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Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

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About Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

Caloocan City in the Philippines is the location of this clinic that caters to overseas patients’ dental tourism needs. Treatment packages tailored to different budgets and transportation, treatments, tours and accommodation are arranged by the clinic. Dental services provided at the clinic are teeth cleaning, fissure sealants, teeth whitening with a take home kit, root canal therapy, teeth bonding, composite fillings, gum disease treatments, extractions, crowns, bridges and veneers, dentures, implants and orthodontic treatments. Overseas patients can e mail a panoramic X ray to the clinic and the clinic will send them a free cost and time frame estimate.

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from 4 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

"I feel like I was reincarnated and enjoying to smile with open mouth thanks to my Mini Implant"
100%Reviewed 07 Sep 2016 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Mini Implants
Second time ,in July 2016 I went DR Alex Garcia clinic with big decision ,to get rid of my denture and ask for Mini Implant. I should do first time in 2015,but never too late to improve your health condition. Until now I was a little bit of skeptical about REINCARNATION ,I mean the concept of the NEW look can change the person entire life. When I looked myself in the mirror ,I feel like I was REINCARNATED and enjoying to smile with open mouth . I would like to encourage everybody ,if can afford ,go for a MINI IMPLANT, and will change your life forever .

Thanks Dr Alex, Dr Patricia, Dr Fatima and the girls the professional nurses .
Treated By: Dr Alex, Dr Patricia & Dr Fatima
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Dr Alexander Eduardo Garcia responded to this review:

Its nice to know that you are very happy for the treatment you received. We see to it that every procedure we do will be the best treatment for every patient we see in the clinic. Enjoy you new smile! Dr. Alex

Gabor Australia
"The best experience in my lifetime"
100%Reviewed 30 Oct 2015 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Extractions, Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Thanks for Dr Alexander Eduardo Garcia and his "A" team Dr Fatima Donesa and the two dental nurses , Ms April Corpuz and unfortunately I missed out the other lovely nurse name. My lifetime fear from dentist ,I think is the Past now, before for long years ,when I heard the dentist drill, I reckon maybe I can win the new 100 meter Olympic record, but not anymore .Dr Alexander Garcia got the biggest part of my treatment, which is also a nightmare for both, patient and dentist, He took out my so called wisdom tooth and other two, without pain .Dr Fatima Donesa second Important part was cleaning /no pain/and several impression for my denture and seven crown, which was placed in after few days.Dr Fatima two nurses Ms April Corpuz and the other lovely nurse made me feel ,I just popped in for a cup of coffee and little chat, and I was convinced the dental procedure can be bearable, just find the right place.

My list won't be completed ,if I not mention the two driver of the clinic, Cipriano who picked me up on airport and after several days, sharing with the second driver. The experience was the best in my life time, I was treated in Europe, Australia,but finally in Manila I found the perfect experience.
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Gabor Australia
"Life changing"
This is a testimonial submitted by the clinic
Treatment Received: Dental Implants
Dr Garcia and staff, thank you does not even come close to what I am feeling.. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, honestly what you have done for me has changed my life, I have never been happier :o) You, your gentleness, both as a person and a dentist, your staff, everyone that had a hand in working on my teeth, there are just not enough words to thank you :o) This is my story, and this is what you have done for me with the dental work you did for me..

I grew up with bugs bunny teeth, as in my two main front teeth protruded grossly, and as such everyone used to call me bugs {as in bugs bunny, the rabbit} grew up with no self esteem, no confidence as everyone called me \'bugs\', made me want to run and hide.. Had metal braces, and didn't look after my teeth when I had them. Grew up with a huge inferior complex, and as such turned into a heroin addict, which I remained for approx 12 years, this in turn drained the calcium from my teeth, and where the metal braces had been around my teeth as a child, my teeth decayed, actual rotted, teeth used to break off.. Whilst in drug rehab {in 1982} went to the dental hospital whereby they took out heaps of my teeth and gave me a partial plate.. Over the years my remaining teeth went from bad to worse, I had a HUGE phobia of the dentist, HUGE.. A few years ago, a few of my teeth were so bad they had to be removed, I had to have a general anaesthetic for this, total cost in Melb, Australia, $3,000.00, which then left me with one tooth, far back ion the lower right hand side of my jaw. My partial plate was beginning to fall apart, I was too terrified to go back to the dentist, checked prices in Australia for implants, was advised $50,000.00, this was without removing my existing teeth. I had been researching online looking for an o\'seas dentist, that could help me. My daughter works for Flightcentre, one day a man walked into the office, daughter could not stop looking at his teeth, he had been to Manila to Dr Garcia... Hallelujah !!!! I emailed Dr Garcia, emailed a dental xray through, went there October 30/2013.. I was so terrified of the dentist, I had to get some medication to just be able to walk into the surgery, was worried I would get there, and freak out, and not be able to go through with it, BUT, Dr Garcia and all of his staff are absolutely AMAZING.. Day 1, i spent a long time in the chair but it seemed only 2 hours, they rubbed some stuff on my gums, told me to raise my hand if i felt any pain, for a tiny second {well into it} i felt a tiny bit of pain, nothing really, but being the sook i am/was raised my hand, work stopped, pain sorted, work continued.. The whole thing took 2 days, day one was to sort the existing teeth and implants, i left there looking amazing, they kept taking impressions throughout the day they worked on my teeth, when nasty teeth sorted, I left there with temporary teeth, looked AMAZING.. Returned a week later, was there a short time, whilst porcelain veneers and rest of work completed.. Walked out a brand new woman.. What he originally quoted me from the dental xray sent fr Melbourne, ended up being cheaper, heaps cheaper, he did not have to tell me this, but he did :o) HONESTLY DR GARCIA AND STAFF, I am humbled, you have changed my life, I have wanted this my whole life, when I smile now, I don't do it behind my hand, when I look in the mirror, I don't cringe, I am so happy I could burst, this has seriously been a life changing event in my life. And I am a 56 year old woman.. {and you can put my before and after photos online if you wish, I want the world to see what you have done for me}.
Treated By: Alexander Eduardo
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Clinic Testimonial by Vickki Australia
"I was happy with the procedure and the price"
This is a testimonial submitted by the clinic
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns
The Sacred Heart Clinic
Very clean and comfortable and what you would expect compared to any private practice in the UK or USA. A quiet and peaceful atmosphere with a comfortable waiting area where you can relax before your treatment.

The Staff
One reason why I love the Philippines - Very friendly staff that will always say hello and ask how you are, offer you a drink, get to know you. Respectful and always smiling, and very professional. They understand what is expected from somebody from a western country.

Why I Choose the Philippines
I lived in Manila for a few months before revisiting for my treatment. The Philippines is very westernised in areas with some places feeling very much like the USA. I had visited hospitals there during my previous trip and knew the clinics would be up to scratch. Having the same expertly performed treatments at a fraction of the price compared to the UK or USA was very appealing, and the fact that everybody speaks English is very reassuring.

Why I Choose Sacred Heart Clinic
I looked online and did my research and also spoke to friends from Manila. Prices do vary from clinic to clinic but Sacred Heart seemed to be reasonable and tick other boxes, the main one being good testimonials! (Hence me writing this comprehensive one!) They have more than one clinic (another plus point) and the one I visited was in Quezon City, an area I knew well from my time in Manila previously. It’s close to the SM EDSA Mall which gives US malls a run for their money if you want to shop after your treatment.
Communication from Dr Alex was thorough (from start to finish and even afterwards), and he always replied in a timely manner. I relayed what my UK dentist had advised treatment wise and Dr Alex quoted me the price; they were no additional fees at the end and anything I paid in cash I was given 5% off. Dr Alex was very understanding about my budget and after analysing my impressions and realising a little more work was required he worked with me to make it fit within my budget. Something I believe no other clinic would do, not in the UK anyway that’s for sure! Again, can’t stress enough, very understanding, compromising and honourable.

My Procedure Experience
DAY 1 - I wanted all porcelain crowns on several of my top front teeth; after losing one tooth when I was 14 and having a bridge fitted only on one side (from a UK NHS dentist) my top teeth all shifted, with the front two no longer being flush. My teeth were first cleaned (scale and polish) and thoroughly, again have to say better than UK. Impressions were taken and I discussed with one of the dentists what I wanted and she also gave me her opinion. Something else I had noticed was that one of my bottom front teeth had started to shift over the years from a wisdom tooth coming through and not being extracted. It was decided some of the bottom teeth would be crowned also. I was at the clinic for only a couple of hours.

DAY 2 - I looked at the impressions that were created and discussed further with the dentist who was doing my procedure the current problems with my teeth and what the crowns would fix. I’m not one for needing to know all the details but she explained everything well and any questions I did have were answered thoroughly which was very reassuring. They removed material away from my teeth that were to be crowned in one day! That’s not to say the procedure was rushed, they took their time. They numbed my gums before administering even the local anaesthetic! Again not like in the UK where you just have to deal with the discomfort of a needle and feel the fluid go in! So I really felt no pain, none! They took new impressions and temporary crowns were fitted. Even the temporaries looked a lot better than what I had. I then choose the colour of my new crowns to be made (3 shades lighter). I was in the chair for quite a few hours, but comfortable for the whole time. I was given pain killers and antibiotics in case I needed them. I only took a couple of painkillers on the eve as the anaesthetic wore off my teeth were a little sensitive.

DAY 3 - I arrived at 2pm and my permanent crowns were made ready for me. The temporary crowns were taken off and new ones put on to visualise how my new smile would look. It was decided to alter the length of my crowns slightly on the top and bottom. This was done within the hour and then we had another look. Viola! Looked great! My teeth were then prepared for the permanent fixings. I did feel some sensitivity here but as soon as the permanent ones were on and my natural teeth were sealed the discomfort subsided very quickly. A little bit of flossing and cleaning of excess cement and the procedure was complete. I was given some goodies to help take care of my new teeth and we talked for a while about post treatment care. I was out of the clinic by 4:30pm.

The Sequoia Hotel is great; as always with the Philippines, very friendly and respectful staff. The rooms are immaculate with good AC, cable and internet access. Room service is offered also. The free breakfast is great, plenty of options and really good food.

Airport pickup was on time even during the early hours of the morning. In fact all pickups to the clinic and back to the hotel were on time. The drivers are very safe and friendly and patient.

My Gratitude
To everyone who helped make my treatment possible I would like to extend my sincerest thanks! I am absolutely delighted with my new crowns and my new smile! They look great, they feel great in my mouth, I can eat fine and can brush and clean just like my normal teeth – so, so happy! I know you all worked very hard and were very patient in making sure I was happy with the procedure and the price. I wish all your staff the very best of success in future in their dentistry careers and in their lives. I cannot express enough how grateful I am and should I return to Philippines I will drop by to say hello and see how you all are doing.

Kindest, kindest regards, Anthony.
Treated By: Alexander Eduardo
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Clinic Testimonial by Anthony Australia
"The price was very good"
100%Reviewed 24 Aug 2012 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns
14 crowns

The service that I was given was excellent, I made an appointment turned up on that day they only took 2 days from start to finish and I was very happy. The price was very good, a lot cheaper than Australia.
Total Amount Paid ₱3,300
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Andrew Caboolture
"I can smile again"
90%Reviewed 26 Mar 2010 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment? very much so, i can smile again
Would you recommend the clinic? yes
Would you return for further treatment? yes
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Jay US
"I found my favorite dentist"
100%Reviewed 21 Mar 2010 Verified user.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment? Very happy with the product and services that Dr. Garcia offers. I had a last minute visit, and he was able to squeeze me in. I found my favorite dentist. It was worth flying 6,000 miles to get my teeth done!
Would you recommend the clinic? Yes, I would, and have recommended Dr Garcia to my friends and family.
Would you return for further treatment? Yes, already have returned for other treatments.
Treated By: Cristina
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Edwin US
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