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Samaritan Medical Group

Tijuana, Mexico
"A new smile of 16 crowns and an implant"Ruth, Mexico, 03 Aug 15
"I really recommend the services of Samaritan. They were very professional, and I can't say enough good things about them. They picked us up at the airport, made all our hotel reservations, and made us feel very comfortable. The hospital that they used to take care of my husband was very modern, and well equipped. The surgeons were world class! as for the dental clinic, it was very clean, and nice. The dentist was one of the best I have ever had."
Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico, $4600, includes all surgery & patient costs, hotel, and transportation from San Diego Airport. Samaritan Medical Group is an association of highly trained medical professionals in Tijuana, Mexico. We specialize in caring for patients from the US and Canada, who come for medical tourism in Mexico, saving thousands of dollars. We offer large discounts on the treatments we provide, while maintaining the highest of standards. We have many years of experience in the dental and medical field. Since part of our staff are Americans, we know how to fulfill your expectations. All our modern facilities are located in Zona Rio, the nicest part of Tijuana. The costs of medical, weight loss, and cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States are skyrocketing. However, did you know that you could save a significant amount of money and still receive treatment from highly skilled physicians in Tijuana? Samaritan Medical Group consists of a private medical facility, as well as a Dental Center, located near the US-Mexico border at San Diego. We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of high quality medical services at affordable costs. No longer will you need to break your bank or pile up your debts in order to afford medical or cosmetic surgeries, or even dental procedures. For instance, the Gastric Sleeve surgery, the latest and best bariatric surgical procedure, typically costs well above $20,000 in the US. If you cross the border into Tiju
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Breast Implants
$4000  -  $4500
We have a great surgeon, with a lot of experience in breast implants, breast lifts, and breast reconstruction. We only use the very best "Gummy Bear" gel implants, that have a lifetime guarantee. The will never rupture, or fail, and will always feel very soft and natural.
Breast Lift
$4200  -  $5500
When the years have gone by, gravity, having kids, and weight loss can cause the breasts to sag. A breast lift is a surgery to "perk up", and restore the shape of a woman's breasts to what they were when she was younger. The costs range from $4000, for lift only, to $5500, if implants are used to give more fullness and size.
"Young lady was very informative and helpful."Lily, US, 27 Jul 15
"It was ok. I was a little nervous just do to the procedure. But everything was fine"Craig, US, 08 Apr 15
Our best is the satisfaction of our patients, We are a certified center for the treatment of lines, wrinkles and COSMETIC SURGERY. Our programs are a ALL INCLUSIVE TREATMENT, Affordable, safe a full quality. A doctor and an enthusiast of aesthetics, Dr. Avalos acquired numerous specific advanced trainings with some of the top specialist in Mexico for laser treatments and aesthetic medicine. While working as a part of a team of surgeons and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Avalos fulfilled his dream of helping people feel better in their skin and fight the ravages of aging. If your target is a surgical procedure, We can give you the guide and the best Doctors to improve your results. Our dentist has dedicated their career to aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics, and our passion and creativity helps people enrich their lives by improving their smile.
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Breast Implants
From $3500
With so many options, choosing the right breast implant can be an overwhelming part of the breast augmentation surgery process for many patients. Besides deciding on implant size, which alone can be a difficult decision, there are other implant variables like  shape, texture and profile.  We will discuss with you the location of the incisions (cuts) beforehand so you're aware of where the scars will be.   After the incision, the implant is positioned between your breast tissue and chest muscle, or behind your chest muscle. Once the implants are in place, the incision is stitched and covered with a dressing. Following surgery, areas of your breasts will feel more or less sensitive than before. You may also be worried that your breasts look unnatural. This is normal and in most cases temporary.  Your breasts will usually start to look and feel more normal within a few months.   The most important part of the procedure is at the begin of the process. Ask, ask and ask. We are happy to answer all your questions. Having breast implant surgery is not something to be taken lightly. Your   should be an informed one, We will see your  expectations about the results so you are not disappointed.
Fat Transfer
$400  -  $500
Fat Transfer, also referred to as autologous fat transfer, fat augmentation or fat injection, is a procedure which involves the use of a patient’s own natural fat to treat unwanted wrinkles and creases or to provide additional volume and shape to the face. Areas commonly treated with fat transfer include the upper and lower eyelids, cheeks, nasolabial folds and forehead. There is minimal swelling and rarely any significant bruising. Most patients can return to normal daily activities within a short period of time following the procedure. Facial fat transferA liposuction technique is used to harvest the fat and prepare it for transfer. The fat is then injected into the desired portion of the face. When using a micro injection technique, extremely small parcels of fat are placed into multiple layers of the face. The procedure is most commonly performed under local anesthesia with a light oral sedation.The most common facial locations for fat transfer include: Filling in sunken areas beneath the eyesFleshing out the folds of skin that physicians know as nasolabial folds, the deep wrinkles next to the mouth often referred to as “laugh lines.Filling in forehead creasesCheek Augmentation.   This procedure is safe, effective and accsesible. Please call Dr Aaron Avalos to ask about this procedure.

Shape and Beauty

Cancún, Mexico
"Liked his price, to the point."Danny, US, 05 Aug 15
Because you care to be better every day, because looking good pays higher dividends and because an aesthetic and well balanced figure is always a matter of assurance and high self-esteem, Dr. Marco Carmona, certified plastic surgeon, located in the city of Cancún offers the experience and professionalism that will give your surgery or procedure the sureness you deserve. In Shape & Beauty cosmetic surgery we combine innovation, technology, and talent in the different procedures of plastic and reconstructive surgery such as bichectomia, liposuction, otoplasty and breast augmentation, to name a few, aside from offering specialized facilities for the care and recovery of our patients.
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Breast Implants
Breast Lift
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"They called and emailed. Very nice"Andrea, Canada, 03 Mar 15
"Was contacted quickly"Jodie, Canada, 09 Apr 15
In his Toronto and Mississauga cosmetic plastic surgery clinics, Dr. Michael J. Weinberg offers quality results with compassionate care. He founded Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic in an effort to provide his patients with the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical options in a pleasant and safe environment. Our clinic employs a patient-oriented approach to cosmetic treatment focusing on the individual needs of each patient. With the success of this original clinic, Dr. Weinberg opened a second surgical office conveniently located for his downtown Toronto patients.
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Breast Implants
Breast Lift
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1 other location in Canada for The Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic.

Toronto Plastic Surgery Clinic

(866) 245-235066 Avenue Road, Suite 1, Toronto

Dr. Rafael Estévez

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
"I was please"Alma, Trinidad and Tobago, 15 Mar 15
"Quick response"Wilson, US, 17 Mar 15
Dr. Rafael Estévez is a Plastic Surgeon in Santo Domingo. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
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"Quick and informative reply and follow up "Helen, Canada, 14 Aug 15
Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute Front Street is a Plastic Surgeon in Downtown. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Breast Augmentation
From $5297
1 other location in Canada for Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute Front Street.

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

100 Front street west, Toronto

Dr. Andres Freschi

Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Couldn't be happier"Hana, Argentina, 20 Mar 15
"This was my first experience with cosmetic surgery and Dr. Freschi made it a fantastic one! I got liposuction (abdomen, lovehandles, inner thighs) and also a fat transfer for breast augmentation. The results are far above my expectations, thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Freschi and his team. When I was first deciding to explore cosmetic surgery, I was very nervous, and I messaged multiple doctors to ask what the procedures would involve. Out of the many doctors who replied to my inquiries, Dr. Fresch’s stood out for his professionalism, patience, and concern for his patients’ situations. He corresponded with me through email, answering every little question I posed. Then the consultation put me even more at ease, as his expertise was obvious and I knew I was in good hands. Then came the surgery, and the experience was perfectly organized and very comfortable. His surgeries take place at a renowned clinic with an experienced team that includes an anesthesiologist, which is extremely comforting for anyone worrying about undergoing anesthesia. It included a 24-hour hospital stay with a private room (which was an extra perk for the already extremely reasonable price!) After the surgery, I healed quickly following Dr. Freschi’s thorough instructions, and I couldn’t be happier with the fantastic results. Dr. Freschi has my absolute highest recommendation to anyone considering cosmetic surgery."
Dr. Andrés Freschi in Buenos Aires, provides advanced and natural-looking Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Combining the latest in precision technology with the highest standards of surgical craftsmanship, we take good care of our international patients.  CV
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Breast Implants
Breast Lift
Introduction Following child birth, weight loss or as part of the ageing process the breasts can drop as the skin loses its elasticity combined with some loss of volume. The aim of a mastopexy or "breast uplift" is to make the breasts more shapely and better supported with a more youthful and pert appearance whilst repositioning the nipple at its former height.There are many different techniques of breast uplift and so the position of the resulting scars may vary a little. How do I prepare for surgery? It is important to avoid taking any Aspirin or products containing Aspirin for 2 weeks either side of the operation since Aspirin has an adverse effect on bruising. While making preparations, be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery and to help you out for a few days at home, if needed.If you are a smoker it is helpful to stop for two weeks before surgery and for a week afterwards so as not to restrict the circulation to the skin. Where will my surgery be performed? The surgery is usually performed at a clinic in the city of Buenos Aires where Dr. Freschi works with in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. You will usually be admitted on the day of surgery. You will need a friend or relative to accompany you home when you leave hospital after surgery. How long will the surgery take? The length of your operation depends on the extent of the procedure. On average this will take between two and about two and a half hours.What type of anaesthetic will be used?Breast uplift can be performed under a local plus sedation or general anaesthetic, so you'll sleep through the entire operation. What does the operation involve? Before going down to the operating theatre, Dr. Freschi will come and make some markings on you in order to determine the exact position and size
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Cozumel Rejuvenation Clinic

Cozumel, Mexico
"Excellent follow up. Will work with this group."Kurt, US, 07 Jul 15
"failed to provide information about location of appointment even though asked to do so in advance twice 24 hours prior"Dave, Mexico, 12 Oct 14
Surgical, minimally invasive and nonsurgical appearance transformation procedures are performed by the team of experts at this clinic located at Cozumel in Mexico. Overseas patients are welcomed and treated at affordable prices by the team. The team makes all arrangements including transport, accommodation and appointments with the doctors for the convenience of overseas patients. All services are customized according to the unique needs of patients and according to their budgets. Services include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of the face and body, laser based skin improvement and anti- aging facial injectables.
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Breast Enlargement
Breast Lift

Cirugía Plástica del Caribe

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
"Healing incredibly well"Florence, Salem, 24 Jul 15
"The clinic Centro Médico del Caribe is immaculate. All of the doctors and nurses that were a part of my surgery were very professional, accommodating and made me feel incredibly comfortable every step of the way. From the consultation, to the pre-op analyses to the big day and the days that followed, everyone made me feel like I was their top priority. This is truly a wonderful clinic with truly wonderful and caring staff. I am a very grateful (and improved) girl."
Cirugía Plástica del Caribe is oriented towards the realization of surgical and non surgical procedures in the cosmetic, reconstructive and general surgery field, in order to provide our patients with a refined life quality. Our goal is to fulfill and exceed your needs and expectations with the best standard of
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Breast Implants (1 hour )
$2800  -  $3500
Breast Lift (2 hours )
$3000  -  $4500
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Dr Sandra McGill

Westmount, Canada
"Response was quick and very informative definitely answered all my questions and more"Debora, Canada, 08 Mar 15
"I made a mistake with the doctor's name and the lady who e-mailed me back was very sweet and gave me a great laugh! "Hillary, Canada, 31 Jul 15
A board certified plastic surgeon performing life transforming surgical and non surgical procedures in Westmount Quebec. Her approach is to perform procedures that alter the appearance of patients in a subtle and natural way.  Procedures performed include breast augmentation and rejuvenation; tummy tucks and liposuction.  Advanced body contouring following massive weight loss, including lower body lift, arm lift and thigh reshaping.  Facelift and eyelid rejuvenation.  Female genital surgery (labiaplasty).  Non-surgical interventions include Dermal Fillers. 
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Breast Implants
Breast Lift
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Maison Leger Bioplastia

Porto Alegre, Brazil
A comprehensive list of cosmetic surgical procedures is performed at the clinic. Plastic surgery correction of the facial organs, the jawline, breast enhancement and silicone gel implantation, weight loss using Liposculpture, surgical facelifts and buttocks lifts are performed at the clinic. Non surgical dermal filler injections are administered for wrinkle removal and facial rejuvenation. Reconstructive plastic surgery for post cancer treatments and scar tissue removal are also provided at the clinic.
Breast Implants
$3060  -  $3400
Breast Lift
$4023  -  $4363
With breast implants
1 other location in Brazil for The Leger Clinic.

Clinica Leger Rio de Janeiro

(888) 848-7639 ext: 81334Av das Américas 3301, Bloco 4 Sala 301
"Breast lift after having three children"Amber, US, 19 Aug 15
"This clinic was amazing the nurse staff was very sweet and helpful. Although it wasn't required for me to stay the night after my surgery I did anyways and they treated me with so much compassion and care. So far my experience has been great I still have healing to go so we have to wait to see those results later . I do plan on writing a review on real self when all healing is done."
This cosmetic surgery clinic in San Jose in Costa Rica is dedicated to improving the appearance of patients. Overseas patients are treated at the clinic. The clinic has a state of the art operating theatre and comfortable patient rooms with all modern ‘hotel’ like facilities. Procedures performed at the clinic include face lift, body lift, facial organ reshaping, nose reshaping, eyelid correction, ear reshaping, breast reshaping, fat transfer, tummy tuck, male breast reduction and hair transplants.
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Breast Implants
Breast Lift
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