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Belgium Surgery Services - Manchester

0203 322 9884 ext: 63120Calderbank Medical Centre, 87 Palatine Road, Manchester, M20 3JQ
Would you like a fast and professional medical intervention 50% cheaper than in your home country? Come to Belgium for an operation and with the support of the BSS team you will be surrounded with professional people who take care of everything. BSS offers totalpackages with the most qualified hospitals and the best surgeons in Belgium! ALL-IN package include: -         Cost of the operation -         24/7 Personal patient care manager -         Complete taxi service -         Accommodation for two in B&Bhotel near the hospital -         Consultation and Aftercare advice inyour home country If you are interestedin our prices or if you require more information about an intervention, don’t  hesitate to contact us!
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
From £2378 Enquire
Breast Implants
£2061  -  £2259 Enquire
Many women today dream of having beautifully shaped breasts. Commonly after pregnancy, substantial weight loss and age, breasts lose their firmness and often become small. A breast enlargement could be a solution, resulting in larger, firmer and younger looking breasts. Your confidence will be boosted with your increased cup size! A successful breast enlargement is one that is not too apparent, natural looking with almost invisible scarring.
From £1427 Enquire
LIPOSCULPTURE Even after continuous efforts of dieting andexercise, certain areas of fat just don’t budge! Areas that often remainstubborn in women are the hips, stomach and thighs. In men, it’s often thestomach, love handles and sometimes the chest.With improved liposculpture techniques, it is possible to carve out asilhouette by removing fat in specific areas. Thus, giving you a harmoniousshape, with curves and firmness where you’ve always wanted.  Liposculpture or removal of sub-cutaneous fatremains one of the most popular methods.For really overweight people liposculpture is not the solution. It is advisablefirst to lose weight, either through strict dieting or by placing a gastricband/gastric bypass. Whichareas can be treated?The most common areas are the hips, stomach and interior thighs. But itis also possible to treat a double chin, and in men the chest. Arms, calves and shins are rarely a good indication for liposculpture. Oftenthe result is not satisfactory, plus blood circulation can be disturbed whentreating these areas. Treatment to the front of the thigh is not recommended,because of the risk of a wave effect. Whathappens?The areas to be treated are injected with a fluid. This fluid contains amixture of saline, adrenaline (to minimize bleeding) and xylocaine (local anesthetic).When the fluid is injected it helps to breakdown the fat cells which are thenremoved with the help of a fine aspirating tube. This technique is known as“tumescent liposculpture”. The term “liposculpture” comes from the verb “tosculp” which is exactly what is done. Liposuction is the old fashioned methodof fat removal, where large tubes were used to remove the fat cells and surgerywas done under narcosis. This technique is more painful and the risk ofbleeding is higher. The scarThere are practically no scars. The fat cells ar
Eyelid surgery
From £951 Enquire
EYELIDCORRECTION (BLEPHAROPLASTY) The eyes are the mirror of your face. Excessskin and folds on the upper eyelids or baggy eyelids give the impression ofpermanent fatigue. Upper and/or lower eyelid surgery can return that opensparkling regard, that you once knew. This sort of procedure isactually in the “hit parade” of the 3 most frequently carried outplastic surgery operations. Whathappens?Upper eyelidsDuring the operation, the surgeon removes the excess skin which is draggingyour eyelids down. This is done through a fine incision in your natural crease,which leaves an almost invisible scar. Lower eyelidsBags under the eyes are often caused by pockets of fat and are usuallyaccompanied by an excess of skin. The operation involves removing the fat bagsand excess skin through an incision made just under the eyelashes or atthe inner side of the eyelid, which means that there is no visiblescar.  AnestheticMost of the time a local anesthetic  issufficient. Although, it is possible to sedate a nervous patient, and ifnecessary put them completely to sleep. RecoveryAfter surgery, you will need to rest forapproximately one hour before returning to the hotel. You will not be able todrive immediately following surgery. Some medication will be prescribed(Ibuprofen and paracetamol) which you will be able to take in case of pain. Theday following surgery, you can expect your eyes to be swollen and watery, inaddition your vision may be blurred and reduced. Bruising should subside aftera week or so (for upper eyelids), but can take slightly longer when both upperand lower eyelids have been operated on. It is advisable to wear sunglasses when you go outside, and indoors ice-packsand gel masks can help to sooth the eyes and reduce swelling (although notscientifically proven). Your scars will be slightly
Tummy Tuck
From £2774 Enquire
Skin can lose its elasticity due to the ageing process or in cases of major weight loss. This leads to excess skin on the lower stomach. The stomach hangs. Sport can reinforce the abdomen but can never make up for this surplus of distended skin.  A correction of the abdomen, also called abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’, can help you to resolve this problem. This operation leaves a scar in the fold above the groin and around the navel. These scars are acceptable because this operation allows you to lose one or more clothes sizes and you also get a beautifully sculpted waistline in exchange.
From £2933 Enquire
There currently exist different names for the face lift. You will hear talk of the “Mini face lift”, the “MACS lift”, the “S-lift”, the “Soft lift”,the “SMAS lift”, the “sub-SMAS lift “ and the “Quick lift”. Your plastic surgeon will determine with you which technique suits you best. Life begins at 40! You feel more confident but this does not always show through onthe outside. When time passes your skin loses its elasticity andits glow gradually. You will notice the appearance of creases between thecorner of the mouth and the cheek (This is known as marionettes’lines) between the nose and the corner of the mouth (the nasolabialcrease) and the expression lines. Aging of the skin is caused by two principlefactors. On the one hand the force of gravity on the skin and on the other handthe skin loses its elasticity because there is less collagen in the skin.Stress, hereditary and the wrong doing of the sun are equally to cause. The following exercise is very simple and can show you how your new face willbe. Look at yourself in the mirror. Next, lie down and look in a hand mirrorhow it outlines the creases of your skin between the nose, the mouth and thecheek.Would you like to radiate eternal youth? Whichwrinkles can the face lift eliminate?A face lift allows us to turn back the clock. Thanks to this operation,you will look 10 years younger. The outline of the face is reshaped and yourskin will be firmer and will have a youthful sparkle. You are younger and it shows! A face lift allows a light correction of deeper wrinkles. The nasolabial crease and the grimace are from then on less obvious.To correct more superficial wrinkles, a peeling, laser treatment or “fillers” are more tailor made (see the paragraph on wrinkle treatment)
£951  -  £1030 Enquire
LABIAREDUCTION The internal lips are also known as the smalllips. They differentiate themselves more or less from the external lips or thebig lips. This is completely normal. The size of the lips strongly differs fromone woman to another. The lips can also vary from one side to the other. Thelips can inconvenience a woman when she rides a bike or while doing sport. Theycan be visible when wearing a bikini or other tight clothing. Women canfeel awkward within a sexual relationship. This subject is taboo for a lot of people and yet there is a simple operationthat can remedy this problem.
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Mr Tim Blackburn

0203 322 9884 ext: 85500Consultantcare, PO Box 196, Cheadle, SK8 2WJ
This specialist plastic surgeon is an expert at performing cosmetic surgical procedures for the facial features. He consults from his clinic located at Cheadle, Greater Manchester. Surgical procedures are performed at the Spire Hospitals and the BNI Alexandra Hospital. Non surgical procedures are performed at the clinic. Surgical procedures include the reshaping or augmentation of facial features, facelifts and surgical Liposculpture procedures. Non surgical procedures performed at the clinic are the administration of facial injectables and chemical peels.
Book Online: appointments available.  Show Times
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
From £2193 Enquire
Breast Implants
From £2807 Enquire
Eyelid surgery
From £1774 Enquire
Tummy Tuck
Dermal Fillers
From £237 Enquire
5 more treatments available

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