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Allure Medspa - Andheri

Allure Medspa - Andheri

Show Phone Number201, Shree Krishna, Opp. Laxmi Ind. Estate,, New Link Road, Lokhadwala, AndheriWest,, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400053
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Opening Hours

Monday16:30 - 19:30
Tuesday16:30 - 19:30
Wednesday16:30 - 19:30
Thursday16:30 - 19:30
Friday16:30 - 19:30
Saturday16:30 - 19:30

Popular Treatments

Breast Implants ₹70000  -  ₹110000
(1 hour 30 mins)
Liposuction ₹40000  -  ₹125000
(1 hour 30 mins)
Rhinoplasty ₹40000  -  ₹120000
(2 hours )
Tummy Tuck ₹80000  -  ₹125000
(2 hours 30 mins)
Gynecomastia ₹35000  -  ₹90000
(1 hour 15 mins)
Eyelid surgery ₹50000  -  ₹75000
(1 hour )
Breast Reduction ₹70000  -  ₹120000
(2 hours )
Fat Transfer ₹30000  -  ₹50000
(1 hour )
Breast Lift ₹60000  -  ₹95000
(1 hour 30 mins)
Labiaplasty ₹40000  -  ₹60000
(45 mins)
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About Allure Medspa - Andheri

A wide spectrum of cosmetic services is available at this the two clinics and medi-spas run by this practice. The clinics are located at Andheri and Goregaon in Mumbai. Cosmetic surgical, dental and medical services are provided to improve the appearance of patients at the clinic. Overseas patients are treated at affordable costs by the expert and experienced team. The best available technology and techniques are used while treating patients and all international safety and infection control standards are strictly adhered to. Services provided include the surgical correction of face and body proportions, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic skin enhancement procedures.

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from 32 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Allure Medspa - Andheri

Natasha Zimbabwe
Reviewed 29 June 2015 "I love my new figure"
"It's been only a week and my scar has almost completely disappeared just looks like I was slightly scratched by a wire and am in absolutely no pain. I love my new figure and am already noticing heads turn as I walk by. Once I remove the pressure compression garment I will share images to show my new well shaped figure. I loved my new butt so much that I decided to do other procedures also because I was in no pain so I requested for a scar revision surgery to get rid of scars that were on my belly as well as a dental treatment which was tooth whitening and fillings. I also received a 4D facial treatment and results have been amazing. Allure Medspa offers the most remarkable treatments for a very low cost. A real bargain I tell you! Best decision of my life and Dr Milan Doshi with his team are the best option for any form of procedure. I am so happy with the results and I can't wait to be completely healed. Looking better is not luck, it's a decision and getting surgery at Allure Medspa is indeed the best decision one can make!

I became comfortable with my decision before I even applied for my visa because the online assistant Mr Paresh was had great public relations and he was prompt to respond to all questions despite time of day as I was quite a nag mainly because I was going to travel across continents for a procedure which can be deemed deadly. On reaching there I was welcomed well by the staff at the airport led my Mr Devang and we drove to the hospital chatting as if we had been friends forever. The pre operative procedures went very well and I felt more comfortable as I realized that I was in safe hands and the clinic looked amazing. All the staff members were friendly and I immediately felt at home My procedure was done the next morning and soon after I received the best care ever I was in a lovely and comfortable nursing home with 24hours assistance being helped to do practically everything and the nurses taking turns to come check on me and keep me company I actually left with tears in my eyes as I had become part of the family When I was discharged I went to a hotel close to the airport but communication was continued throughout my stay until I had to leave and I was given all the medication and skin treatment oils to ensure that my recovery process continued well. I land in my country last night and everyone is happy with my results. I can't think of a better decision I have made in my life. Since arriving doctor Doshi has communicated and he wishes me well. I know if anything is to go wrong he is readily available to assist me. Once again thank you doc and everyone at Allure Medspa and Vaardan nursing home"
Francene Australia
Reviewed 20 October 2016 "I'm returning for upper facelift, breast lift and tummy tuck, love the surgeons work"
"I had a neck and mid face plastic surgery last February and I've noticed now all my swelling has gone and my appearance is 100 % better. It took ten years off my age. I'm returning for upper face breast lift and tummy tuck love the surgeons work

Very good over all"
Reacha India
Reviewed 12 March 2016 "Makes me so comfortable and confident about my body image"
"Dr.Doshi has changed the way I look at life now. When I visited Allure first time, I was little nervous about my tummy tuck. But Dr.Doshi made is very simple by explaining me in details.The atmosphere and the staff was so supportive that it hardly made me feel nervous.I felt like home. I never had any surgery in my life but this one was like cake walk.

I find NEW me and makes me so comfortable and confident about my body image. It almost like a REBIRTH. Thank you Dr.Doshi to making it possible for me. It feels like a dream and I am loving it. Thanks allure for such a good experience."
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  • IMA - Indian Medical Association (India) 
  • DCI - Dental Council of India (India) 
  • IDA - Indian Dental Association (India) 
  • ISAPS - International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (International) 
  • ISO Certification - International Organization for Standardization (International) 
  • ASPS - American Society of Plastic Surgeons (US) 
  • ASPS - American Society of Plastic Surgeons (US) 


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Plastic Surgery

₹90000  -  ₹150000
Abdominal Etching (2 hours , 2 sessions)
₹150000  -  ₹400000
Body Lift (2 hours 30 mins, 2 sessions)
Full Body Lift
Lower Body Lift
Upper Body Lift
Upper Body Lift
₹125000  -  ₹175000
Upper Body Lift (2 hours )
₹75000  -  ₹100000
Bra-Line Back Lift (2 hours )
₹70000  -  ₹110000
Breast Implants (1 hour 30 mins)

It has never been so simpler, safer and popular to have enlarged breasts before. Breast implants help improve the shape of your breasts and guess what, you wont have any problem while feeding in the future. Get the shape you want with Allure medspas Breast implant treatment and make your personal life more enjoyable. 

₹60000  -  ₹95000
Breast Lift (1 hour 30 mins)

Want to enjoy a younger and shapelier breast counter? Opt for a breast lift surgery.  Breast uplift surgery can help women who are satisfied with the size of their chest, but would like to raise and add firmness to their breasts. With Allure medspa, you can get your breast lift treatment done safely and effectively.

₹70000  -  ₹120000
Breast Reduction (2 hours )

Breast reduction surgery is to relieve the physical restrictions and painful strain on neck, shoulders and back caused by excessively heavy breasts. involves removal of excess breast tissue to reshape and lift the breasts.

    ₹75000  -  ₹100000
    Brow Lift (1 hour 30 mins)

    Are drooping brows making you look aged already? Opt for a brow lift surgery from Allure medspa and get those floppy brows and horizontal lines corrected. Get rid of that scary, furrowed look with this surgery that is also known as a forehead lift and start looking happier and younger again. 

    ₹25000  -  ₹40000
    Buccal Fat Removal (45 mins)
    Slimmer faces appear great as they can carry any look without making you feel uncomfortable. If you face looks like a storage of excess fat, particularly near the lower cheek area, then you should consider doing the Buccal Fat Removal surgery. At Allure medspa, you can get rid of those cheek pouches when you get this effective treatment done. 
    ₹125000  -  ₹180000
    Butt Implants (2 hours )

    An hour-glass figure is a dream of many. Butt implants can help you achieve a fuller figure. Safe and highly effective, the butt augmentation surgery from Allure medspa gives you those attractive curves, making you look young and just so lovely.  

    ₹75000  -  ₹150000
    Butt Lift (2 hours )

    Curvaceous is the new buzzword for todays generation and they are right! Who doesnt want that lusciously curvy body? With Allure medspas Butt Lift surgery, you can get the figure you want. Get rid of that lumpy and sagging butt structure and enjoy the novel and proportionate figure. 

    ₹5000  -  ₹75000
    Butt Reduction (1 hour 15 mins)
    Sculpted lower body is no more difficult to achieve with the safe and effective butt reduction treatment! At Allure medspa, we offer highly customized butt contouring surgery, which will reduce the large and lumpy bottoms. Make a decision to have a curvy body and we will make sure it goes right! 
    ₹50000  -  ₹75000
    Eyelid surgery (1 hour )
    ₹50000  -  ₹75000
    Asian Blepharoplasty (1 hour )

    Are your eye lids too baggy or uneven? It is recommended that youshould considering doing eyelid surgery. At Allure medspa, you can get a safeand effective treatment done with minimal downtime. Also known as Blepharoplasty,this surgery also works on under eye bags and puffiness. 

    ₹50000  -  ₹75000
    Blepharoplasty (1 hour )

    Are your eye lids too droopy or uneven? It is recommended that youshould considering doing eyelid surgery. At Allure medspa, you can get a safeand effective treatment done with minimal downtime. Also known as Blepharoplasty,this surgery also works on under eye bags and puffiness. 

    ₹50000  -  ₹75000
    Eye Lift (1 hour )

    Are your eye lids too weary or uneven? It is recommended that youshould considering doing eyelid surgery. At Allure medspa, you can get a safeand effective treatment done with minimal downtime. Also known as Blepharoplasty,this surgery also works on under eye bags and puffiness. 

    ₹100000  -  ₹175000
    Endoscopic Facelift (2 hours )
    Are you looking for a solution to get rid of your aged appearance?  Are wrinkles haunting you too much? We suggest you to consider getting Endoscopic Facelift done in order to give your face a dramatic lift. At Allure medspa, we ensure you a highly effective and safe surgery. 
    ₹50000  -  ₹100000
    Mini Facelift (1 hour )
    Is loose and sagging skin making you look older? Is your lower face and the upper neck area has too many wrinkles? With Allure medspas Mini Facelift surgery, you can get a firmer and younger looking skin without much discomfort. 
    ₹30000  -  ₹50000
    Fat Transfer (1 hour )

    As we age, our skin starts losing its elasticity and volume. However, with Allure medspas Fat Transfer treatment, you can regain the lost charm and start looking younger again. Get that plump and supple look you always wanted.

    ₹50000  -  ₹75000
    Genital Reshaping (1 hour )
    Are you too conscious about the shape of your genitals? With Allure medspas genital reshaping surgery, you can feel much more comfortable with your body. Ultimately, it helps you enhance your self-esteem. 
    ₹35000  -  ₹90000
    Gynecomastia (1 hour 15 mins)
    Are enlarged male breasts embarrassing you? Undergoing male breast reduction surgery with Allure Medspa can offer a permanent solution to this disorder, enabling you to accept yourself better and improve your social confidence. 
    ₹25000  -  ₹40000
    Hymenoplasty (45 mins)
    Are you looking for a solution to restore the hymen? In simple terms, hymenoplasty is about restoring virginity.  With Allure medspas hymenoplasty surgery, you can give yourself a virgins joy!
    ₹30000  -  ₹75000
    Inverted Nipple Surgery (45 mins)

    An inverted nipple may appear flat or as a hole or slit-like depression. Nipple correction surgery can restore the nipple to a naturally-projecting, beautiful appearance. Inverted nipples can cause a great deal of distress, leading to problems when breast feeding as well as self-consciousness about their appearance.

    ₹40000  -  ₹60000
    Labiaplasty (45 mins)
    Are you unhappy with the shape of your labia?  Labiaplasty at Allure medspa corrects and defines your labia, helping you overcome your fear. Cosmetic or aesthetic refinement of the vulva is also covered under this treatment.  
    ₹40000  -  ₹125000
    Liposuction (1 hour 30 mins)
    Are you dreaming of flaunting an ideal figure? We, at Allure medspa, help you achieve that dream. Opt for the Liposuction surgery to get toned, smooth and curvaceous figure you always wanted. Its is highly safe and extremely effective.
    ₹40000  -  ₹125000
    Body-Jet™ Liposuction (1 hour 30 mins)
    With the advent of technology, it is now possible to achieve an ideal figure without going through a relatively long procedure of liposuction. With Allure medspas Body-Jet™ Liposuction, you can achieve the desired result effectively with the additional benefit of rapid recovery. 
    ₹40000  -  ₹125000
    Laser Assisted Liposuction (1 hour 30 mins)

    Are you eager to try out the new liposuction technique, which gives faster results? We suggest you to try the laser assisted liposuction.  Smart lipo treatment from Allure medspa is safe and effective and helps you achieve that great figure with minimal downtime.

    ₹40000  -  ₹60000
    Neck Liposuction (1 hour )

    A nice, firm neck gives you a more confident and youthful appearance.  Neck liposuction is one surgery that can work on the drooping neck skin, giving your neck a more defined look. We, at Allure medspa, offer a neck liposuction surgery that is highly safe and effective. 

    ₹50000  -  ₹90000
    Neck Lift (1 hour 30 mins)

    A well-defined neckline not only makes you look attractive but also more youthful. Get rid of that loose, sagging neck skin and get a more defined neckline with Allure medspas Neck Lift surgery. 

    Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery
    ₹40000  -  ₹120000
    Rhinoplasty (2 hours )
    ₹50000  -  ₹120000
    Closed Rhinoplasty (1 hour 30 mins)
    You want to get a nose job done but you are not too sure about handling scars? Well, with close Rhinoplasty surgery, your fear gets totally eliminated.  At Allure medspa, we ensure a safe and effective solution to your problem and personalized care. 
    ₹50000  -  ₹70000
    Nasal Tip Surgery (1 hour )
    A perfect nose is usually straight-pointed, sharp and enhances your overall facial profile, making it look extremely photogenic. With Allure medspas Nasal Tip Surgery, you can a defined nose. This surgery may also help correct the nasal functions. 
    ₹50000  -  ₹120000
    Open Rhinoplasty (1 hour 30 mins)

    Primary open Rhinoplasty is implemented to treat wide nose structures. With Allure medspas Open Rhinoplasty treatment, you can get a slimmer and sharper nose with minimal downtime. 

    ₹60000  -  ₹75000
    Thigh Lift (1 hour 30 mins)
    Do you think you have thunder thighs? Are heavy, sagging thighs making you too conscious? You should stop worrying because with the latest Thigh Lift surgery at Allure medspa, you can great slimmer and smoother thighs you always dreamt of. 
    ₹80000  -  ₹125000
    Tummy Tuck (2 hours 30 mins)
    A lose, sagging and overtly big tummy shows that you may be unfit and careless about your health. With Allure medspas Tummy Tuck surgery, it is possible to have a fabulously flat tummy! Allure medspa ensures a safe and effective solution to your problem and personalized care. 
    ₹80000  -  ₹125000
    Full Abdominoplasty  (2 hours 30 mins)

    Worried about huge, sagging tummy?  You shouldnt really panic now because with Allure medspas Full Abdominoplasty surgery, you can get a flat, toned and attractive tummy with minimal downtime. We, at Allure medspa, offer a full Abdominoplasty surgery that is highly safe and effective. 

    ₹80000  -  ₹125000
    Lipoabdominoplasty (2 hours 30 mins)
    If you are looking to get an absolutely flat tummy with greater aesthetic results and lesser complications, then Allure medspas Lipoabdominoplasty is worth trying. The recovery timing is minimal too and hence, you get a flatter tummy you always wanted. 
    ₹75000  -  ₹90000
    Mini Abdominoplasty (1 hour 30 mins)

    Excess fat will no more be a trouble for you. With Allure medspas Mini Abdominoplasty surgery, you can get rid of that sagging bag and enjoy the feel of the flatter, more attractive tummy. This surgery is also known a mini tummy tuck. 

    ₹50000  -  ₹75000
    Vaginoplasty (1 hour )

    Vaginoplasty is a vaginal tightening procedure that’s often sought after by women looking to repair damage to vaginal tone, strength and control caused by childbirth or trauma. Through a vaginoplasty procedure, you’ll be able to regain vaginal sensation that may have been lost and this could improve your sex life immeasurably.

    Medical Aesthetics

    ₹15000  -  ₹35000
    Dermal Fillers (15 mins)
    From ₹20000
    Fat Filler (1 hour )
    ₹5000  -  ₹25000
    Platelet Rich Plasma Filler (45 mins)
    ₹50000  -  ₹125000
    SmartLipo™ (2 hours )

    Allure medspas SmartLipo™ treatment reshapes your body, enhancing your confidence level. This treatment is highly effective as it tightens skin with minimally invasive laser liposuction. 

    ₹5000  -  ₹50000
    Treatment for Wrinkles (1 hour )
    ₹75000  -  ₹125000
    VASER Lipo™ (2 hours )

    Vaser Liposculpting is daycare, keyholes, stitch-less procedure. VASER Lipo™ at Allure med spa can remove fat from hips, thighs, Buttocks, leg, abdomen, Love handles, Back, Arms, Double chin, breast, chest, etc.

    Bariatric Surgery

    ₹350000  -  ₹500000
    Gastric Bypass (2 hours )
    Have you failed to lose weight even after following a strict diet and strenuous workout plan? With Allure medspa’s Gastric Bypass surgery, you can achieve your weight loss goal easily. Safe and effective, this treatment ensures quicker weight loss. 
    ₹275000  -  ₹325000
    Gastric Sleeve (2 hours )
    Are you aiming to lose excess body weight drastically?  With Allure medspa’s Gastric Sleeve surgery, you can lose weight faster since the stomach size is reduced, restricting the amount of food you consume. 

    Ear Nose and Throat

    ₹50000  -  ₹100000
    Septoplasty (1 hour 30 mins)
    Crooked nose spoiling your facial profile? Septoplasty surgery at Allure medspa works on the nasal spectrum, correcting it and giving support to the overall nasal function.

    Beauty Salon Treatments

    Laser Skin Resurfacing
    ₹5000  -  ₹30000
    Laser Skin Resurfacing
    ₹5000  -  ₹30000
    Laser Skin Resurfacing (1 hour 30 mins)
    ₹5000  -  ₹25000
    Laser Wrinkle Reduction (1 hour )
    Skin Lightening
    Skin Lightening
    ₹5000  -  ₹60000
    Skin Lightening / Whitening (1 hour )

    Body Treatments

    Skin Revitalisation
    From ₹2000
    Skin Revitalisation
    ₹2000  -  ₹5000
    Skin Revitalisation
    ₹2000  -  ₹5000
    Skin Revitalisation (1 hour )

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    Mr Milan Doshi

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      English, Hindi, Gujarati

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      International Patient Coordinator
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    Show Phone Number201, Shree Krishna, Opp. Laxmi Ind. Estate,, New Link Road, Lokhadwala, AndheriWest,, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400053