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Lisa Sacks

Lisa Sacks

0117 325 1662Bristol Nuffield Hospital at the Chesterfield, 3 Clifton Hill, Bristol, BS8 1BN
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About Lisa Sacks

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only consult and operate from Bristol, UK, so if you are travelling from further afield, please be mindful of the travel time/ follow up process and time commitment this will take. If you are travelling from outside the UK, this might not be the best practice for you.

We also can only operate on patients that is 18 years old and over.

Lisa Sacks is one of the few women plastic surgeons practising the profession. After 10 years of extensive NHS practice, she established this private clinic in Bristol. The clinic has a reputation for pre surgery patient care and follow up care for patients. Surgery for breast reshaping (augmentation, reduction, uplift and symmetrisation), tummy tuck, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and labiaplasties are performed at the clinic.



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from 90 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Lisa Sacks

"Patient care I received was exceptional"
Clinic's favourite review
100%Reviewed 15 May 2013 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Open Rhinoplasty
I had a septo-rhinoplasty in August last year and cannot recommend Lisa enough as a surgeon. My expectations for my new nose were exceeded and the patient care I received was exceptional. All throughout the process Lisa endeavoured to ensure the best possible nose to suit my face was obtained whilst considering all of my aesthetic requests. As a person, Lisa is very warm and welcoming. She really puts you at ease and never puts time restrictions on appointments as her priority is always delivering the best possible outcome. She treats you as a person not a business opportunity which so many cosmetic groups can these days and as a result tailors the surgery to suit you as opposed to carry out a basic standard procedure.
Treated By: Lisa Total Amount Paid £4,890
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Gemma UK
"She has a caring and honest approach"
100%Reviewed 09 Aug 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Rhinoplasty
I had rhinoplasty with Lisa in 2014. Highly recommend Lisa if you are considering surgery. I have had surgery by other surgeons in the past and Lisa is by far the best I've had! From start to finish I felt at ease with Lisa, with her caring and honest approach. The after care is exceptional and she is always available after surgery if I had any worries/concerns. I am very pleased with my nose and I can see a big difference as Lisa takes a lot of photos to compare. She really takes pride in her work.
Treated By: Lisa
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"She finds great happiness in her patient's success"
100%Reviewed 08 Aug 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Tummy Tuck
If you are in a hurry or need a quick yes or no, it’s a big YES! Lisa is the best. Liana, her assistant makes the whole process easy and less scary.
The team at Nuffield is extraordinary. The hospital’s ambiance, atmosphere and attitude make you feel at home.

I am a 35-year-old Indian/Asian, mother of two young girls (7 and 3) born through C-Section. Apparently, two pregnancies caused a split in between my abdominal walls. I was not aware of this condition and started my workout regime only to see my tummy getting worse in both size and shape. I changed my exercise routine and pushed myself but only to see my tummy turning in to the size of a football. It was not just the size that was odd, but I was finding it difficult to sleep and eventually my back and shoulders started aching. I got alarmed and through a physiotherapist friend of mine, came to know about the term called ‘Diastasis Recti’.

The muscle split causing a gap in between the abdominal walls is diastasis recti. A visit to my GP confirmed that my gap was more than 4 fingers and that I needed specific exercise - physiotherapy training. I made frequent visits to both NHS and Private physiotherapists and strictly followed their advice, but it had no impact on the gap or my pain. Eventually, I was becoming the right candidate to go for surgery, both my physiotherapist and GP were subscribing to the same views. I was confused and worried. I wanted to get a surgeon’s opinion on the severity of my case and if surgery was the only way forward to fix my issue.

Dr. Lisa Sacks:

My husband and I decided to meet Dr. Lisa Sacks (thanks to all her previous patients and their reviews) in September 2016. That was about a year after I started NHS Physiotherapy sessions and when my youngest had just turned 2.

Dr. Lisa Sacks took detailed notes on everything about not just my health issues but also about me, our family and my profession. She’s detailed and she remembers everything!!!

She examined me, mentioned that I should have more than 8 cms gap and it is causing hernia as well. She also said that I was one of her top 1% patients with such a huge gap. She took a lot of photos (which is handy right now - to see from where I was to how the whole process changed my shape). She suggested and confirmed that I had no other way to fix this gap but to go for a surgery.

At that point, Dr. Lisa Sacks did not discuss money or scare me to get it sorted straight away. Instead, she walked with my confusions, answered my queries and helped me understand the implications of all the what-ifs I had on my condition as well as the surgery. She also made it a point that even though I was under her BMI cut-off for the surgery, it was still necessary for me to lose weight. She also suggested lots of ideas on the meal plans. Particularly, the low carb high-fat diet and explained the necessity to stick to a low carb diet owing to my health issue.

My husband and I returned home understanding two things:

1. I had no other way than opting for a surgery to fix the condition.
2. If at all we had the finances to go for a private surgery, it would have to be through Dr. Lisa Sacks.

I went back to my GP with this knowledge, and we applied for public funding to support my surgery which was eventually turned down – twice. While this process was going on, I stuck to Dr. Sacks’ diet advice and started losing some weight.I lost only around 3 kilos, but it made a huge difference on my tummy.

I visited Dr. Lisa Sacks again (I only paid for the first appointment, and that’s how she works) to discuss diet and surgery related questions. The visit was purely a personal visit since I wanted to know if we could have a surgery at a certain date to invite my parents from India for additional support.

Even then Dr. Sacks was not pushy and mentioned it’s totally up to us and our circumstances. It helped us plan our surgery and finally, I decided to go for it in June 2017.

After confirming that NHS funding wasn’t an option to me, I went ahead with the surgery and here I am two months post-surgery happily recovering.

Surgery & Nuffield:

Liana (Lisa’s secretary), helped us with the dates and made sure all our non-medical and medical related queries were promptly answered. She was always available if we had any concerns, no matter how silly our questions were. She’s fab!

I was invited for a pre-op assessment at Nuffield. The whole team, right from the ladies at Customer Helpdesk to Healthcare Assistants to Nurses to even the catering team members were courteous and disciplined. I was treated with great care.

Once my pre-op assessment was all OK and I was ready for surgery, I received a call from the anesthetist, the night before my surgery. I was worried about anesthesia procedure, and his call made me confident that I was in safe hands. He answered all my questions and concerns, and it gave me lots of energy to look forward to the surgery the next day.

We left home early in the morning, and my room was all neatly done. I was made to feel at ease by the team of nurses and healthcare assistants. They were super friendly, and it relaxed me a lot.

The anesthetist made a visit to my room and said a ‘hello’. Lisa visited and did some drawings on my tummy marking the areas that would be gone after surgery. A little while later I was walked to the 'Operation Theatre’ by another nurse, and in the theatre, the team was more than welcoming. Needless to say, I was nervous and trying to cope with the fear. The nurses tried their best to put me at ease. Boom. I slept for a few hours. I woke up to see the same nurse who was holding my hands tightly, assuring that everything was alright and that everything went well.

Post-Surgery Care & Nuffield:

I was back in the room. Every single time I was out of anesthesia, I had either Lisa, a duty doctor, a nurse, a healthcare assistant or someone from Nuffield to check in on me. I felt safe in the hospital despite the pain and terrible nausea. The credit goes to Lisa and the team at Nuffield.

I heard the nurse mentioning Dr. Lisa Sacks had called in the middle of the night to check in on me. After the initial madness, I still felt very comfortable at the hospital in spite of the pain and the number of painkillers my body was getting used to. I was provided with first class food by the catering department who were kind enough to offer desserts even to my children/parents when they visited me.

Overall, it was a superb experience with Dr. Lisa Sacks, Liana and the Team at Nuffield.

Right now, two months’ post-surgery I know I made the right decision in choosing Dr. Lisa Sacks. I also know I can count on her for several years to come. All the procedure right from understanding my fears and concerns to preparing me for surgery to post-surgery care during my visits are handled by the doctor herself. She's thorough, a perfectionist and finds great happiness in her patient's success. Most importantly, she's very much human and compassionate to understand things from her patient's perspective.

Do NOT for a second, question your decision. You are in the safest hands possible. She’s the BEST! Thank you.
Total Amount Paid £7,000
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Nithya UK
"The result is superb"
100%Reviewed 16 Jul 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Breast Lift
The care and attention I received from
Lisa Sacks was second to none. I felt comfortable and supported. Lisa kept in touch after the surgery and I felt very cared for. The result of my breast augmentation surgery has also been superb. Lisa aims for a natural look and that is certainly what I got. I would urge anyone who is cosmetic considering surgery to book an appointment with Lisa Sacks.

I would urge anyone who is cosmetic considering surgery to book an appointment with Lisa Sacks.
Treated By: Lisa
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Cat UK
"I am a new person"
100%Reviewed 25 Jun 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation
I suffered from a serious case of Rhinophyma and after a failed attempt by the NHS to rectify the problem, followed by a refusal of any further treatment as it was considered 'Cosmetic', I was introduced to Lisa. From the outset, I received better treatment than I could ever have envisaged. I underwent a fairly substantial operation and a bit of discomfort but 6 months later I am a new person. I am continually told I look years younger and I am most grateful to Lisa for all the care and attention and very professional approach. Of course, I also have to say thank you to the wonderful Liana who makes all the arrangements and like Lisa is a most pleasant person and a pleasure to deal with. I have agreed to the use of my 'before and after' photographs in the hope they may make other sufferers more confident to seek treatment, particularly if like me, they have been sidelined by the NHS

The quality of service was second to none. An overnight stay was almost a pleasure, and it would have been other than having had a painful operation. The smoked salmon for breakfast was an added luxury. Thank you to all concerned.
Total Amount Paid £4,450
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(Richard) UK
"The clinic was excellent"
100%Reviewed 23 Jun 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone.
Treatment Received: Rhinoplasty
If I could describe the service I received from the Lisa Sacks Clinic It would be really good. I went to the clinic to get a consultation for a Rhinoplasty appointment.

The clinic was excellent because I got the consultation I was looking for, the reviews for the clinic on and other websites were consistent with the service I received.
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Joe UK
"The confidence that I gained has allowed me to excel in life"
100%Reviewed 22 May 2017 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Breast Reduction
Nearly 4 years ago I had a breast reduction by Lisa. When I turned 13 I was measured as a 32F and by the time I was 16 I was depressed and fed up of the self-esteem issues, harassment and back pain (I’m 4’11) my breasts had caused. I went to see Lisa after being told my GP that I was too young to get a breast reduction. I was on edge all the day but Lisa was completely understanding and honest with me about the procedure and put me at ease with her loving and caring attitude. I went on to have the procedure done a week after I had turned 17 and it has completely changed my life. I am comfortable in my body, and was able to lose weight and get into a healthy lifestyle. The confidence that I gained has allowed me to excel in life and be the person who I always should’ve been. I will forever be thankful to Lisa for taking me seriously and changing my life. Part of this reason I am writing this review is because I have heard that surgeons aren’t allowed to treat people under 18 which is think is awful as I do not know how my life would’ve turned out had I been made to wait longer that I already had. I hope this changes soon.

Nuffield Hospital was clean and comfortable. The staff were lovely, they treated me with care and attention and there was always someone there to help when I needed it.
Treated By: Lisa Total Amount Paid £6
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Anneka UK
"You would be a fool to choose any other surgeon"
100%Reviewed 12 May 2017 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Rhinoplasty
Having Rhinoplasty has not just given me a new nose, it has given me a new life! I used to constantly feel self conscious and had absolutely no confidence. When I woke up after my surgery I experienced the feeling of being pretty for the first time in my life. I now feel so empowered and happy in my own skin that I have the confidence to follow my dreams in life and travel the world.

If you are considering surgery, there are risks that you need to carefully consider. I am thankful that my surgery was a success but for others it can turn out to be a disaster. This is why it is so important that you ensure you choose the right surgeon. Lisa Sacks went above and beyond in my experience and I could not have wished for a more skilled and caring surgeon. If I were to give you advise, you would be a fool to choose any other surgeon.
Treated By: Lisa Total Amount Paid £5,000
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Rebecca UK
"The doctor is a sculptress"
100%Reviewed 08 May 2017 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Breast Implant Revision
I had a breast reduction in my 20's that left me disfigured. A different surgeon tried to correct it 5 years later with little improvement leaving me with hardly any breast tissue and irregular breasts. I lived like this for 15 years believing this was some kind of punishment for messing in the first place. Then I met Lisa having been recommended to her for a minor lump removal on my shoulder. I have had reconstructive surgery using implants in each breast.

Lisa is amazing. She is an artist, a sculptress and more importantly she is a woman who understands exactly how one might be feeling. She is reassuring and kind throughout. She has a remarkable ability to re-shape in 3D, showing you how the skin will settle over time. I am so delighted with the results. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
Treated By: Lisa
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Marina UK
"I am satisfied with the end result"
100%Reviewed 03 May 2017 Verified user.
Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation
I felt the treatment I was given at this medical practice from both the medical practitioner and the staff was very good and I was satisfied with the result.

I felt the price was a little demanding, but other than that everything else about the clinic was to my liking and satisfaction, I recommend it easily.
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Anonymous UK
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Dr Lisa Sacks

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0117 325 1662Bristol Nuffield Hospital at the Chesterfield, 3 Clifton Hill, Bristol, BS8 1BN