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Popular Treatments

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation Free
Dental Implants $800  -  $1000
Teeth Whitening Up to $180
Veneers Up to $400
Dental Crowns $250  -  $400
Dental Bridges
Root canals $260  -  $280
Dentures $300  -  $450
Fillings $70  -  $100
Teeth Cleaning Up to $40
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About Simply Dental

Welcome to Simply Dental, we are a small office that offers our patients a unique, comfortable dental experience. You will appreciate the difference from the moment you step into our brand new office. We offer services ranging from examinations, cleaning and fillings to a complete cosmetic makeover.

Many of our patients are unhappy with the appearance or function of old dental work, while others just want to maintain optimal oral health. Whatever your motivation, we are happy to accommodate you.

At Simply Dental, your local dentist in Los Algodones B.C., every patient - from an apprehensive three year old to a senior citizen - receives individualized, proactive dental care that's  as warm and reassuring as it is comprehensive.

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from 74 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Simply Dental

"Lovely new office"
Clinic's favourite review
100%Reviewed 29 Sep 2011 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation, Extractions, Dentures
Excellent Chair-side manner, listens well, speaks fluent english and understands it. Patient comfort is their foremost priority, lovely new office that is well air conditioned!

I did not have any bad experiences with Simply Dental, in fact i was so pleased with the quality of their work that i flew in my niece from Louisiana to have 15 extractions and dentures placed, and i am bringing 3 more Los Angeles friends for their work. Could no be more pleased with attention, quality and price.
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Laura Los Angeles
"I had a wonderful experience"
100%Reviewed 07 May 2017 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
Hi,I had a wonderful experience at Simply Dental. Dr. Fernanda Guierrez was my Dr. She was not only beautiful and sweet, but a wonderful Dr. I have never had shots in the front of my mouth that did not hurt. She did those shots, and I hardly felt them. Spoke excellent English, her and her assistant sang with the radio as she worked. Did all the work in my mouth in 3 days. I will go back, and send all my friends .

I chose Simply Dental because my wife had gone down 3 different times, had a great experience, came back with lovely teeth that actually worked . Never go to another American Dentist.
Treated By: Dr. Fernanda Guierrez
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"Never go to another American Dentist"
100%Reviewed 07 May 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Dental Implants
I had a wonderful experience at Simply Dental. Dr. Fernanda Gutierrez was my doctor. She was not only beautiful and sweet, but a wonderful doctor. I have never had shots in the front of my mouth that did not hurt. She did those shots and I hardly felt them. She spoke excellent English. They sang to the radio while working and had all procedures done in 3 days.

I chose Simply Dental because my wife had visited them 3 different times, had a great experience and came back with lovely teeth that actually worked . Never go to another American Dentist. I will go back, and send all my friends.
Treated By: Dr. Fernanda Gutierrez
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Krtisten US
"Our teeth look wonderful"
100%Reviewed 19 Apr 2017 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns, Root Canals, Extractions
Crowns, root canals & extraction

My husband and I received excellent treatment from Dr Daniel Balderrama at Simply Dental. We can highly recommend him. Our teeth look wonderful.
Treated By: Daniel Total Amount Paid US$14,000
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Gayle US
"The clinic was exceptionally clean and hi tech"
100%Reviewed 19 Apr 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
My wife was having severe toothache so we contacted simply dental and made an appointment. After a thorough exam and Xrays the doctor clearly explained the problems and our options. My wife decided to have two teeth extracted which took approximately 2 hours. We were both amazed at the level of professionalism exhibited by everyone in the office and especially the doctor who performed the extractions. The cost was a fraction of what I would've paid here in the USA.

The clinic was exceptionally clean and hi tech. Going forward Simply Dental will be my Dental Clinic and I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending them to anyone. Everyone speaks English and they are extremely friendly.
Total Amount Paid US$160
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Pierre US
"Very nice!"
100%Reviewed 28 Feb 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns
I was just looking for an estimate for crowns, and the dentist was very nice and explained the options very well to me in English.

They are in a temporary location now while their main office gets renovated.
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Dennis Canada
"I found the Dentist's quality of work produced is outstanding"
100%Reviewed 11 Jan 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Zirconia Crown, Fillings
Had 2 zirconia crowns placed. Had also other minor fillings taken care of in the same visit. Completed prep work and within 3 days the final monolithic zirconia crown was ready. Thank you for a great job done!
Dentistry is an art by itself. The dentist's crown was great fit and color accuracy is excellent. I found the Dentist's quality of work produced is outstanding. Always on time and office provides prompt communications for appointment set up. Always cordial and willing to accommodate your dental needs. Outstanding ability to explain the procedures in English, clean office hygienic environment and receptive to make modifications to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
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Joe US
"We would recommend Simply Dental to anyone for any dental procedure"
100%Reviewed 17 Nov 2016 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Veneers, Bone Graft, Teeth Cleaning, Fillings
My wife and I have had various procedures (implants/crowns/veneers/bone grafting/cleaning/fillings) done by their staff (Drs. Danillo, Monica, and Fernanda) over the past 18 months and could not be more impressed by their skill, professionalism, and attention to detail. Their use of the latest technology and the cleanliness of the offices and support staff was also exceptional and gave us complete confidence in their hygiene protocols. We would recommend Simply Dental to anyone for any dental procedure.

We chose Simply Dental based on a recommendation from Dental Departures and after having had a bad experience at another clinic in Los Algodones. Although their facility was not that impressive, we were quite pleased with the Dr's. and their use of the latest technology to evaluate our conditions and explain the procedures they would use to correct them.
Treated By: Drs. Danillo, Monica, and Fernanda
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Kenneth US
"The office was very clean and very modern with nicer equipment"
90%Reviewed 02 May 2016 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Extractions
Dental treatment session one. I scheduled an Saturday morning appointment for an extraction and flipper. I arrived at the office around 8:15 am (had a 8:30am appt.). After filling out some paperwork and a small wait, Dr. Danielo greeted me and took me over to another (affiliated I suspect) office with what he explained to me had better equipment for my procedure. The office was very clean and very modern with nicer equipment than my dentist in Phoenix. Dr. Danielo examined my situation and we discussed my options. The extraction was done and impressions for the flipper were made and sent off. I was told they should be ready in about two hours. I received my flipper about two and half hours later (not a problem) and everything looked and fit great. Total cost was $170.00 for everything, approximately 1/3 the cost of this exact procedure in the states. I am returning to get a bridge done in approximately one month and will write another review based on that experience, however my overall visit, cost, and experience with my first session has been great.

A few things for first timers:
It takes about 15 min to get to the border parking lot from Yuma. Cost to park is $6 and the lot is fenced and fairly secure. Once in Mexico you'll be greeted by many locals most of whom are trying to push dental, eye, or pharmacy care on you. Smile, say no gracias and be on your way (similar to Rocky Point or Tijuana if you've been there). The people are friendly the culture is fun and theres a lot more than dental work you can get from this place. Oh yeah, they were also able to take my Visa card but make sure you call your bank to let them know your going to be in Mexico.
Treated By: Danilo Total Amount Paid US$170
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Kevin Phoenix, AZ
"Would highly recommend"
100%Reviewed 28 Apr 2016 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Fillings
Full mouth reconstruction
My experience was great. The Drs had a lot to deal with in my mouth and they did a great professional job.. I was never in pain and they consistently told me what as going on and if i needed anything. Would highly recommend
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  • ADM - Asociación Dental Mexicana (Mexico) 
  • CNCD - Colegio Nacional de Cirujanos Dentistas (Mexico) 



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$200  -  $300
Bone Graft
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Free Consultation !
Dental Bridges

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

A bridge is made up of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap – these two anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth – and a false tooth/teeth in between. These false teeth are called pontics and can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants.

$250  -  $400
Dental Crowns

1) What are dental crowns?

A crown isa type of dental restoration that fully cups over that portion of a tooth thatlies at and above the gum line.

Once itsbeen cemented into place, a crown, in effect, becomes the tooths new outersurface.

2) What purpose do crownsserve?

Crowns are one of dentistrys most versatile restorations.

They offer a way to repair and strengthen damaged teeth. They alsoprovide a way to improve a tooths appearance, including color, shape and evenapparent alignment.

$500  -  $700
Gold Crown
From $250
PFM Crown
Guaranteed for 3 years.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns are somewhat of a hybrid between metal crowns and porcelain crowns. When they are made the dental technician first makes a shell of metal that fits over the tooth. A veneering of porcelain is then fused over this metal (in a high heat oven), giving the crown a white tooth-like appearance. Depending on the requirements of your situation, these crowns are sometimes made where the porcelain veneer only covers those aspects of the crown that is readily visible (meaning the other portions of the crown have a metal surface). In other cases these crowns are pretty much fully surfaced with porcelain.

From $400
Porcelain Crown

Some dental crowns are fabricated in a manner where their full thickness is porcelain (dental ceramic). These crowns can possess a translucency that makes them the most cosmetically pleasing of all of the different types of dental crowns.

Although they can be very life like in appearance, the overall strength of all-porcelain dental crowns is less than other types of crowns. While they can be a good choice for front teeth, due to the hefty chewing and biting forces that humans can generate, all-porcelain dental crowns may not be the best choice for back teeth. Your dentists judgement will be required on this point.

From $180
Stainless Steel Crown
Up to $400
Zirconia Crown
$800  -  $1000
Dental Implants

Do you hide your smile because of spaces? Do you lack faith in the stability of your dentures? Do you have difficulty in chewing? Dental implants are so natural looking and feeling, you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

Implants are alternatives to complex restorative treatment on your natural tooth such as conventional bridges, and dentures. Constructed of Titanium an implant is placed into the underlying bone of your jaw. Implants are safe, non-toxic, and biocompatible. Your bone will grow around the implant and osseo-integrate to the fixture. First tried over 30 years ago, implants evolved to provide a treatment option with 95% success rate over 10 years. Now considered the No. 1 option to replace a missing tooth, implant based treatment is the future of replacing gaps.

From $30
Dental Sealant

Dental sealants act as a barrier, protecting the teeth against decay-causing bacteria. The sealants are usually applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (premolars and molars) where decay occurs most often.

Dental X-Ray

Dental X-ray examinations provide valuable information that helps your dentist evaluate your oral health. With the help of radiographs (the term for pictures taken with X-rays), your dentist can look at what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. If you have questions about your dental X-ray exam, talk with your dentist.

Digital Dental X-Ray

Dental x-rays are critical for many reasons. They allow a dentist to detect tooth decay, abscessed or impacted teeth, and simply overall tooth density and health of current fillings, crowns, etc. They can also indicate if someone is in the early stages of gum disease and can help a dentist take preventative measures in addressing the problem.
Digital x-rays are one of the newest and most innovative forms of x-ray imaging. This is an alternative to traditional photographic film used for x-ray purposes.
There are many advantages to this alternative procedure, especially in the field of dentistry. One main advantage is that there is less radiation exposure to the patient. Another advantage is simply the efficiency in transferring and enhancing images, which makes it easier to go over with the results with the patient.
Digital dental x-rays are an important innovation that has led the way for safer and more efficient preventative dental care.

From $50
Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray

A panoramic x-ray requires a special machine that rotates around the head. The x-ray captures the entire jaws and teeth in one shot. It is used to plan treatment for dental implants, check for impacted wisdom teeth, and detect jaw problems. A panoramic x-ray is not good for detecting cavities, unless the decay is very advanced and deep.
In addition, many dentists are taking x-rays using digital technology. The image runs through a computer. The amount of radiation transmitted during the procedure is less than traditional methods

Dentist Consultation
$300  -  $450
Up to $500
Acrylic Dentures
From $400
Flexible Partial Dentures
$300  -  $450
Full Dentures
Up to $400
Immediate Dentures
$400  -  $500
Removable Partial Dentures
Denturist Consultation
Endodontist Consultation
$70  -  $150
$50  -  $70
Non-Surgical Extractions
$100  -  $150
Surgical Extractions
Family Dentist Consultation
$70  -  $100
$70  -  $100
Amalgam Filling

Amalgam is widely used for direct fillings, mainly for posterior teeth, and completed in single appointment. Cast gold is used for indirect restorations. Amalgam leaches tiny amounts of mercury and while some concerns have been raised, there is currently no evidence that any of this mercury remains in the body nor that dangerous levels are ever reached

$40  -  $60
Glass Ionomer Cement Filling
$70  -  $100
White Filling
Implant Dentist Consultation
Up to $250
Inlay or Onlay
Up to $250
Composite Resin Inlay or Onlay
From $360
Porcelain Inlay or Onlay
$80  -  $100
Restorative Dentist Consultation
$260  -  $280
Root canals
Up to $260
Incisor Root Canal
From $260
Molar Root Canal
Up to $40
Teeth Cleaning
$65  -  $260
Scaling and Root Planing
$25  -  $30
Ultrasonic Scaling
Up to $180
Teeth Whitening
Up to $400

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Dr Enrique Lopez Gaspar

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry
  English, Spanish

Dr Danilo Gaspar

Job Title:
  Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry
  English, Spanish

Dr Friccia Gutierrez

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry
  English, Spanish

Dr Juan Pedro Marquez

Job Title:
  Aesthetic Medicine Physician

Dr Daniel Balderrama

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry
  English, Spanish
(866) 558-9536Ave B 192, Los Algodones, Baja California, 2197