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Dr John Flynn, Cosmedic & Skin Clinic

(07) 3053 5558Pivotal Point, Suite 202, Level 2,, 50 Marine Parade, Southport, 4215
"Answered quickly. Just waiting on appointment details."Valerie, Australia, 21 Aug 15
"Received reply via email quite quickly. My questions were answered in the email. I will phone for an appointment soon."Diane, Australia, 04 Aug 14
At Cosmedic and Skin Clinic Gold Coast, we have experienced clinicians and cosmetic trained nurses to help out. Our philosophy is to make use of your own features; to enhance your natural beauty. We all have features we don’t like but inevitably we each have particular attributes; even if we don’t realise it. Cosmedic and Skin Clinic Gold Coast can help you identify those individual significant features. The aim is to enhance not exaggerate.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
From AU$105
Cosmetic surgery is very individual, and it is very important to fully understand what the surgery involves and the outcome you want to achieve. Consultation are 30mins in length.
Breast Implants
From AU$11990
While you are doing your research there are still many questions about breast augmentation that you may have. •Which implants do I choose? •What size do I need? •Do I need a breast lift? •Will I be happy with the result and will my result look natural? Well now you can stop wondering because the new Axis 3 can show you the possible outcome of your procedure on your own 3D body image. With Axis 3 you capture the exact 3D model of your body in just seconds, you can talk about your unique body characteristics and Dr Flynn can explain the procedure to you in detail. You can feel at ease as you view your preview options on the computer screen, with Axis 3 you can virtually try on different implant sizes and types and watch your body reshape to the position of the implant just as it will in reality. Compare before and after images side by side seeing your potential outcome in real time during a single consultation. You can make decisions that are right for you and your body and you can discuss the different options available to you. Experience the WOW of the new you with Axis 3. The new Axis 3D simulation of breast augmentation allows you to see what a breast enhancement might look like before you have surgery. Book your consultation today.
From AU$4950
What Is Liposuction? Liposuction is an aesthetic (cosmetic) surgical procedure designed to remove localised collections of fat, such as occur on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, as well as the arms, neck and under the chin. How is Liposuction performed? Either local or general anaesthesia may be advised, depending on the extent of the procedure. A cannula attached to a high powered suction pump is inserted through a small incision and the bulging fat removed. A pressure garment is usually worn for 6 weeks post-operatively in order to decrease bruising and swelling and to encourage the skin to contract to the new shape. What results can I expect? Liposuction is ideal for patients who have bulges which persist after diet and exercise. It is not a substitute for weight loss. Usually the overlying skin will contract following Liposuction, however in some circumstances a procedure designed to remove excess skin may also be required.
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Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

(07) 4082 7164Suite 8C, Fred McKay House John Flynn Hospital 42, Inland Drive, Tugun, 4224
"They have been great in following up with email and sending out information. They have also let me know available times to come in for a consultation which I am going to do this Friday."Kirsty, Australia, 18 May 15
"Answered all my questions and offered to send me information through mail so I was comfortable before booking a consultation."Melika, Australia, 12 Mar 14
At our practice you can choose the most suitable cosmetic procedure as we offer a broad, varied range of options. We are strongly committed to delivering beautiful, natural results for all our patients in a professional and discreet manner. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery you will find the highest level of personal care and a relaxing, friendly environment. We can help you improve your looks through a variety of treatments. Our surgeon, Dr Mark Doyle is highly experienced in the fields of plastic and cosmetic surgery.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to increase and enhance the size and shape of a woman's breast. The end result is a more curvaceous, sexy bust line and a natural, sculpted look. The options with breast augmentation are endless and Dr. Doyle will discuss these with you depending on the result you are looking to achieve. The procedure typically takes under 1 hour. The location of the incisions depends on your anatomy, goals, and the type of implant you choose. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery we make every effort to ensure that your incisions are as small as possibleDuring breast augmentation, a space (or pocket) is created under the breast. The implant is then placed behind or in front of the chest muscle, depending on the look you want to achieve. Most patients receive dissolvable stitches and is usually day surgery.
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Brisbane Breast Implants

(02) 8599 0699 ext: 145804/32 Dixon Street, Strathpine, 4500
We have consultation appointments Tuesday 9-5 and Thursday 9-12, you must email or ring to make an appointment. No walk ins can be seen. 
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
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Precision Cosmetic and Laser Surgery

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 15760Suite 280, St Andrews Place, 33 North Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane, 4000
"Very professional and a perfectionist"Donna, Brisbane, 04 Oct 13
"I am very happy with the results. The price was exactly what was quoted for the 6 areas I had done. Dr Szalay doesn't come across as very friendly, but he is very professional and a perfectionist with his work."
WelcomeMy goal is to obtain natural results whilst still achieving significant cosmetic enhancement. I feel that artistic appreciation, experience and attention to the small details are keys to success in cosmetic surgery. Communication is essential so that I can understand your expectations and at Precision we will do our upmost to enhance your experience in a warm, caring and professional environment. I Look forward to meeting you!
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Cosmetic Surgery Consultation (30 mins)
From AU$75
Follow-up consultations are complimentary. If Dr Szalay believes surgery is not feasible during your consultation, there is no $75 fee.
Breast Implants
Breast Implants
From AU$7400
A compression garment is also required and costs $75.00.
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Aesthetix Auchenflower

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 85899Suite 69, Sandford Jackson Building, 30 Chasely Street, Auchenflower, Brisbane,
"they contacted me in 2 days"Lenny, Australia, 06 Mar 14
"The response was very informative and helpful in answering the questions I had and more. I was pleased with the answer and am hopeful that it is possible to achieve what I was hoping for. Thank you."Dannielle, Australia, 06 May 15
We are focused on fulfilling your expectation in regard your appearance. We work closely with you from consultation to treatment in bringing about the very best result for you. Our friendly, realistic advice provides you with honest answers that you can trust and we won't just recommend procedures we can deliver and we won't waste your time if your request is impractical or unlikely to work for you. Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction as we continuously strive for perfection. We take pride in offering only what is best in cosmetic and plastic surgery and the outcome of that can only be measured by your level of happiness.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Eyelid surgery
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Dr David Sharp – Plastic Surgeon Ipswich

(02) 8599 0699 ext: 14975Tri Rhosen House, 2 Court St, Ipswich, 4305
Dr David Sharp (MBBS FRACS) is a Queensland trained Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. He obtained Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons after undertaking eight years of specialist training in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery. David is a Visiting Specialist at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, an Associate Lecturer at the University of Queensland School of Medicine and a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons.  If you require reconstructive surgery or skin cancer removal – or are considering a cosmetic procedure – book a consultation with Dr Sharp to experience his down to earth approach, and high quality surgical care. With practices located in Brisbane and Ipswich, Dr Sharp’s clinics offer convenient on site parking and wheelchair access. 
Bookings available for Plastic Surgeon Consultation  Show Times
Plastic Surgery Consultation
Breast Implants
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Dr David Sharp - Plastic Surgeon

(02) 8599 0699 ext: 14935Suite 1F Greenslopes Private Hospital, N

Toowoomba Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

8 Margaret Street, Toowoomba, 4350
"Quick service."Jacob, Australia, 03 Nov 11
"answered every question. "Kerry, Australia, 01 Oct 15
At Toowoomba Cosmetic plastic Surgery we are committed to providing the highest quality of treatment and focus on what is right for you.  We only perform treatments that have been tried and tested and shown to give consistently effective results.  We realise that cosmetic procedures can be very personal so you can be sure that your enquires will be dealt with with understanding and strict confidentiality.  Our staff are all highly trained and professional, so you can be assured of the best possible care.  We have a comfortable and modern clinic to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.
Bookings available for Plastic Surgeon Consultation  Show Times
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
There are three primary implant types and these are silicone, saline or polyurethane coated silicone implants.
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Lavish Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 85054Suite 5, 68 Jessica Boulevard, Minyama, Sunshine Coast, 4575
"The job they did on my stomach was amazing"Sue, Australia, 29 Jun 15
"Awesome! Lavish Cosmetic Clinic is situated in a lovely part of the Sunshine Coast. It is really accessible and parking is plentiful. All the Staff are friendly, courteous, respectful, knowledgeable and above all else confidential. I had the best experience there. A special thank you to Dr Jayne Bambit and Suzy it was an absolute pleasure to meet both of you. Thank you both for all your care and consideration. Sue D"
An all female team treat patients at this cosmetic clinic located at Minyama in Queensland. Surgical and non surgical procedures are performed by the expert and experienced team led by a highly qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. A strictly confidential initial consultation is scheduled and all services are customized according to the unique requirements and features of individual patients. Services include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of the features of the face and breasts, tummy tucks, Liposuction weight reduction procedures, microdermabrasion, dermal peels and the administration of anti aging facial injectables.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
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Coastal Plastic Surgery

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 81340Suite 19/5 Innovation Parkway, Kawana, Birtinya, 4575
"I expected an answer to my email question not just 'make an a[ppointment'"Cindy, Australia, 09 Nov 13
At Coastal Plastic surgery we pride ourselves on our long standing tradition of excellent care and a staff of expertise. We aim to produce a welcoming environment and friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to provide you with an individual care plan so that you may feel completely confident in your chosen procedure, we take into account your specific expectations and develop a plan to achieve the best possible result. Our clinic also take personal privacy very seriously, so be assured that this is guarded with the utmost professionalism.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
The procedure varies depending on the patient and Dr Brown will discuss the implant size, shape and incision points. Usually the scar is either around the areola or under the breast crease. A silicone implant is inserted behind the pectoral muscle to give a more natural look. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and takes approximately one to two hours. Patients undergoing this procedure can choose to stay in hospital for the day or overnight.
Tummy Tuck
During the abdominoplasty procedure, an incision is made along the underwear line. Skin and fat are removed and the rectus muscle is tightened, the procedure takes approximately two hours and is performed under a general anaesthetic. 
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Tri Rhosen - Ipswich

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 410512 Court Street, Ipswich, 4305
Tri Rhosen - Ipswich is a Medical Aesthetics Specialist in Ipswich. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
Breast Implants
Breast Augmentation
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Tri Rhosen - Greenslopes

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 41074Suite 205, Ramsay Specialist Suites Gree

Faciomax - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 42801Level 11, 225 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, 4000
Faciomax - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Brisbane City. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation

Dr. Greg Paton - SouthPort Location

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 41960Suite 1 Level 2, 128 Queen Street, Southport, 4215
Dr. Greg Paton - SouthPort Location is a Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Southport. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Lower Jaw Surgery
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Dr. Greg Paton - Robina Location

(02) 8599 2269 ext: 41938Suite 12, 1st Floor HQ Building, 58 Rive
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