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Popular Treatments

Backhead Augmentation
Breast Augmentation
Ultra-Z(Cheek or Double Chin)
Panorama Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty Correcting Protruding Mouth
Rhinoplasty with Chin Advance
Rhinoplasty Correcting Protruding Chin
Flat Nose
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    Plastic Surgery



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    Plastic Surgery

    Breast Augmentation

    Fundamental factors that those wishing to undergo augmentation mammoplasty include size, profile, and types in accordance with the material, surface and shape of the implant, and surgical methods in accordance with the location of incision and insertion.

    -Types in accordance with the surface

    1)Smooth Type

    2)Textured Type

    -Types in accordance with materials

    1)Cohesive gel bag

    2)Silicone gel implant

    *The whole surgery procedure will be planned according to exact diagnosis after having a consultation with Dr.Oh

    Breast Reduction
    Breast Reduction and Mastopexy
    Breast Reduction
    Brow Lift
    Brow Lift
    Forehead Lifting
    Sub-Brow Lifting
    Surgery for Peri-orbital Area
    Forehead Augmentation

    To augment forhead, there are several options that ITEM recommends.

    1)Fat Grafting(Fat Transfer)

    2)Implant Silicone


    Hip-Up Surgery
    Calf Reduction
    Calf Muscle Reduction
    Anterior Malar Augmentation
    Anterior malar augmentation is conducted through incision made inside the mouth. Gore-tex or silicone is used most frequently as implant material. Insert the implant by avoiding touching the nerves after having exfoliated the anterior cheekbone area through incision inside the mouth prior to suturing the incision with thread that dissolves.
    3D Cheekbone (Zygoma) Reduction
    Short Chin

    To improve short chin, there are several surgery options that ITEM Clinic recommends.

    1)Implant Silicone

    2)Chin Advancement by Osteotomy

    Eyelid surgery
    Revision Eyelid Surgery
    Success of Revisional surgery of the eyes depends on how well the adhered and damaged tissues after the failed first surgery can be re-segregated and re-consolidated as close to the initial state as possible. Professional surgeons from ITEM Clinic have a lot of surgery cases for revisional eyelids by planning procedure accordingly.
    Partial Incision Method
    It is a surgical method that removes fat simultaneously and minimizes the scar from incision through stronger fixation at the time of surgery, as well as supplements the disadvantages of buried suture method.
    Full Incision Method

    The biggest advantage of incision method is enabling of the patients to have distinctly clear double eyelid line that does not become loosened by performing full incision along the desired design line. Excessive muscle, fat and, when necessary, some of the skins can be removed simultaneously.

    *Also, this surgery procedure can be applied for revision case to make defined line. (Right side of sample photo is an example of revision case.)

    Natural Adhesion Method
    Double eyelid line created by buried suture method performs the mechanism of creating the double eyelid line by making the muscles used when opening the eyes to adhere to the skin through small incision without leaving any scar whatsoever. Our hospital conducts surgery with dual anchoring buried suture method that induces natural adhesion by fixating 4 or 6 points and imparting artificial stimulation to the soft tissues by using special suture thread and dramatically improved the problems of loosening of the double eyelid line after the surgery.
    Ptosis Correction

    This surgery is conducted concurrently with full incision double eyelid line surgery, undergoing the procedure of reinforcing the muscle used for raising the upper eyelid in opening the eyes. 

    (*Ptosis Correction is normally operated with double eyelid surgery to see a clear and dramatic surgery result.)

    Magic Medial Epicanthoplasty
    Lateral Epicanthoplasty
    Reconstruction of Medial Epicanthus
    Reconstruction of Lateral Canthus
    Eyelid surgery
    Double Eyelid Surgery

    There are several surgery methods which are operated by ITEM Clinic.

    1)Non-Incision Method

    2)Partial-Incision Method

    3)Full-Incision Method

    The surgery method can be decided by surgeons after having a consultation according to exact diagnosis.

    Transconjuctival Blepharoplasty
    Upper Blepharoplasty
    Lower Blepharoplasty
    3 Dimensional Facelift
    V-Loc Lifting
    Fat Transfer
    Baby-Face Fat Graft
    Fat Transfer
    Fat transplant, in spite of its remarkable effects, is a surgical procedure with very little side effect. However, the most problematic issue of fat transplant is the survival rate. Even if the procedure is carried out by delicately handling all the procedures in order to maintain the desired results, there are prescribed proportion of cases that require additional surgical procedures. Since it can be different depending on individual differences or characteristics of each area, Item Plastic Surgery attempts stem cell fat transplant in order to achieve the maximum survival rate. We also store the remaining fat by quick freezing it in order to protect them from being infected in consideration for secondary transplant.
    Jaw Contouring
    V-Line Mandibular Contouring
    Mandibular Contouring
    Mandibular Prognathism
    Protruding Chin
    Protruding Mouth
    Long Face
    Facial Asymmetry
    Lip Reduction
    Ultra-Z(Cheek or Double Chin)
    Nipple Reduction
    Nipple Surgery
    Nipple Reduction
    Backhead Augmentation
    Cosmetic surgery for the back of the head using osteobond takes approximately 30~40 minutes and is performed by making 3-4cm incision on the upper portion of the scalp. If the back of the head is flat without sense of volume, portion of the back of the head is substantially sunk, or the head appears to be dented due to severe asymmetry, this surgical procedure can modify such into symmetrical and appropriately voluminous back head.
    Panorama Rhinoplasty
    Rhinoplasty Correcting Protruding Mouth
    Rhinoplasty with Chin Advance
    Rhinoplasty Correcting Protruding Chin
    Flat Nose
    Snub Nose, Short Nose
    Tip Reshaping or Alar Reduction
    Hump (Aquiline Nose)
    Bulbous Nose
    Arrow (Droopy) Nose
    Deviated Nose or Nasal Bone Surgery
    Men's Rhinoplasty
    The most common type for which the male desires cosmetic surgery include deviated nose and hump nose, as well as correction of upturned nose or flat bridge of nose to make more defined and sophisticated.
    Revisional Rhinoplasty

    Revisional rhinoplasty refers to conducting of surgery again if the patient is not aesthetically or functionally dissatisfied about the nasal cosmetic surgery carried out in the past. There are diverse ranges of subjective and objective reasons.

    1)Revision of showing implant

    2)Revision of showing border of grafted cartilage on the tip

    3)Contracted nose short nose due to infection

    4)Unbalance between tip and nosal bridge


    Medical Aesthetics

    Cheek Augmentation

    This surgery procedure is called "Anterior Malar Augmentation",

    Chin Augmentation

    There are several options that ITEM Clinic recommends for patietns.

    1)Chin Advancement by Osteotomy.

    2)Chin Advancement by Silicone implant.

    Lip Augmentation
    Treatment for Wrinkles
    Wrinkles Around the Eyes
    Wrinkles on Face and Neck

    Payment Information

    If you plan to pay by credit or debit card, please check the range of payment amount limit per a day with card company that is affiliated with you. Without checking your payment limitation per a day, payment problem could be arised that you cannot make full payment on surgery day due to low limitation and surgery would be canceled automatically.
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    Dr Kim Jin-Sung

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      Cosmetic Surgery, Eye Surgery

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