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Turkey may not be an obvious choice as a dental destination but patients from Western Europe are regular visitors to dentists in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, and Izmir, situated on the Aegean coast. Prices are a fraction of what you can expect to pay in the UK and Ireland, with the savings going towards a week’s holiday in a sun-filled, culturally rich country. Quality is not an issue, with many English speaking dentists and surgeons trained to the same high standards as the rest of Europe.

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Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi, 2147 Street No: 18, Ankara
Our aim is to provide the highest possible quality of treatments with ease to our patients. Aperioncare’s mission is to have happy, healthy, and satisfied medical tourists. We accomplish this by providing solutions that meet our patient’s individual needs.
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Cardiologist Consultation
YTL250  -  YTL500
Aortic Valve Replacement
YTL15000  -  YTL20000
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Liv Hospital

Ahmet Adnan Saygun Caddesi, Canan Sokak, No: 5 Ulus/Besiktas, Istanbul, 34340
"Prompt, straight to the point and casual response"Mohammed, UK, 10 May 15
LIV takes its name from “Leading International Vision”, a distinctive concept in hospital design, treatment and care focusing on international patients.As a custom-built structure with 30,000 square meters of closed space, this new-generation “smart” hospital incorporates the latest digital technology and green design concepts, evident from the flowing ergonomic patterns and soothing design of the entrance foyer inspired by the forms and healing capacities of the human body that is reflected throughout every detail of the hospital’s 163 patient beds, 48 polyclinics and consulting rooms, 8 operating theaters and 22 Intensive Care Unit beds. With a focus on extreme medical cases across the entire range of medical specialties, the LIV Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology including daVinci Robotic Surgery, “TrueBeam” radiotherapy equipment, individualized comprehensive cancer treatments, and a fully-equipped Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Center.
Cardiologist Consultation
CT Scan - Computed Tomography
ECG - Electrocardiogram
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Apextip Merkezi

Abide-i Hurriyet Cad. No: 103 Sisli, Istanbul
Apex Medical Center was established in 2007 by Prof. Dr. Osman Tanik, Dr. Ismet Kandemir and their proffesional team in Sisli, Istanbul. In addition to providing reliable and qualified service with proffesional team in the view of respects to moral values, giving importance to the health of it's patients and employees and perfectionist approach to medical service. Apex Medical Ceter aims to enrich the life of people with updating itself with growing technology according to research and practice in the field of medical science.
Cardiologist Consultation

Medipol Mega

TEM Avrupa Otoyolu Göztepe Çıkışı No: 1 Bağcılar, İstanbul, 34214
A wide choice of healthcare services is provided at this clinic located at Istanbul in Turkey. All the doctors are experts in their field and have wide experience in treating patients. Safe and effective procedures are performed using the best available diagnostic and treatment equipment. Services provided by the team include dentistry, dermatology, brain and nerve surgery, maxillofacial surgery, allergy treatments, ear, nose, throat and neck surgery, heart and vascular surgery, organ transplantation, paediatric medicine including treatments for genetic disorders, orthopaedics and traumatology and physical therapy for post surgical rehabilitation.
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Cardiologist Consultation
From YTL120
Heart Disease Treatment


Länggassstrasse 8, Bern, CH3012
"Vacation and Mammoplasty with silicone implants of 250 ml combined in Istanbul"Maria, Switzerland, 07 Jul 14
"Aesthetic surgical experience of 26 years-old Ramona S. After terrible treatment with a macro lane gel, I decided to have a one week vacation in Turkey to compensate the damage. In 2012 Spring, I had a macro lane gel included treatment by a dermatologist in Switzerland. I had bigger breasts by being injected 140 ml of hyaluronic acid gel into each of my breasts. As I was afraid of getting a surgery and surgery related scars, I thought injection was a fine alternative. It all seemed alright at the very beginning. Although the difference was not very obvious, it was very important for me to have bigger breasts. I was glad with the result at that point. My purpose was to see how my breast shape changed and grow bigger before I decided to have a surgery for sure. Regrettably, the holes through which macro lane gel was injected turned into swellings and caused a visible and perceivable unpleasant look. Therefore, my dermatologist had to release some of the hyaluronic acid gel piled inside by re-opening these injection wholes. Yet, these holes were not exactly closed and even weeks later, a significant amount of gel was leaking. Gel piled up greatly on my right breast and when the gel in the size of a small apple was released, the difference between two breasts became visible. Therefore, we had to release the gel on the left breast as well. In order to remove the remaining gel, dermatologist reopened these holes and tried to remove as much wasted material as possible. Due to the unpleasant result of the procedure, my doctor did not charge for a great amount of the expenses, reasonably and the doctor also refunded some of the material expenses, as well. Apparently, my doctor applied macro lane treatment to more than three hundred women and she never came across with this unpleasant case other than mine. As I had been through so many things and as I still had no improvement on the size of my breasts; I decided to have a mammoplasty in order to be placed an implant. I started to search the internet and I received information on the possibilities, process and costs from the surgeons in my neighbourhood. Mammoplasty operation is very expensive in Switzerland and the surgical operation performed by a Swiss surgeon does not necessarily have to be better than that of a foreign surgeon. Once I discuss this issue with my friends who had mammoplasty abroad, I saw that mammoplasty applications abroad were better and more professional. When it is considered that aesthetic surgeries are more often abroad in comparison to Switzerland, and when I consider the terrible experience I had before, I had a stronger trust in surgeons abroad in terms of experience and work routine. Then, I saw Swisslasik on the internet and I contacted with this intermediary company first via e-mail, then personally. I had all the information I was looking for through a very quick and sincere consultancy service. The size of the breasts and other details will be determined after seeing the doctor in Istanbul. I preferred Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul and an appointment was settled for the pre-examination by the aesthetic surgeon. When I landed, my companion welcomed me and we were driven to the hotel in private car. The driver was very punctual. He took me from the hotel to my pre-examination appointment at the hospital right on time, on the other day. Due to a special condition resulting from a terrible macro lane gel experience, the surgeon requested an ultrasound examination in order to see the remaining amount before placing silicones of 250 ml into the breasts. He did not want to start a surgery without knowing how the remaining material was spread all over my breasts and also without evaluating the relevant infection risks! I definitely approved these pre-examinations as I really wished that the infection risk was low. Besides, it was very nice to see that the doctor was really worried about my health and did not prefer a surgical operation without being sure. He told me that he would not accept the surgery as it would risk my and his safety if the remaining waste material had been too much. Ultrasound results showed that both breasts had a little amount of macro lane gel on breast lines. Besides, on the left breast, a small amount was also injected into pectoral muscle as well! It was of course impossible to remove the gel in the pectoral muscle. This one had to be resolved by natural ways and that would take about one or one and a half year as of the injection date. Once the doctors had my results, the surgeon agreed on a surgery. He was going to remove the gel as much as possible before placing silicone implants. In addition, in order to reduce the infection risk to minimum, he insisted on that I should stay in the hospital for at least two days and I agreed. Then, the surgery might be started the other day. The surgeon drew the markings in the preparation room and last details were discussed. Then I was taken to the operation room via a stretcher bearer after wearing surgical gown and supportive socks. Once I was transferred from the stretcher bearer to the operation desk, I was given narcosis and I had a peaceful and comfortable sleep. I couldn’t exactly realize that the surgery ended when I woke up. Therefore, I asked doctors when they would start. They told me it all ended and it was successful. When I looked at my breasts to see the result, I immediately realized the difference and the perfect result. After a short period of resting, I was taken to a single room. The hospital room in Acibadem Maslak was very well decorated and I didn’t have anything missing for the next two days. Nurses and caregivers were very sincere and compassionate. Food was delicious. It was a mixture of traditional Turkish cuisine and modern cuisine. For each meal, they were bringing two trays so that my companion’s food was always ready. After second night, drainages were removed. Pain was in the limits. Especially in the mornings and late evenings, there was an uncomfortable pressure. Yet, I was able to manage either with few or no pain killer a couple of days later. My breasts were swollen and their skin was tight for a couple of more days, naturally. It was supposed to take two or four months in order to have soft breast skin and the final shape of the breasts. However, right after the surgery and after these two days, I was able to see that they had a beautiful and big look. The result was beautiful and symmetrical. I was very pleased with my new body shape! I was allowed to leave the hospital in a happy and healthy mood and thus to enjoy Istanbul for a couple of days. A couple of days later, before I return home, doctor did one last medical check at the end of my 10 days Istanbul journey. I felt no pain during the flight and I had no problem in any of the days or weeks afterwards. It has been two months since the surgery. scars are naturally a bit red but recovery process is very fine. The supportive bra they gave me at the hospital is a perfect match; I wear it day and night, even for sports. I can only talk about good things about my surgery in Turkey and I am very comfortable while recommending this place to those who would like to have an aesthetic surgery."
We as Medicaltravel health travel agency work with one of the best hospital of the world. The Medical Center Acibadem has the newest equipment and technology in Istanbul. At the same time, it is one of the most prestigious private hospitals in Istanbul and in the list of top 100 companies in Turkey. Besides, Acibadem health group corporation has been growing and developing every year. This hospital has more than hygienic standards of EU and you are taken care by the expert doctors and surgeons. Hospital has 24 different medical centres and most of them are in Istanbul. It is the first medical choice of high society in Istanbul and all around Turkey. Turkish national football team and well-known football clubs such as Fenerbahce, Galatasaray or Besiktas are also under medical protection of Acibadem. Acibadem Hospital has more than 1600 very well trained doctors, continuously improving technological and scientific developments, including expert aesthetic surgeons. Why should you prefer Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul? ? It has accreditation document determining international medical quality standards received from Joint Commission International. ? It is a member of European Foundation For Quality Management. ? It is the medical sponsor of Turkish national football team. ? It employs 10500 people and 1600 of them are doctors. ? It has more than 24 medical centres in Turkey ? It is one of the top 100 companies in Turkey and it is traded at stock m
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Cardiologist Consultation
CT Scan - Computed Tomography
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Turkeyremedy Medical Tourism Company

Uncali Mahallesi 30.Cadde Dorukkent 1 Sitesi C Blok Kat 2 Daire 5 Konyaalti, Ant
Turkeyremedy is the best Healthcare and Wellness Agency in Turkey. We are located base in Antalya and Istanbul. We work with the best doctors, International JCI accredited hospitals, and unique & comfortable hotels. We want to be sure you are happy and you feel like you are on holiday.  Our experience in medical sector, high quality and affordable price strategy will give you confidence. Our goal  is to provide our customers with medical treatment according to world´s medical standards by lower prices.We provide you with the most appropriate treatment choices, in the right hospital and by the best price. You just tell us about your requests and needs. With very good hospital services, qualified personnel and Turkey´s beautiful landscape - you will not wish to return back home.Our offers all services to health tourists. You will be directed to the most appropriate health centers. Our International patient coordinators are connecting doctors and patients before their arrival to Turkey in order to provide the best treatment for patients. During your whole stay in the hospital our coordinators will be next to you and will not let you feel as a stranger at any point. Depending on your requirements, we can offer a complete service package including travel, accommodation, direct choice of doctors and hospitals where you wish to be treated as well as help with visas procedures if necessary. You can be sure that you are in the right hands.
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Cardiologist Consultation
CT Scan - Computed Tomography
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Alanya Primary Care Center

Kızlarpınarı Mahallesi Mehmet Akif Ersoy Caddesi, Sidar Apt. No:24, Alanya, 0740
"Very fast response and amazing good customer service. I'm very satisfied."Raissa, Brazil, 11 May 14
If you need doctor alanya or if you need in alanya doctor you can reach to Primary Care Center Alanya. My name is Hakan Yaspala, I am a physician and director of the Primary Care Center in ALANYA. And want to briefly introduce my Clinic to you. The importance of tourism in our popular region of Alanya is growing every year and the potential health problems of tourists during the holiday need to be tackled very flexibly, efficiently, quickly and ultimately for the patient as comfortable as possible. Tourists do not spend unnecessary time waiting for the treatment or follow-up examinations - all services are trying to be shorten so that the patients are well treated and can thus in the shortest time be returned to their holiday. Most diagnoses occurring during the holiday require outpatient treatment  and that is why our clinic is the most popular outpatient medical facility in this area (medical service is available from the eastern part of Alanya ,Mahmutlar,Kestel,Tosmur,Oba ,center alanya- to the Konakli,Avsallar,Turkler,Incekum,and western part of Okurcalar). Our brand newly refurbished (2011) Health Center offers confidential health care with all modern standards of the outpatient and inpatient treatment.  Among the common tests include: ECG, urinalysis, blood-analysis, etc..  If the patients needs any specialist we can solw in clinic by our part time  specialists .Or  if the patinet needs aftercare, examination or hospita
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Cardiologist Consultation
CT Scan - Computed Tomography
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Medicana International Hospital - Istanbul

Beylikduzu Street 3 Beylikduzu, Istanbul, 34520
"quick answer"Margie, Philippines, 13 Nov 14
"Their customer service is excellent!"Sara, United Arab Emirates, 17 Dec 12
One of the limited private health investments in the world Medicana International Istanbul has an indoor area of 30,000 m2. It is comprised of two linked departments including inpatient floors and outpatient floors. Our hospital was built with the capacity and technical features to allow for providing service to the patients coming from Istanbul, Thrace Region and Europe. Offering any and all types of infrastructure and comfort as required by modern hospital business and hotel management services, our hospital has 115 beds in 1 CIP, 5 VIP and 109 standard patient rooms. In addition to patient rooms, it has 14 General Intensive Care beds, 13 Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care beds, 7 Coronary Intensive care beds, 8 Newborn Intensive Care patient beds and provides high level healthcare service to patients with 7 emergency, 9 angiography, 3 endoscopy observation beds and 8 operating rooms. All the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out by academic-oriented medical team using state-of-the-art medical devices in Medicana International Istanbul.
Cardiologist Consultation
10 other locations in Turkey for Medicana International Hospital - Istanbul.

Medicana International Hospital - Camlica

Alemdağ Cd. No:113, Ümraniye, Istanbul

Medicana International Hospital - Samsun

Yeni Mah. Şehit Mesut Birinci, Cad.No:85

Medicana International Hospital - Ortopedi Merkezi

Bağcılar Cad. No:1, Bahçelievler, Istanb

Medicana International Hospital - Sivas

M.Fethi Akyüz Cd. No:8, Sivas

Anatolia Med Travel

İncirli Caddesi 82/4 Bakırköy, Istanbul, 34147
"Got back to me really fast and were very helpful. Still discussing the technicalities before I decide if I go ahead with their service. So far a+++"Zaheer, UK, 01 Feb 15
Dear Sirs, Guests who are visiting Turkey for health tourism, while they are treated by experienced pysicians and  medical devices over the international standards they also have chance to be accommodated in close proximity to the health center and find the opportunity to enjoy Turkey's natural beauty and vibrant city life With 51 JCI   accredit certified hospitals ,Turkey takes the first place in the world.With over 1,200 public and private hospitals offers a wide network for patients. The provider of private health care is closely related to 300 international medical centers. Among these powerful connections; Harvard Medical International, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and there are centers such as New York Presbyterian. Organ transplantation, genetic testing, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology (located on the world's largest eye clinic network Istanbul), Significant achievements on Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery and dentology puts forward Turkey on health tourism. Wellness centers, natural thermal spa and mud baths attracts half a million tourists to the country. You're Invited to Turkey for health tourism ... Do NOT GO TOO FAR FOR HEALTH Turkey, with its unique and strategic geographical location in Europe, Asia and the intersection point between the two continents bordering Central Asia. Easily accessible by plane from many countries in a short time. Turkey, combines the tradition of hospitality from the past
Cardiologist Consultation

Avrasya Hospital

Beştelsiz Mahallesi Seyitnizam Cad. 101 Sok No:107 "Akşemsettin Tramvay Durağı Y
Patients from overseas are welcomed by the highly skilled and experienced medical professionals and surgeons at this multispecialty hospital located at Istanbul in Turkey. The hospital is fitted with sophisticated diagnostic and treatment equipment and the long term health and wellbeing of patients is the main focus of the team of expert and experienced physicians and surgeons at the clinic. Services provided include gynaecology and obstetrics, advanced infertility treatments and assisted reproductive surgical procedures, plastic and reconstructive surgery to improve the appearance of patients, advanced cardiac surgery and surgical procedures for cancer.
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Cardiologist Consultation
Heart Disease Treatment
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Yücelen Hastaneleri Ortaca

Muğla-Fethiye Karayolu Üzeri, Atatürk Cad. No:80, Ortaca
Yucelen Hospital was established in 1996 in Mugla. It is giving service in 16 different branches.
Cardiologist Consultation
CT Scan - Computed Tomography
ECG - Electrocardiogram
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2 other locations in Turkey for Yucelen Hospitals.

Yücelen Hospital Marmarais

Cumhuriyet Dist.. Turgut Ozal Road. No:1

Yucelen Hospital Mugla

Muğla Kötekli mevkii, Marmaris Karayolu

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

Saray Mah. Site Yolu Cad. No:7, Ümraniye, 34768
This multidisciplinary hospital located at Istanbul in Turkey offers a comprehensive range of medical services for patients. Cost effective services of a high standard are offered for health tourists at the clinic. All arrangements are made for the comfort and convenience of health tourists by the team at the hospital including arranging interpretation services. Services at the hospital include emergency care services, paediatric medicine, paediatric cardiovascular surgery, internal medicine, aviation medicine, dermatology, dentistry, infertility treatments and IVF procedures, gynaecology and obstetrics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery, ophthalmology and cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.
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Cardiologist Consultation
Heart Disease Treatment
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