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Moawad Skin Institute Cairo

3 Tallat Harb Sq. Cairo, 28 Murad Street - Al JIza, Cairo, 002
"I feel more confident and happier"Randa, Egypt, 04 Feb 15
"Prof. Moawad. I wanted to Thank you for all you have done. I feel more confident and happier as a result of my surgery. My recovery has been amazing because I had an amazing Professor like you!"
We care since 1948 Moawad Skin Institute is a fully integrated cosmetic center specialized in Plastic surgery, Laser, Dermatology and Medical SPA services. MSI is housed in luxuriously appointed facilities in the heart of Cairo designed to encompass the personnel, expertise, equipment and products that ensure an operation of unsurpassed excellence.  You can feel confident that you will receive nothing less than the friendliest, courteous assistance, and comforting assurance in regard to any concerns you may have. The moment patients enter the private world of MSI they realize that an extraordinary experience awaits them.  Those who wish to improve their image will find a myriad of different possibilities.  We invite you in for a personal   consultation to discuss our services and to learn more about your own beauty.  If you have any special needs, please   inform us and we will be happy to accomodate you in any way we can    
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
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EGP15000  -  EGP25000 Enquire
Every year, half a million people who are interested in improving the appearance of their noses seek consultation with cosmetic surgeons. Some are unhappy with the noses they were born with, and some with the way aging has changed their nose. For others, an injury may have distorted the nose, or the goal may be improved breathing. But one thing is clear: nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of the nose. Because the nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, a slight alteration can greatly improve one's appearance. Successful facial cosmetic surgery is a result of good rapport between patient and surgeon. Trust, based on realistic expectations and exacting medical expertise, develops in the consulting stages before surgery. Prof Moawad can answer specific questions about your specific needs. 
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1 other location in Egypt for Moawad Skin Institute Cairo.

Moawad Skin Institute Giza

28 Mourad St., Giza

Dr. Ashraf Abolfotooh Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

15 G, Street 198, Degla, Maadi, Cairo, 11728
"Pleased"Mamuda, Lagos, 17 Apr 15
"I am please with the treatment and the hospitality showed to me, price is moderate"
Leading Doctor: Dr.Ashraf Abolfotooh Khalil MBBCh, MSc, MD, MRCS (Eng), F-EBOPRAS ,Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery,Faculty of Medicine,Cairo University,Egypt. Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic surgery Surgeon.  Graduated and had Masters and M.D. degrees from Cairo University.  Member of The Royal College of Surgeons of England.  Fellow of The European Board of Plastic,Reconstructive,and Aesthetic Surgery.  Member of The Egyptian and International Societies of plastic and reconstructive surgery.   Fellowships : 1-Fellowship of hand and microsurgery- RHON-KLINIKUM- Bad Neustadt hand centre - GERMANY.  2010. 2-Fellowship of plastic surgery (Breast Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery- facial plastic and Aesthetic surgery)-                 MARIEN HOSPITAL centre of plastic surgery- Stuttgart – GERMANY. 2010.3-Fellowship of plastic surgery (head and neck surgery -breast surgery) –CANNIESBURN plastic surgery unit- Glasgow         royal infirmary- UNITED KINGDOM. 2010.4-Fellowship of plastic surgery – SAINT LOUIS HOPITAL plastic surgery unit – Paris - FRANCE. 2012.5-Fellowship of Plastic Surgery (Breast Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) - Rechts der Isar Hospital – Munich -                 GERMANY. 2012PROFESSIONAL LICENSE________________-Egyptian Ministry of Health: License number is 138356 Issue Date: 5/3/2000 -General medical council-United Kingdom: GMC reference number 7076168, registration with license to p
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
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EGP8000  -  EGP18000 Enquire
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Egypt Urogynecology Clinic

25 Gamet El Dowal El Arabia st., Mohandessine, Giza, 12411
"The Doctor made contact same day with me eventhough I was in a different country. An provisional appointment was made for my daugther to come info for a consultation. Excellnt Service."Daniella, Canada, 03 Nov 13
"Excellent , rapid , professional and very helpful"Kholoud, Sudan, 28 Apr 14
Egypt Urogynecology Clinic is the first comprehensive female pelvic health clinic in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. Our doctors are western trained and certified professionals from USA, England, France, and Germany, trained with pioneering surgeon, and integrate the professional skills of a gynecologist, urologist, plastic cosmetic surgeon, and vaginal reconstructive surgeon, with the highest surgical standards and professional ethics.  We specialize in;1- Gynecology (Fibroid uterus, Abnormal vaginal bleeding, etc)  2-Urogynecology (urinary incontinence - inability to hold urine ) 3-Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology: . Vaginoplasty:  Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery - Vaginal Tightening. . Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation - Laser Vaginal Tightening . Labiaplasty: Labia minora / majora... reduction or augmentation . Perineoplasty: Perineal reconstruction and building up the perineum . Clitoral reconstructive surgery: cases of FGM and circumcision . Genital reconstructive surgery . Vaginal injection for vaginismus (vaginal spasm & pain) . G-Spot augmentation - )- Spot enhancement . Vaginal Rugae Restoration . Lipo-sucction: body contouring . Pubic lift - Mons rejuvenation & Abdominal muscle tightening We welcome you at our clinic, in cosmopolitan  Cairo, at a renovated private gynecology & cosmetic surgery hospital, to offer you world class treatment, within a clean and sterile environment, (all surgeries are performed in a steril
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
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Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology Consultation:
From EGP12000 Enquire
Labia minora cosmetic reduction surgery, for elongated or asymmetrical labia.
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Dr. Adham Farouk Plastic Surgery Clinic

271 El-Gaish road, Stanley, Alexandria, 21523
"it was fast and useful"Amira, Egypt, 08 Jul 14
Plastic Surgery is the restoration of normal form and function of the human body. It is a specialty with a breadth and depth that blur its boundaries with other fields of science and art. Clinic's scope includes: Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Facial Aesthetic Surgery, Breast Surgery (Reduction Mammaplasty / Augmentation Mammaplasty / Mastopexy / Breast Implants / Mastectomy), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Hand Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Surgical Oncology.  
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
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Cosmo Clinic

33 Shehab Street, Mohandessin, Giza
Highly specialized aesthetic surgery clinic providing both surgical and non surgical procedures. It is directed by a leading plastic surgeon Dr Fady Yacoub one of the leading plastic surgeons in the Middle East who works as a professor of pastic surgery in Cairo university as well as a consultant plastic surgeon in Egypt, Kuwait and Arab emirates. Having finished his Md in Cairo university he became a fellow of leading plastic surgery university department in Stuttgart as well as a fellow of chateaux berge clinic in Marseille France together with partnach clinic in southern Munich. He is also a fellow of Regensburg university and th only Egyptian p,attic surgeon who is a full member and lecturer of the European academy of facial plastic surgery
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
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Dr. Wael Saadeldeen Mohamed

106 Gomhorryia St., Flat No.102, Assiut, 71111
Dr. Wael Saadeldeen Mohamed is a Plastic Surgeon in Asyut. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
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Gizele Clinic

35 abu elfeda st. infront of club 33, Al Zamalek
"Pleased"Wilbert, Egypt, 06 Sep 14
"I'm pleased with the treatments."
Our clinic is based of three major specialities to insure quality service for our patients. Our ultimate goal is to enhance our patients' beauty and wellbeing.  1- Plastic surgery clinic: provide all up to date procedures with the latest technology in the medical field. our services include but not limited to: [Treatment name removed], Filler, Mesotherapy, Anti Aging treatments, PRP, Mini facelift, Hair treatment, Laser Hair Removal,  Peeling, Laser  fotofacial, Anti Aging Infra Red and Body reshaping. 2-Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinic: provides services for body pain and figures' defaults. Services include but not limited to: Back pain treatment, Joints malfunction, Reflexology, Chinese medicine. Weight reduction, Acupunctures, Rehabilitation after surgery and  Non surgical body reshaping. 3- Fitness Studio: Includes all types of Aerobics, Zumba, Insanity, Hip hop ABS, Yoga and Steps.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Up to EGP200 Enquire
Mole Removal
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"The response was good."Bilkisu, Nigeria, 16 Oct 14
"Great follow up"Sarah, Egypt, 30 Jan 15
Our goal at DR FAYEK MOURICE Dermatology Center is to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. we have the best laser machines for hair removal , fractional laser for acne scars , resurfacing , face lift wide pores ,scar removal , tattoo removal,  vitiligo laser treatment, psoriasis, mesotherapy  for hair treatment , skin care, mole removal nevi laser treatment ,,  We understand in today's society choosing a doctor can be quite a challenge. We want our patients to know we value their trust and loyalty. We strive to go above and beyond the expected to treat our patients with the utmost care and respect. We ask you to come experience our commitment to quality care, our state of the art facilities, and our caring doctors and staff. And remember, your skin's health is always our priority.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
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Healty and Beauty Clinics - Nacr City

49 Rabaa El Estesmary Nacr City, Cairo
"happy about your fast/promt response"Oliba, Nigeria, 27 Aug 13
Health Beauty Clinics
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
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1 other location in Egypt for Healty and Beauty Clinics - Nacr City.

Healty and Beauty Clinics - El Mohandseen

34 Gameat Dowal El, El Mohandiseen, Cair

InShape Clinic Mohandeseen

52 Gamaet El Dewal El Arabia St.,, Gulf Tower – the thirteenth floor,, Mohandese
International patients are welcomed by this highly trained and experienced team at their three clinics in Cairo and their clinic located at Giza in Egypt. Affordable surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures are performed by the team. The goal of the ream at all the clinics is to transform the appearance of patients. Services provided include bariatric surgical procedures for obese patients, nonsurgical procedures to help patients get rid of localized fat including ultrasonic and laser based procedures, the administration of anti aging facial injectables and laser based skin improvement procedures.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Up to EGP300 Enquire
Breast Implants
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3 other locations in Egypt for InShape Clinic Mohandeseen.

InShape Clinic Zamalek

21 Al-Mansour Mohamed St.,, Off 26 July

InShape Clinic New Cairo

Kattameya Medical Center, Beside Spectra

InShape Clinic 6 October

Arkan Business Center, Building (5), 4th

Center Dr. Mahmoud Alxiaba

14 Ahmed Khairy, Cairo, 11666
Center Dr. Mahmoud Alxiaba is a Bariatric Surgeon in Cairo. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation

MakeOver Clinic

90 Mohie Al Din Abul Ezz St - Mohandesen - Giza - Egypt, Cairo - Egypt
"Perfect result"M, Egypt, 10 Dec 13
"Perfect result and honest staff."
MakeOver Clinic offering a full service & Program To Our clients And patients & the very best in Face Care, skin pigmentation correction, Rhinoplasty treatments, Burn , Surgical Scars , liposuction and more!.    Our mission at Make Over Clinic, is to provide our customers and patients with an integrated set of latest and non invasive dermatological and Cosmetic solutions while maintaining world class customer service.   The team is comprised of experienced industry professionals and physicians with the common goal of ensuring 100% satisfaction for all clients.   We are one of few clinics Egypt-wide using the newest technology in medical And treatment in the best natural materials, and latest technology from the market leader in medical is vastly superior to other machines and a significant improvement on its predecessor.    At Make Over, we understand that no two clients are the same, and every person’s treatment requirements can vary. In using only the best technology, having the most friendly and knowledgeable staff, and offering a wide assortment of services we can meet each client’s unique needs.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Up to EGP200 Enquire
Mole Removal
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