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Cirugía Plástica del Caribe

(829) 607-2116 Centro Médico del Caribe, Avenida 27 de febrero 6. Esq Leopoldo Navarro, Santo Domingo, 00000
Healing incredibly wellFlorence, Salem, 24 Jul 15

The clinic Centro Médico del Caribe is immaculate. All of the doctors and nurses that were a part of my surgery were very professional, accommodating and made me feel incredibly comfortable every step of the way. From the consultation, to the pre-op analyses to the big day and the days that followed, everyone made me feel like I was their top priority. This is truly a wonderful clinic with truly wonderful and caring staff. I am a very grateful (and improved) girl.

Luis Tactuk Simó  
Breast Implants RD$125516  -  RD$156895
Liposuction RD$134482  -  RD$224136
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Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes

(829) 956-1026 Av. Dr. Delgado #2 - Gazcue, Santo Domingo
Plastic Surgeon Consultation Up to RD$45
Breast Implants RD$129999  -  RD$152413
Liposuction, sometimes referred to as "lipo" by patients, slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits and improving your body contours and proportion.  Liposuction techniques may be used to reduce localized fat deposits of the: ThighsHips and buttocksAbdomen and waistUpper armsBackInner kneeChest areaCheeks, chin and neckCalves and anklesLiposuction can be performed alone or along with other plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift, breast reduction or a tummy tuck.
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Dr Maikel Jiménez Cirugía Plástica Certificada

(829) 947-1343 ext: 13366 Av. Bolívar corner Leopoldo Navarro, Santo domingo
Dr Maikel Jiménez Cirugía Plástica Certificada is a Plastic Surgeon in Santo Domingo. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation Up to RD$25
Breast Implants  
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Dr. Aramis Vega

(829) 947-5977 ext: 85972 Street Socrates Nolasco # 4 Naco, Santo Domingo
Dr. Aramis Vega is a Plastic Surgeon in Santo Domingo. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Augmentation  
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Dr. Kemil Issa / Plastic Clinic

(829) 947-1343 ext: 15233 Av. Gustavo Mejia Ricart No. 196, Torre Piantini Suite 303-A Plastic Clinic, Santo Domingo
Found it hard to have a good bikini bodyMichelle, Dominican Republic, 13 Oct 15

I freind of mine recomended Dr. Issa to me, his office is located in one of the nicest buildings in the city in the best neighborhood in town. Everyone in the clinic is very professional and attentive, the place is very nice I was very well impresed, and amaizingly well treated.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation Up to RD$50
Breast Implants  
Liposuction RD$134482  -  RD$156895
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Instituto de Cirugía Especializada

(829) 947-5977 ext: 82324 Bolivar street number 208, suite 405, Santo Domingo, 10205
Two thumbs WAY up!Velvet, US, 16 Sep 15

She genuinely cares not only how you look but also about your HEALTH. Top notch doctor. Top notch service. Top notch human being. Two thumbs WAY up!!!

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Plastic Surgeon Consultation Up to RD$2869
Breast Implants  
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Dr. Ruben Carrasco, M.D.

(829) 947-5977 ext: 24367 Manoguayabo Street, Santo Domingo
Great plastic surgery experienceelvira, sudbury, 06 Jan 12

Please allow me to share a recent great plastic surgery experience with a Dominican plastic surgeon after a very negative experience. By no means this is a commercial. So much negative has been said that I feel that I should contribute with my positive experience about a professional that is trying hard to represent this area of expertise ethically and professionally. Having worked as a director of a big hospital in the US I appreciate and value a job well done. I recently had plastic surgery repair (full repair) done by Dr. Rubén Carrasco, at CECIP, Santo Domingo. I have found Dr. Carrasco to be a person who is well-rounded a dedicated physician, of excellent surgical skills, great patient prep, positive bedside manner, and committed patient follow-up. I chose Dr. Carrasco based on word-of-mouth and extensive follow-up research. He is a UASD University Professor and remains constantly up-to-date on all new medical approaches and developments. In working with Dr. Carrasco I found that he was very attentive to the procedures and medications that I should engage in prior to surgery. He remained personally involved throughout prep, surgery, recovery and follow-up; and that his attention to detail and care went above and beyond to the point seeing me on Friday and opening his office on the weekend to monitor her progress. Further, he went above and beyond within the actual surgery to ensure that my wife would be fully satisfied with the outcome. Overall, I have found that Dr. Carrasco is not interested in commercializing reconstructive or plastic surgery, but that rather, he is committed to quality and care as his top priorities. As further evidence of this, while some surgeons seem to overextend themselves, we found that he consistently maintains a small and manageable pa

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Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants  
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PLASTIMEDIC. Dr. Ramon Morales Pumarol

(829) 947-5977 ext: 53310 Calle Socrates Nolasco 4, Dominican Republic
I truly recommend this clinic.Carmen, US, 20 Mar 15

The results were great. The clinic was superb and the attentions were magnificent. I truly recommend this clinic.

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Plastic Surgeon Consultation Up to RD$2500
Breast Implants  
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Dr. Pablo Garcia Vargas

(829) 947-5977 ext: 70130 Luis F. Thomén #457, Centro Médico Dominicano, Santo Domingo
The Advanced Unit of the Dominican Medical Center , UNACIB , Bariatric Surgery arises in the need for a comprehensive system of medicine, obesity management , in all its aspects : Clinical , endocrine and nutrition , gastroenterology , cardiology , surgical both metabolic as aesthetic , as well as other advanced laparoscopic procedures , counting facilities and trained to fulfill our core objective as a medical professional , take our patients to a physical, emotional and spiritual balance staff. The constant pursuit of the welfare of our patients, drives us to provide the best of those who are involved in the preparation, care and post operative surgery , in an atmosphere of safety and trust your surgeon and the entire team is at your provision. We understand your needs, your questions and what you're going with your disease obesity. Today is the time to seek help , come and walk together towards your welfare.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery  

Health Get Away

(829) 947-5977 ext: 11064 Feo Moreno 8, Santo Domingo
Medical Tourism is a concept that has been growing around the world. What this means is that you travel to another country for medical treatment at a lower price and enjoy a holiday at the time of treatment. Traditionally, this kind of tourism is made by residents of developed countries who seek medical treatment in developing countries, usually because the costs are much lower.  - You can save from 40% to 80% on your plastic surgery with us the Dominican Republic  
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation Up to RD$2017
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(829) 947-1343 ext: 23225 27 de Febrero esq. Federico Henriquez y carvajal, Santo Domingo
This anti-aging and regenerative project started in 2009 with the Regenocyte group from Florida; Led by one of the most renowned regenerative medicine and cardiology physicians in the United States.   During these six years our group has gained vast experience, coming second to none with other centers of this type.  We have accumulated more than 150 patient cases with various pathologies per year, achieving a success rate of over 90%; putting us above other centers.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants  
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Dr. Gabriel Morales

(829) 947-5977 ext: 87274 Avenida Máximo Gómez 66, Santo Domingo
Dr. Gabriel Morales is a Plastic Surgeon in Santo Domingo. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Laser Reduction Labiaplasty  
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