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Dr Saptarshi Bhattacharya

Ballygunge, Mukundapur, Dhakuria, New Alipore, Kolkata, 700038
Rating from 4 Reviews Results of lipo was more than my expectationNitu, India, 13 Oct 15

Quite an expert cosmetic surgeon. He tries to give best possible treatment and results. He is also very helpful and is always available for all his patients. Nice behavior. My all queries were replied very patiently by him even post surgery. I had my Liposuction surgery recently and was pleasantly surprised by the way everything went. Result of my treatment was more than my expectation although i'm yet to feel the full results. I would recommend this to everyone.

3.8 / 5  Very Good
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Allure Medspa - Andheri

201, Shree Krishna, Opp. Laxmi Ind. Estate,, New Link Road, Lokhadwala, AndheriWest,, Mumbai, 400053
Rating from 32 Reviews I'm returning for upper facelift, breast lift and tummy tuck, love the surgeons workFrancene, Australia, 20 Oct 16

I had a neck and mid face plastic surgery last February and I've noticed now all my swelling has gone and my appearance is 100 % better. It took ten years off my age. I'm returning for upper face breast lift and tummy tuck love the surgeons work Very good over all

Polite and helpfulShaheen, India, 14 Feb 16

Dr milind Doshi is very nice doctor. I'll be going for the treatment as per my convenience ASAP. It is bit costly but it is as per my convenience so money not an issue. Dr was very polite and helpful Very nice. Loved the clinic ambient and atmosphere. The executives at the clinic were polite and helpful. Overall it's a very nice and trustful clinic for a cosmetic surgery or procedure. I would definitely recommend.

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Labiaplasty ₹40000  -  ₹60000
Are you unhappy with the shape of your labia?  Labiaplasty at Allure medspa corrects and defines your labia, helping you overcome your fear. Cosmetic or aesthetic refinement of the vulva is also covered under this treatment.  
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Right Cosmetic Surgery

Pavanputra bldg., Shivvallabh Rd, Ashokvan, Borivli(E), Mumbai, 400068
The Right Cosmetic Surgery center offers all the cosmetic surgeries and treatments such as breast reduction, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, facial procedures, butt reduction and augmentation brow lift, face lift, genital surgery for male and female etc at very reasonable cost.   For More Details Visit Website.
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Pearl Health

No 16/24,, TT Krishnamachari Rd, Cooperative Colony, Sri Ram Nagar, Chennai, 600018
Pearl Health is an exclusive Cosmetic Clinic with a wholistic approach to beauty. Our team is headed by Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon and Co Founder of Pearl Health Dr Sasikumar Muthu MS MCh , team consists of a Dr Shwetha Rahul MD, Dermatologist, Dr Vaishnavi Venkat MDS, Aesthetic Dental Surgeon, Dr Deepa Ganesh MS, Cosmetic Gynaecologist. All the members are so focussed in what they provide without compromising on the quality of the service. At Pearl we have  only one vision of being the best in everything it does. This is what has got the team together and has also been with our staffs. Our Professionals are well trained in their respective fields. The staff are well oriented to Clients looking to improve on their looks with due importance to the confidentiality of the treatment given. Pearl way Ethical & Evidence based / Simplified treatment options / Awareness to public on Health & Beauty.
Labiaplasty ₹75000  -  ₹100000
5.0 / 5  Outstanding
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Skinnovation Clinics - The World of Aesthetics

B 11 Gujranwala Town Part 1, Ring Road, Near Model Town Metro Station, Delhi, 110009
Rating from 23 Reviews World-class services in a safe and healthy environmentMatthew, India, 11 Aug 17

I made the difficult decision to do plastic surgery like many others. After years of fretting over a particular part of my body and doing everything I could to fix it myself. For me, as a 33-year-old male, it was my midsection, including my love handles, lower back, and lower abdomen in the front. I had spent thousands on gym memberships, personal trainers, and supplements. I had spent countless hours in the gym. All to no avail. Finally, one day while on an extended work trip in India, I decided that I’d get a little outside assistance i.e., consult with a plastic surgeon about the pros/cons of liposuction. It was this interest in lipo that took me to Dr. Rajat Gupta at Skinnovation Clinic. I had met a few other surgeons but, after meeting Dr. Gupta, my gut said to myself “geez, Matthew, you really dodged a bullet with those other dodgy surgeons.” The first thing I noticed when entering Dr. Gupta’s clinic was that it was all white with black trim, and spotlessly clean. All of the lights worked, and all of the chords: TV, computer, or otherwise – were properly tucked away. I noticed that there were floor mats outside of treatment rooms, and places to put foot wear, as it was evident they weren’t allowed in the treatment rooms. Seems silly, you may think, for these to be the first things to strike me. Actually, it’s quite relevant, as this all spoke to the tight ship that Dr. Gupta runs, the protocols he enforces, and his focus on providing world-class services in a safe and healthy environment. None of the other clinics I visited had such apparent focus on maintaining a medical setting that would pass for Western standards. Then I met Dr. Gupta himself. He has a straight-to-the-point, matter-of-fact way about him. As he talked me through what he could and couldn’t do with liposuction for me, I felt that he was giving me the truth, not some sales pitch that would get me to sign up. That was refreshing. He talked about what I could expect by way of results, which would ultimately include some natural imperfections. For example, my abdomen, before surgery, did not have much symmetry; apparently most people don’t have perfect balance and, if they did, it would look weird and unnatural anyway. He pointed this out to me. Further, Dr. Gupta has this precision about the way he discussed the procedure, talking me through it step by step, giving the pros and the cons along the way. Again, it wasn’t a sales pitch. Implicit in the way he approached our consultation was this mindset: “I’m good at what I do, and I can help you and believe you’ll be happy with the results, but I want to be clear to you upfront about all aspects of this.” Within about 10 minutes of talking with him, I knew that he was the one I wanted to go with, and I told him that. An interesting note about Dr. Gupta. We had this conversation around my body in his office, with him talking about what could and couldn’t be done, the risks, the recovery period, the costs, logistics, etc. It was one part beauty consultation, another part business; all the while, his wife was anxiously waiting for him to join a family function for which he was late. Once the chat was through, and I had decided to go with him, he had to draw my blood for the pre-operative tests. It was in that moment that I realized how good of a surgeon he would be. The rush of getting to his wife seemed to vanish, and time stood still as he put his hand on my arm, slowly found the vein, gently drew the blood, and told me to relax, reassuring me that this is going to go well and that he’s confident I’ll be happy with the results. I wish I could describe it better. The bottom line: I just knew in my gut that I was in good hands. The surgery took place at Fortis La Femme, which is one of the top hospitals in Delhi, mostly focused on women and children. I was struck by their warmth and efficiency. Gosh, if only US hospitals were run like this. I was prepped for surgery by a thoughtful nurse; before going up, Dr. Gupta came into my room and made the markings on where he’d be making incisions and the areas on which he would focus. He left me with a calm and confident feeling about what I was about to go through. The operating room was just as you’d expect in any hospital in America. Very serious and sterile. I had no second thoughts as they administered the anesthesia. When I awoke, Dr. Gupta greeted me warmly, as was consistent with his demeanor. He told me that he was aggressive – btw, exactly what I wanted to hear! – in removing 3 liters of fat from the marked areas. He asked that I stay overnight in the hospital so I could be monitored instead of going back to my hotel alone; and he offered to make those arrangements gratis. The next day, which was a Sunday, I saw him in his office in Modeltown in Delhi. He and his staff were there conducting a training via webcast on another procedure they offer. It’s always nice to see medical staff so invested in continued education and helping others upskill. He peeled away the surgical wrappings, almost proud to show me the results. Frankly, I didn’t see them. All I saw was bruising and swelling and the incision marks. Nonetheless, he helped me into my compression garments, which he helped to coordinate to be custom made for me (highly recommend the tailor, too, by the way!), and asked me to stay in touch via WhatsApp. The next day I flew from Delhi to Mumbai for work and did four days straight of teaching workshops. I had like four or five medicines he wanted me to take. Sure, I was sore and had a limited range of motion; and by the end of the days, I was ready to lie down for a bit and rest. But I was able to manage. It wasn’t until later that week that I realized that the “pain killer” he had me on was Ibuprofen and not the goodies that most Americans would expect (i.e., narcotics). I flew home to the US about 6 days after surgery with absolutely no problem (in business class, not sure if I could’ve done it in economy). At about 3.5 weeks post surgery, I was feeling nervous, and found myself spending hours online reading testimonies about liposuction and the Q&A threads on driving myself absolutely nuts wondering whether I was proceeding normally. Dr. Gupta was always available via WhatsApp and happily answered questions and continued to reassure me. But I just had to see someone in person, so by dint of circumstances, I had the occasion to consult with a plastic surgeon from Georgetown, one of the ritziest neighborhoods in D.C. After examining me, he said: your surgeon did a spectacular job, I think you’re going to be really pleased with the results! Now, as I write this, I’m coming up on two months since the surgery. Those spectacular results are starting to become clear. I’m still not there yet, as some swelling and puffiness remains, but I can see what Dr. Gupta was pointing out that first day and I’m really excited to see how this shakes out over the next few months. As almost any plastic surgeon will tell you, it takes several months, perhaps up to six months, to see 80 percent of the results, and the rest will come within a year. Look, I’m a realist. Plastic surgery is an art. Sometimes you don’t get it right on the first round or you simply need to make some touch ups. If that’s the case for me, I will fly to Delhi and work with Dr. Gupta, not because it’s cheaper than the U.S. (travel costs would make it comparable anyway), but because I trust him, I like him, and I do think he has an artistic eye for helping me to achieve the look that I’ve always yearned for – and worked so hard for – over the years. I wholeheartedly recommend him without any reservations at all, and would be happy to talk to any of his prospective clients about my satisfactory experience with Dr. Gupta and Skinnovation Clinic.

My results are fantasticAudry, Kenya, 03 May 17

I had Dr. Rajat Gupta perform my breast augmentation. It was a tricky affair because I was travelling from Africa to New Delhi, India - a country I had never been and had no contacts. Anyway, Dr. Gupta's assistant at Skinnovation Clinic in Delhi organized my travel in India from the moment I stepped out of the airport. Additionally, I got a very nice guest house for my stay. I found Dr. Gupta easy to communicate with - good English, listens, calm, confident, accessible and responds to queries in a timely fashion. He has a firm grasp of his profession and is highly skilled. He is well conversant with the latest techniques and technology in breast augmentation. I was ecstatic to find out he was using high quality implants from the United Kingdom. I knew I was in safe hands which helped calm my nerves. The procedure went through successfully. The nurses pampered with care and attention. They checked on me every moment of the day. I was weak and dependent for a couple of hours and they worked on me relentlessly. By evening, I was strong enough to go back to the guest house. Before he discharged me, Dr. Gupta taught me how to take care of my new puppies and gave me a warrant card for the implants. My results are fantastic. I find myself admiring them in the mirror every now and then. The little swelling I had went down very fast. The pain-killers helped with the pain. I am more confident, my esteem is way up there and I feel attractive. I am a complete woman. I went from a flat chest to a nice C-cup. I feel as if he gave me a new lease of life. I recommend Dr Gupta 1000% to any one wanting a breast augmentation. Skinnovation Clinic is a team of a highly skilled, dedicated, professional health care providers who love their work. They care about your health and are ready to go an extra mile to ensure patients get what they need and want. I recommend them 100% to anyone who wants professionalism and perfection.

Labiaplasty ₹25000  -  ₹60000
As along with rest of your body, even the most intimate and private parts of female body ages. Along with it child birth leaves it permanently disfigured. This not only affects vaginal structural contours but also can lead to excessive pain during exercise or sexual activity. It can also lead to excessive stretch of tissues leading to marked decrease in sexual gratification. All of these can be corrected by Genital Rejuvenation Surgeries.    Dr. Rajat Gupta usually examines & performs surgery on individuals requiring Genital Rejuvenation Surgery along with a Gynecologist in his team. Patient can berest assured that their problems will be dealt with utmost compassion, discreetly and confidentially. To read more:
4.2 / 5  Excellent
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Centre for Women's Health

6092/1 Sector D Pocket 6, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, 110070
Rating from 7 Reviews Expectations exceededNana, US, 24 Nov 15

I had a labiaplasty done and I am extremely happy with the results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mishra for anyone looking to get this procedure done. I had a thorough discussion about what I wanted and my desired results and my expectations were exceeded. I chose Dr. Mishra's clinic because of her extensive background in her field. I got a better understanding of the procedure after my consultation and felt comfortable discussing what I wanted done and I left feeling very assured that my expectations would be met. Dr. Mishra thoroughly and promptly answered any and every question I had post-op. I received excellent care at an incredibly reasonable cost and I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for an outstanding doctor in this field.

Labiaplasty ₹30000  -  ₹40000
It is either reconstructive or cosmetic surgery.It is usually done for asymmetric, torn or enlarged labia. 
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Dr Shobha Jindal - New Delhi

C-5,Green Park Extension, New Delhi, S 440,S Block, Soul Poly clinic , GK II, New Delhi, New Delhi, 110016
Rating from 2 Reviews The hospital was very clean and well maintained !Ashu, India, 29 Jul 16

I got my hymenoplasty from Dr Shobha Jindal . The procedure was done very well and I am satisfied with the result.She is from the best Medical colleges of India. The hospital was very clean and well maintained !

4.7 / 5  Outstanding
from 607 users
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Nova Cosmetic Surgery Centre

No 48, Cowley Brown Road, RS puram, Coimbatore, 641002
Rating from 6 Reviews The experience was very smooth and easyKaarthik, US, 06 Jan 17

The treatment was straighforward. Consultation followed by an appointment for the surgery. Included getting all the basic medical checkups before the surgery. The surgery center has all the facilities on-site. It took me around half a day to finish all the formalities before the surgery. Went to the clinic around 4 am for a 6.30 am surgery, stayed in the clinic till later afternoon and got home later. Had the fat tissues removed under both my nipples along with liposuction to remove fluid/fat. Was a smooth experience. Minor pain for 2-3 days after surgery, but can resume most normal activities from the next day. Wearing the compression vest continuosly was a challenge. The experience was very smooth and easy. Since I had already read a lot about gynacomastia online, I knew what to expect. Dr.Vikram Kumar was very easy to talk to. He explained clearly what the procedure was including the steps, follow-ups after surgery and the recovery time. The clinic is fully equipped, friendly staff. The procedure was done with very minimal pain for 2-3 days post surgery. Resumed most normal activities in a couple of days.

A wonderful jobSugan, India, 08 Jan 16

Gynecomastia Treatment. I can't tell you how pleasant & truly life changing my experience was. I'm blessed to find the best surgical team @ nova. Dr.vikram kumar has done wonderful job. Nova has good facilities & staff members were caring nice. Costs are nominal. Guys believe me this is the best surgical center & leaving you feeling like a new men. If you are able to travel down to coimbatore, have your treatment here. I surfed in internet for about 5 yrs about gynecomastia surgery & finally decided to do the surgery. But it is painless & day care surgery. We can return to work in 3 days. All The best

Labiaplasty ₹20000  -  ₹30000
4.0 / 5  Very Good
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Dr Shetty's Cosmetic Centre

Opp. Navrang Theatre, Dr Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, 560010
Rating from 8 Reviews I am very much satisfied with the service and really got the value for moneyRoselin, India, 13 Oct 16

I had white cholesterol bags near my eyes which was aesthetically looking very bad. I got Dr Shetty's reference from net and decided to get those bags removed through surgery.I was a bit skeptical to get the surgery done near my eyes as there were multiple numbers and small in size.But to my surprise the doctor very precisely operated and removed the bags with minimal scar marks.I am very much satisfied with the service and really got the value for money. Excellent behavior of the Doctors and the coordinating staff.Appointments scheduled and reminders given timely.Thanks to the entire team and I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

I took treatment from Dr Shetty 4 months back and I can say it is a miracleNidhi, India, 27 Sep 16

Dark Circles I was trying to get rid of dark circles around the eyes since 5 years with different treatments like laser, creams, peels but with little improvement. I took treatment from Dr Shetty 4 months back n I can say it is a miracle as was not expecting them to go without leaving any mark. He is the person behind my confidence now.

4.8 / 5  Outstanding
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Dr. Niraj Mahajan Clinic

Apollo Spectra Hospital, Famous Cine Labs, Tardeo Road Near to Axis Bank, Opp, Wadia St, Tardeo, Mumbai, 400034
Rating from 1 Review Today I am Cyst FreePriyanka, India, 11 Oct 16

I was detected with a large 15cms Right Ovarian Cyst in 2015. After searching the Net for a good OB/GYN, fortunately came across Dr. Niraj Majajan, who very successfully conducted the Surgery and today I am Cyst Free. To my joy I was discharged from the Hospital in just 3 days. .

Labiaplasty ₹35000  -  ₹90000
4.0 / 5  Very Good
from 670 users
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Dr Sumit Malhotra - SIPS Hospital

29-shahmina road, near budhdha park, Lucknow, 226003
Rating from 6 Reviews The best part is when you feel confident enough to wear whatever you likeDivya, India, 27 Sep 16

Ok "PLASTIC SURGERY" A "misused term" I would say !!! The process is LIPOSUCTION :) If you are literally tired of running,have spent hours in the gym or have been on zero diet and still that flab on your beautiful body decides not to leave your body because of your genetic constitution or may be because of some other genuine reason..Then Dr.Sumit Malhotra has the weapon to defeat it. Its already been three months and I feel good.Yes I do !!! Yes like others even I was scared thats its a RISKY PROCESS but Dr. Malhotra made it easy for me. I had my lipo for three sites : thighs, stomach and those rigid flanks... It went well..The garment is a bit uncomfortable part which you have to wear after your lipo but its important because that reduces the swelling as well it gives a good contouring to the parts from where the fat has been reduced.. In total 9 litres of fat was removed and as Dr. Malhotra told me before hand that weight loss will be 2/3 of the fat removed and here I am 63 kgs (pre lipo 69) The best part is when you feel confident enough to wear whatever you like and have always wanted to :) It was good The staff is polite enough to handle your concern.. Dr Sumit Malhotra has loads of information and has an answer to all the questions you have regarding liposuction.. In short DELIVERS WHAT HE PROMISES :)

BeautifulOnyi, Nigeria, 22 Mar 17

I traveled all the way from Africa to Lucknow India for mommy makeover. I have been worried about my tummy for the past 10 years. I consulted so many plastic surgeons but the very moment I received an email from Dr Sumit Malhota, I said to my self, your search is over" the way he promptly responded and elucidly answered all my questions increased my trust in him. Believe me, he never broke that trust. He performed a mommy makeover wonders on me on 27/03/17 and everything is beautiful. Thank you Dr Sumit, I most especially respect your humility, honesty and words of support #dont worry, u will be fine # above all the cost is good compared to others and him team is amazing. Amazing experience. Will do it over and over again

Labiaplasty ₹50000  -  ₹55000
3.7 / 5  Very Good
from 735 users
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Venkat Charmalaya

Cunningham Crescent, Cunningham Road, Bangalore, 560052
Rating from 4 Reviews excellent surgeon and excellent treatmentDr.vinay, bangalore, 25 Nov 16

i had frontal baldness for which i visited dr.venkatram ...underwent HT.Doctor and all the staff members were extremely co operative and skillfull..very happy with the results and i got what i wanted..thanks to dr.venkatram and staff members of venkat charmalaya excellent surgeon and excellent treatment

.. I seen result very good almost my crown part is no more baldGirish, India, 24 Jan 17

Hi, I am 26yrs old, I have hairloss problem since from 8-10 yrs. I approached many doctors about used for 6 months under all doctors treatment. Because I knew it it is not instantaneous work. But sad is non of the things prove, At last just try one more time ... I visited Dr. Venkata M. He also gave the medicine like all doctors, but these are never given by any doc before. I used it for 3 months ... I seen result very good almost my crown part is no more bald. Finally I under went Hair Transplant in his clinic Wonderful and pleasant people. who takes care of patient well.

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