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"I'm very pleased with the results and the staff at Comfort Zone"Tricia, UK, 21 Jul 14
"I was referred to Comfort Zone by a friend who had a pleasant experience with the team earlier this year. Although I had a few reservations because she had a different procedure. I arrived in Istanbul nervous and unsure of what awaits. A driver meet my friend and I at the airport, and we were transported to the patient villa. There, we meet a few ladies who just had their procedures and were kind enough to share their experiences with us. Mary showed us our room, which was clean and very cosy, my mate even had her own room. Mary and a few other women work in the villa, they are absolutely amazing. The next day I met Engin and the surgeon, Dr Umran Ileri in a relaxed environment - a a bbq at the villa. We had a brief discussion about the procedure. The next day, we left the villa around 6:30am, arrived at the hospital shortly after, it was breathtaking, way better than any hospital I have seen in England. A blood test and general check up was conducted and I was allocated a time to go into the OR. That was when the nerves really kicked in. Engin checked in a few times to make sure I was okay, shortly after a nurse came in and it was time to go. All the nurses were absolutely lovely although a few couldn't speak English. I slept off immediately I was in the OR and I woke up hours later in the recovery room. I was in pain, but it was bearable. The surgeon was around to check on me, the nurses were in and out administering necessary medications. I spent a night at the hospital and it was back to the villa. At the villa, I was properly looked after, 3 days post op I was on my feet. I went back to the hospital twice for check ups. 7 weeks post op the scars are fading and my breasts look great. I'm very pleased with the results and the staff at Comfort Zone."
Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery is a boutique cosmetic surgery company, providing the highest quality cosmetic surgery at affordable fixed pricing, using the best Hospital & Elite Surgeons in Istanbul. "Our mission is to provide each client with a totally personal service from the time we collect you from the airport, right through to your procedure, recovery at our patient villa and return home.” We are based in Istanbul, Turkey and work exclusively with of the state of the art private hospitals, that are JCI & TUV Certified.   Only the  highest qualified & experienced, European Board Certified plastic surgeons are used. Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery's all UK staff will ensure you feel at home and safe throughout your stay, from the moment we personally collect you from th airport, to your stay and aftrecare at our patient villa and surgery. Your safety and well-being is guananteed. Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery offer all of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, including Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Breast Uplift, Laser Liposuction, Tummy tuck, Facelift, Nose Reshaping and Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as specialist surgery for men, including  Hair Transplant and male Breast Removal. You can relax in the knowledge that Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery offer the ultimate luxury all-inclusive package prices (excluding flights) for all procedures, with no hidden extra costs. The price quoted, is the price that you will p
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Breast Implants
$4088 Enquire
Breast Enlargement with Mentor Implants.You are required to stay for 5 nights minimum in Istanbul  for this procedure
"Consultation"Angela, UK, 04 Sep 14
"I had a previous poor surgery experience in another European country. I was nervous to try again, knowing revision/ corrective surgery is far more difficult. I found Dr. Metin, we have communicated over the last few weeks and out of more than 30 surgeons I chose him for his work, communication thoroughness and vision! I met him in person last night and I knew my choice was right. He has not only given me the confidence to proceed, but I actually feel excited. Needless to say I have booked my combined procedures. I will review again after my experience and op to help others in their choice."
A hi-tech boutique of plastic surgery, in a central and prestigious location in Istanbul. European Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Metin Kerem is in charge of all invasive-and non invasive procedures himself, on a patient-oriented basis. All minimal invasive procedures are undertaken in the clinic, while invasive surgical procedures are done in a fully equipped hospital, specially designed for plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Metin Kerem welcomes patients from all over the world, for an exciting touch to face and body aesthetics.
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Breast Implants
$2176  -  $2938 Enquire
Only Mentor and Allergan implants 
"Very quick response"Emily, UK, 17 Jun 14
"Very helpful and considerate. "Cherica, UK, 02 Jul 14
The Harley Medical Group has been a dedicated provider of Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Treatments since 1983. The number of over 500,000 satisfied patients treated in our clinics mirrors the success of our team. Description At The Harley Medical Group you will only meet specially qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurses, Doctors and professional Surgeons. Your first consultation is FREE, so if you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask - your care is our priority. The Harley Medical Group specialises in: * Breast Surgery * Liposuction * Tummy Tucks * Nose and Ear Reshaping * Face and Neck lifts * Eyebag Removal * Laser Hair Removal * Lines and Wrinkle treatments * Dermal Fillers * Skin Peels * Medical Microdermabrasion * Acne treatments Directions For people who are already acquainted with the medical district of west London, you’ll be able to find Harley Street with no difficulty. These would be helpful if you wanted locate us: The closest tube is Oxford Circus and then it’s just a 5 minute walk. Harley Street is located behind John Lewis and Cavendish Square.
Breast Implants
Breast enlargement surgery involves surgically inserting an implantbehind the natural breast tissue to increase the size of the breast.Breast augmentation is a similar procedure to breast enlargementsurgery but is usually conducted to create better symmetry. You can choose the size and shape of your implants to suit your body shape. Our surgeons pride themselves on the beautiful natural results they achieve. We also offer a range of flexible payment plans to help you spread the cost of your treatment. There are currently two different types of implant available - siliconeand saline. Silicone implants are widely used as they give a morenatural shape and feel. A booklet entitled "Breast Implants", produced by the Department of Health, is available from your clinic to accompany this information, and provides a full understanding of your breast implants clinical safety studies and advice on breast feeding.
21 other locations in UK for The Harley Medical Group - City of London.

The Harley Medical Group - Birmingham

24 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham

The Harley Medical Group - Liverpool

18 Rodney Street, Liverpool

The Harley Medical Group - Chelmsford

92 Broomfield Road, Chelmsford

The Harley Medical Group - Maidstone

Pressprint House, 9 Station Road, Maidst

Dr Foued Hamza

Paris, France
"Customer service is excellent. Dr Hamza has been fantastic. I met with him yesterday and he has made me feel very comfortable about the treatment. I am booked for my surgery on the 22nd April in Tunisia and will update when it's done."karen, France, 02 Mar 11
"Dr.Hamza, speaks English fluently and that's a plus for me. He is professional but kind. His secretary is simply a darling.polite, young and wears a great inviting smile."Cheryl, France, 19 Apr 11
Dr Hamza's skills covers all areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery. He has a predilection for face and breast surgery as well as lipoplasty. Dr Hamza worked in the greatest parisian hospitals such as Foch hospital; Henri Mondor and Saint Louis. He is a member of the French Board of Aesthetic and Reconstuctive Surgery and registered to practice in the UK.  He is well reknown in Europe and his skills are acknowledged by his French and international peers. He actively participates in seminars and regularly trains new surgeons for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the face and the breast. We do know going through cosmetic surgery is a big decision for you and we want to make sure you will feel looked after all through the process, from the first contact to the post-operation follow up. Finally, never rush into a surgical cosmetic procedure. It is not an emergency ! The Quality Charter between France-Health and its Surgeons, Physicians and partners : To inform the patient about the nature, the potential risks and the result discounted of the act.To establish a precise estimate at the time of the first consultation.To do a medical and biologic health check before the intervention.To take some photographs before and after intervention.To write an operative account/report.To ensure the patient's post-operative consultations necessary to the follow-up.
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Breast Implants
$4897  -  $5985 Enquire

Cirumed Clinic Marbella

Marbella, Spain
"Very efficient and helpful"Janice, Spain, 14 Aug 12
"Great service! I got all the info I needed from this clinic. I think I still need to further my research in terms of the surgeon. "Angelika, France, 31 Aug 12
Cirumed Clinic Marbella is the clinic of choice for patients who want to have their surgery in the luxurious surroundings of Marbella but who still want to receive the standards and safety of a formal academic reference department for Plastic surgery in Spain’s elite Hospital, Quiron. Expertise:All surgeons consulting in Cirumed Clinic Marbella also hold positions as consultants in the department of Plastic,Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hospital Quiron Malaga. Quiron is Spain’s elite hospital with a prestigious history spanning over 60 years. Specialities: Modern, minimally invasive liposuction: Cirumed Clinic Marbella specialises in advanced body contouring techniques, especially minimally invasive laser liposculpture and water jetstream liposuction. Jetstream liposuction is commonly known as Body Jet. It is currently accepted as the most advanced and atraumatic body shaping technique. Jetstream allows bloodless body reshaping in large volumes with minimal downtime. The water jetstream liposuction is usually combined with laser liposculpture for the best possible skin retraction. Cirumed is the leading center in Spain for advanced, minimally invasive liposuction and one of the top clinics in Europe. Natural breast augmentation with fat: In Spain,Cirumed surgeons are pioneering the jet stream assisted fat transfer technique. Outcomes are significantly superior as compared to other fat grafting techniques. Cirumed Clinic foll
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Breast Implants
Cirumed Clinic Marbella uses endoscopic breast augmentation /breast enlargement techniques. Cirumed Clinic Marbella uses preferably microtextured, soft touch "sensitive" breast implants which yield the highest degree of patient satisfaction.Our leading surgeons perfom around 500 aestehtic surgery operations every year. They are also responsible for the breast reconstruction service in Hospital Quirón Malaga and Quirón Marbella. Our surgeons do also specialise in alternatives to breast augmentation with implants, mainly fat transfer. Cirumed Clinic has got special expertise in natural breast augmentation (Natura fill) using the patient’s own fat.The department disposes of a body jet fat harvest system which has got the best success rate in autologous fat transplantation, and is currently gold standard in breast augmentation with fat. The surgeons at Cirumed Clinic Marbella also hold positions in the department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Hospital Quiron Malaga. This gives the patients of Cirumed Clinic Marbella to have their treatments with the consultants who work up to cutting edge standards in an academic department. 

Purity Bridge

Tunbridge Wells, UK
"Got a very informative,friendly email which answered all my queries."Barbie, UK, 26 Apr 13
"Very prompt response."Linda, UK, 09 May 13
Purity Bridge is the private aesthetic clinic in the heart of Tunbridge Wells. It provides a sophisticated holistic approach to skin care, facial rejuvenation and body contouring, bridging the divisions between beauty therapy, medical skin care and cosmetic surgery. Purity Bridge is in the unique position of being able to offer the whole spectrum of disciplines using a tailor made approach to suit your individual needs. This is only possible because it is owned by renowned Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Marc Pacifico, supported by a hand picked team of Consultants, specialist doctors, nurses and advanced beauty therapists including Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Darryl Coombes, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Nora Nugent and Dental Implantologist Dan Bateman. Purity Bridge provides a comprehensive approach, personalised to each individual. Purity Bridge is partnered with Tunbridge Wells Plastic Surgery and is based in a beautiful CQC approved period building , boasting private consulting suites, a beauty therapy spa and minor surgery facilities.
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Breast Implants
From $6087 Enquire
1 other location in UK for Purity Bridge.

Marc Pacifico

(888) 848-7639 ext: 844666 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells
"Mr. Aytac and the staff"Faraz, US, 16 Dec 14
"Mr. Aytac and the staff at Transest were very professional and helpful. One of the reasons I chose this clinic besides the good reviews was that they were very quick in responding and answering any concerns, which coming from the USA I had. My treatment, procedure (4800 grafts), and results (been one month) are way better than my expectations.. There were two techs and one doctor who oversaw the entire procedure (mine was 9 hours ) who were very friendly and took into consideration what I wanted. The hotel, though situated in a working class area close to the clinic, is very clean, safe, and private. It is also across a shopping center and metro station which is very convenient. The procedure is by nature long and rough but Transest and its staff did a great job of making it smooth... I spent the next few days after exploring Istanbul and came into encounter with people who had their work done at other clinics.. They were very impressed with my procedure compared to theirs.... that's why I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for professional and good results!"
Transest Clinic is established in 2007 in Istanbul clty , We are the leading Aesthetic and Hair Transplant clinic in Turkey with Iso 9001 Certificate  Our plastic surgeon Op Dr Ayse Öztürk is welknown all over the world by the sucsessfull operations she completed over the years ,   We are so proud that So far we have managed to complete over 7000 hair transplant operations and all types of operations for aesthetics from all over the world ,  As you visit us we want you to feel like as if you enter a spa and feel comfortable all the ways , we always aim one to one patient care , we make sure that we use the latest teqnoloji equipments and most efficient personel for our services ,information and comprimising is so important for us , our hospital is  the best of istanbul with JCI certificate ,  For Hair Transplant we thing what sets us apart from other clinics we always push for maximum greft implantation for 100% patient satisfaction  Hair Transplant All in Package includes , (Prices are fixed and doesnt change about the number of grafts) Transest hair transplantation is include (exclude flight ticket) -Your air port pick up -Full consultation and hair analyze with your doctor before and after hair transplantation -Blood tests. -Your hair transplant operation ,latest FUE technique with guaranteed maximum grafts implantation -Lunch on operation date -Your transfer from your hotel to hospital and vice versa -Your English speaking g
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Breast Implants
Up to $2721 Enquire
"No transport back"Rudi, UK, 22 Nov 13
"Everything was fine, they pick you up from the airport (well a taxi does). They take you to your first consultation but then that's it, the rest you do yourself. I had to find my way back having just had eye surgery not knowing where I had to go wearing sunglasses in the dark!! They should be there to make sure that you are ok. They also do not provide transport back to the airport. So in reality they just pick you up show you where everything is and then let you on your way to defend for yourself. I'm glad it was only eye surgery and hair transplant and nothing more that I had."
We’re the leading medical tourism agency in the Czech Republic and provide medical services for assisted reproduction, plastic surgery, weight loss procedures, vision correction and dental care. We are based in the magical city of Prague. Even at the affordable prices we offer, we cooperate with top-of-the line medical clinics in the Czech Republic, with the most experienced specialists in their fields. OUR SERVICES ARE FREE OF CHARGE! We offer additional services at no cost and special packages for all of our clients including: • Airport pickup • 24-hour assistance in Prague • A representative to go with you to the clinic • Online consultation • Accommodation and Travel packages • Sightseeing opportunities We are happy to help you and find the best medical services for your needs. Feel free to contact us and read references from our clients. Download our new brochure at our website ! • Assisted Reproduction - IVF - Egg Donation • Plastic Surgery • Bariatric Surgery (Obesity Treatment) • Proton Therapy of Cancer Watch the new video from Medical Travel Czech Republic.
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Breast Implants
From $2448 Enquire
Breast enlargement with rounded implants.

Medical Care Spain

Alicante, Spain
"Hip replacement"Tim, Castril, Granada, 22 Mar 15
"Treatment was satisfactory and went according to expectations. Original quotation did not include certain tests required at pre-op consultation so final cost was 330€ higher than expected. This is probably due to a misunderstanding on my part and in any event the total cost was acceptable."
Medical Care Spain is a comprehensive healthcare service run by a highly qualified professional team , based at Medimar International Hospital in Alicante, Spain. Our  Medical Partners are the best private hospitals in the Alicante province and have all medical and and surgical specialties. .We help patients to find and organize the exact medical treatment or surgery they need. All rooms in our hospitals have guest bed, all come complete with the latest developments so that patients receive the best health care and enjoy maximum convenience: All rooms are exterior with natural light and ventilation. Air conditioning, heating and air regeneration Electric bed and adaptable to different anatomical positions automatically Bathroom with disabled facilities, connected the nursing and with anti-slip flooring. Direct phone and satellite television. computer Terminal ICU boxes State of the art operating rooms Recovery unit Hemodialysis  Dilation Chamber Building Consultations and Medical and Surgical Specialties Outpatients (120 specialists) check up Unit ECG EEG-Neurophysiology Nuclear Medicine and PET Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Radiology, Mammography, Ultrasound, CT-Scanner, Digital Angiography and MRI Lithotripsy rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Stereotactic biopsy ABBI system Laboratories (bacteriology, biochemistry and hematology) We are here to help , let us make your life easier.
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Breast Implants
$5659  -  $6312 Enquire
The cost of the implants is not included in the price, depending on the type of the implants and the brand that the patient chooses, it may vary. Allergan implants will increase by 150 euros, on the displayed price. Mentor implants will increase by 450 euros on the price indicated. The enlargement mammoplasty is a surgical technique which seeks to improve the shape and the volume of the female chest.  It is normally indicated in women whose chest has not developed as they had hoped and also where there is a difference in size between both breasts or where the natural volume has been lost as a consequence of pregnancy, breast-feeding or sudden weight loss. ANAESTHESIA: general anaesthetic is normally used. PREPARATION: it requires a blood test, electrocardiogram and x-ray. During consultations prior to surgery, each patient is meticulously analysed in relation to volume, projection, physical constitution and skin quality. To select the exact implant size and establish the ideal dimensions, the desired length, height and projection are established.  Volume tests can also be undertaken with the patient, filling a bra to the required size. HOSPITALISATION: it requires a hospital stay of 24 hours. SURGERY: the surgery consists in introducing a breast prosthesis either through a periareolar incision (along the lower edge of the areola), or through a submammary incision (in the crease of the breast).  The implant can be lodged below the gland or below the pectoral muscle, with the latter being preferable, given that it looks more natural and is better protected by the tissue itself.  DURATION: around an hour. Frequently asked questionsWhat post-operative care must I follow?A compression bandage will be worn for 3-4 days, whic


Madrid, Spain
"So friendly and caring"Hilary, Harlow, 02 Mar 15
"My treatment went very well and although I experienced an acute bleed 24 hours after my initial surgery, I was treated by first class medical team at all times. I could not fault Dr Noguiera or Dr Salmones' professionalism, but equally they were so friendly and caring. For the emergency treatment they were both there to meet me in the emergency department at midnight and did not leave my side at any point. I cannot sing their praises enough. Thank you, it could have been so much worse. An extra amount of 1160 euros had to be paid for the emergency but I have insurance."
WHY US World class state-of-the-art Cosmetic Surgery procedures performed under international standards of safety by our prestigious and experienced Medical Team in one of the most modern Private Hospitals of Europe. Many patients wonder if our prices allow ensuring the highest quality in our treatments, surprised by the price differences in the market of Cosmetic Surgery. To us safety, quality and reliability of our treatments are always the priority, ensuring the highest sanitary standards. Today this is possible without giving up offering competitive prices thanks to online business models on the Internet, Telemedicine and economies of scale only possible to market leaders. Our operations are performed only in first class private hospitals, fully equipped with modern Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency 24 hours, diagnostics Laboratory and Radiology, multidisciplinary medical teams and any resources that may be necessary before an event. The implants and products used for our treatments are approved by National and European Health Administrations, include the manufacturer's warranty and are top quality. All our patients are always operated by the same Plastic Surgeon making the first consultation with the patient, who will inform you personally of all the details of your treatment. Particularized information about your treatment can only be offered when the Plastic Surgeon has known your wishes and studied your anatomy, which is done by means
Breast Implants
$2176  -  $2829 Enquire
Without doubt the most prolifically performed operation in Cosmetic Surgery, therefore it is also tightly controlled, is safe and highly satisfactory. We offer not only the aforementioned features but an exceptional medical and commercial philosophy in the field of breast augmentation. Our Plastic Surgeons use mammary implants which are fully approved officially, with every kind of guarantee, selecting from the top makes and models in order to choose the implant most suited to the measurements of the thorax, the characteristics of the breasts and the wishes of the patient. We avoid disproportionate results in terms of size and shape; we shun excessively high or hardened implants, rounded breasts or those that move with the contraction of the muscle. Our ideal is a breast that improves your shape and size, that satisfies the wish for improvement sustained by the patient, who is guided by the correct medical advice. We look for the most natural results, with anatomically shaped breasts, in perfect proportion to the other dimensions of the body. Our philosophy in terms of mammary enhancement is to obtain a natural looking breast that pleases the patient.
"Very prompt to contact! Just waiting on other quotes."Andrew, Switzerland, 08 Dec 14
"Dr helped me to find specialist for my problem.I am very grateful to him."Zelimira, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 21 Feb 15
A high level of surgical and medical cosmetic services at affordable prices is offered at this clinic located in Zurich, Switzerland. The team tailors procedures according to the unique needs of each individual patient. Overseas patients are treated at the clinic. A complete range of surgical and non surgical treatments are performed. Procedures performed include complete body makeovers, the augmentation or reshaping of facial features, the reshaping and augmentation of breasts, facelifts, tummy tucks and the administration of Treatment for lines and wrinkles and dermal filler injections.
Breast Implants
From $12459 Enquire
1 other location in Switzerland for Prevention Center Zug.

Prevention Center Zug

(888) 848-7639 ext: 85374Rigistrasse 3, Zug
"Pleased with the results"Crystal, varese, 04 May 14
"I was pleased with the results. Friendly staff and answered all my questions I had."
Hospitadella Medical and Cosmetic Surgery is a centre dedicated to the treatment of the imperfections of the body, specialising in non-invasive cosmetic treatments. An experienced team in a luxurious and relaxed setting offers a range of treatments for the face, skin and body, with the most up-to-date technology ensuring the best treatment possible.
Breast Implants
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