully uses dental veneers.

Dental veneers are thin ceramic foils that stick to the teeth surface, after grinding a very thin surface of enamel. In addition, they provide a much more natural look thanks to the quality of the translucent ceramic, compared to what it could be obtained in the past. Ceramic veneer is the easiest way to change the color and shape of teeth in order to create a perfect smile. An important indication of dental veneers is also closing unsightly gaps between teeth, correcting aesthetic defects caused by crowded teeth.

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