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Smiles Peru

(01) 7071237575 Avenida Jose Pardo, Office 201, Miraflores
Smiles Peru is a leading full service  clinic in the Miraflores district of Lima, specializing in high precision , single visit digital , , , aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, and . Our  of specialist dentists is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive care for our patients. All procedures performed at Smiles Peru are carried out by specialist dentists, specifically selected for their skill and dedication to service. Located just a few blocks from the Miraflores Central Park, Lima’s tourist center, our dental clinic was designed to provide the most up-to-date and comfortable care for our patients. Our many  come from all over the world seeking the best in worldwide dental care. Our staff speaks English and is available to assist with planning your trip, or with any questions or issues that may arise after arrival. Smiles Peru believes a visit to the dentist can and should result in something extraordinary. We have witnessed how a healthy and radiant smile can change a person’s life, transmitting positive energy into the world and improving the lives of others. We believe not simply in improving aesthetics, but rather in using aesthetic dental treatments to improve quality of life. Our objective is to bring together the best in worldwide dental techniques, procedures, and technology to provide the highest level of care possible. Our location in Peru not only gives the patient the opportunity to
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Dentist Consultation
From S./164 Enquire
A consultation with us will take only 30 minutes.  The price includes all necessary x-rays.  
Dental Implants
S./2365  -  S./2959 Enquire
We offer implants for $795 USD/each.  $795 includes the implant, the examination, and the provisional crowns and bridges.  Costs not included within the $795: the abutment ($200) which will be required for the final crowns to be placed, a tomography (this costs approximately $120 or you can bring one done within the past year with you), and chemical bone (needed in about 20% of cases with costs ranging from $50 - $200 per tooth). We have no hidden costs, fees, taxes, etc.  The final crowns are placed 3 - 6 months later.  These cost $305 to $360 each.  If you are only making one trip here, we will provide you all the data you need to have the final crowns placed at your home or somewhere else.  All our treatments are 100% guaranteed.  Our implant specialist has over 30 years experience doing complete jaw and mouth reconstructions and over 15 years experience doing dental implants.
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Peru Dental

(01) 7094136355 Monterrey Street, Chacarilla-Surco, Lima, Lima 33
Welcome to PERUDENTAL - A digital dental practice in Lima, Peru. Our clinic in Lima boasts full integration of 3D digital technology including the latest in 3D x-rays and same day CEREC 3D CAD CAM restorations for superb esthetics and long lasting results.  We have one of the most technologically advanced clinics in all of Latin America and we create the very best smiles in Peru :) We are experts in professional sedation dentistry which means that we can help you become much more relaxed for your treatment. Our comfortable, calming waiting room is designed to help you relax and when you pass to our unit to begin treatment, we'll offer you a soft fleece blanket to keep you warm, too. In-chair entertainment with cordless headphones also adds to your A1+ exerience with us while you sit back, relax and let us do what we do best - state of the art, comfortable and pain free dentistry. We have been using sedation dentistry for five years and have lots of experience, always receiving very good feedback and comments from patients who take sedation with us. We also provide a full range of dental services including aesthetic dental implants, invisalign teeth straightening, complete family care and single appointment one-day restorations such as crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays by the very popular CEREC system - and we have 3 of these so we can produce multiple teeth all at once, giving us the advantage over other clinics and s
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Dentist Consultation
A consultation with us is a 100% accurate diagnosis and takes just 30 minutes.
Dental Implants
We offer 2 implant systems - standard implants which are very popular and also personalised and custom made implants for those challenging cases. Ask for details.
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Odonto Digital

(01) 7075944 ext: 63713319 Schell Avenue, Suite 606, Miraflores
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Dentist Consultation
From S./149 Enquire
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Dental Class, San Isidro

(01) 7075944 ext: 24994Calle Andrés Reyes #366, San Isidro
Dentist Consultation
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2 other locations in Lima for Dental Class, San Borja.

Dental Class, Miraflores

(01) 7075944 ext: 24992., Lima

Dental Class, La Molina

(01) 7075944 ext: 24993., Lima

Castagnola & Vilela Odontologos Asociados

(01) 7075944 ext: 24995Calle Montegrande 109 of. 501 Chacarilla del Estanque, Santiago de Surco, Lima,
We are a team of trained dentists; our goal is the prevention and treatment of oral diseases and disorders. You are the most important thing for us, we are at your service, to listen and care when you need. Our attention is based on friendliness and personal attention, all this in a warm and comfortable environment. Why choose Peru to Recover your Oral Health? We can boast of First- rate dental care, quality of service along with highly qualified dental professionals on our team are the main reasons for your choice. Your treatment will be the same or better as if it had been done in your country of origin. We work with imported materials from North America and Europe, all of them with international certificates. The costs on dental services of three times less (compared with the U.S. Canada and Europe) make Peru an attractive option to regain your oral health
Dentist Consultation
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Dr. Rosario Campos Dental Clinic

(01) 7075944 ext: 64539Calle Garcia Calderon 102, Office 202, La Molina, 12
Dentist Consultation
Up to S./54 Enquire
Your consultation is free if you complete your treatment.  Otherwise it is $18 USD.
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OdontoFlores Dental Spa

(01) 7075944 ext: 24996Av. Jorge Basadre 356, San Isidro, Lima, Lima 27
Dentist Consultation
Up to S./59 Enquire
Free consultation with intraoral camera and digital X Ray sensor
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(01) 7075944 ext: 24997AV LA MAR 2350 SAN MIGUEL, LIMA
Dentist Consultation
Dentamedic is a Dental clinic that developes all the areas specially Oral Implantology, Prothesis and  Dental Cosmetic. We are able to make complete treatments in a very short time with high quality and long lasting guarantee.
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Clinica Dental Stewart

(01) 7075944 ext: 88514Calle Elias Aguirre, 126 Of. 204, Miraflores, Lima, 18
Clinica Dental Stewart is a Dentist in Lima. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Dentist Consultation

German Dental Clinic

(01) 7075944 ext: 78589Av. Caminos del Inca 1163, Chacarilla - Surco, Lima, Lima33
German Dental Clinic / Clinica Dental Alemana is the leading dental clinic in Lima - Peru with over 20 years of service. During this time it has become the number one choice for the most demanding patients. It is the only dental clinic approved and recomended by the German Goverment because of the excellent infrastructure, service, procedures and materials provided during its flawless existence.
Dentist Consultation
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Dentistravel Peru

(01) 7075944 ext: 25002Av. Guardia Civil, 295 apt 202, San Borja, 41
Dentist Consultation
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(01) 7075944 ext: 67672San Martín 489 of. 204 Downtown, Trujillo
Located 7.1 km from Lima, this clinic provides Family Dentist Consultations.
Dentist Consultation
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