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Mr Patrick Hyde Telford in Postural Health Physiotherapy Clinic Telford

01952 924003The Physiotherapy Clinic, Stafford Park 11, Telford, TF3 3AY
"Felt much better since being treated"Rob, UK, 18 Aug 14
"It went really well and my back has felt much better since being treated."
MSc Back Care Loughborough University 2009BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy Belfast University 1997Patrick is one of the most highy qualified physiotherapists in the region holding both BSc (hons) and MSc in back care managementOne of Patricks main interests is referred pain and he is often able to get to the root of the problem where others have treated the symptoms alone
Bookings available for Physiotherapist Consultation  Show Times
Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist Consultation - Clinic Session
Up to £35
Half an hour session with one of our highly trained and fully qualified Physiotherapists.
Deep Tissue Massage
£21  -  £35
Sessions are 30 minutes, longer appointments may be available at an additional cost. Massage can be relaxing or invigorating, can boost circulation or relieve muscle spasm. Purchase a block of 6 massage sessions and receive your final session for free!
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Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic - Shrewsbury

01743 5627442 Market Street, Shrewsbury, SY1 1LG
"I was more than happy"EG, UK, 17 May 12
"Since breast feeding both of my children (for a period of 3 years in total) I felt that my breasts had been left disfigured and i had a sense of almost disgust at their appearance. I made light of my body changes to those around me, but this was bravado to hide the embarrassment and lack of confidence which were my true feelings, having nothing but very small and saggy breasts - where I had previously had a small but nicely formed B cup. Once I was able to give some consideration to possible solutions to this, having made a decision that my family was complete, I was certain that silicone implants were not right for me. I was looking for a natural appearance and feel and to replace the shape and volume which I had lost. I also wanted a procedure which was minimally evasive so that my busy family routine would not be affected. With some internet research, I came across the Stratford Skin Care Clinic and read about the possibility of the Macrolane injection. When I actually contacted the clinic though, I was able to speak directly to Dr Kitchen – who informed me about the option also of fat transfer. Dr Kitchen was very helpful over the telephone and made me feel immediately at ease. I was able to have an appointment for a consultation within a week and this was arranged to fit in with my schedule – so far an easy and accommodating experience. Throughout the consultation, which my family were also able to attend, I felt relaxed and my questions were answered honestly. I found the appointment to be informative and it confirmed for me that I wanted to go ahead and book the procedure. From then on, I had regular communication with the clinic and found the staff to be helpful and always friendly. I felt well prepared for the procedure and had a sense of expectancy and excitement, as well as some nerves in the run up to the date when I was booked in. The procedure itself was uncomfortable at times, sometimes slightly painful, but Carron and Dr Kitchen were supportive through out and I was more than grateful for Carron’s support and reassuring conversation (and hand holding). I was happy though that I was only under local anaesthetic so that I was able to get up and go home to my family as soon as it was completed. It was also an amazing experience to sit up and see the results immediately, I felt transformed!! I had anticipated swelling and bruising in the days following, but wearing the body suit and taking painkillers meant the discomfort was manageable – it seemed a small price to pay anyway for the change in my body shape. Dr Kitchen kept in regular contact and I was more than happy with the follow up support from the clinic and the information I took away with me regarding aftercare. My day to day routine continued as normal, as I had wanted, and within two weeks I was playing football and swimming with my children. Most of the bruising had faded and there was only minimal stiffness, mainly in the evening if I had been standing all day - although"
Dr. Hugo Kitchen founded the Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic in 1988. The treatments offered are Dermal Fillers (The 3 dimensional liquid face-lift). Fat removal & sculpting using VASER and BODYJET, and Smart Lipo.  Acne and scar removal, Liver/Age spots removal. Laser skin and Melasma, IPL intense pulsed light for facial veins., and also MICRO-SCLEROTHERAPY for leg veins.Age spots removal. Radiosurgery for WART, MOLE and SKINTAG removal; Breast augmentation and reshaping using the advanced BODYJET/HARVESTJET fat harvesting system giving over 80% cell survival. We offer medical specialist skin-health brands such as Cosmedix,and Dermaceutic for anti-ageing, abnormal pigmentation and MELASMA as well as ACNE and ROSACEA. Photoderm, Vaser, Smartxide and Thermage/PELLEVE.for skin tightening...   Bodyjet body sculpting and HarvestJet for Autologous Fat Transfer for augmentation of the breast and rejuvenation of the hands and face. Most popular treatments are Dermal fillers for loss of facial volume including non-surgical "NOSE JOB" and treatment for wrinkles for dynamic facial wrinkles.  We also treat Stretch Marks and Acne Scarring with revolutionary AIRGENT nano-pneumatic Hyaluronic Acid skin hydration. Crepey Decollete chest and backs of hands? All treatable with SKIN-BOOSTERS and supplemented with fractional Laser (CO2 Smartxide) NEW for MAY 2014 ******* PELLEFIRM from Q-Medical an extension of Pelleve but for the BODY. National Launch next month!!
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Fat Transfer
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Getfitphysio - Telford Clinic

0203 322 9884 ext: 53914Forgegate Telford Centre, Telford, TF3 4NA
Private professional physiotherapy treatments are provided by this group of physiotherapists in Telford and Wolverhampton. The clinics are registered with BUPA and other private health insurance companies. Conditions treated at the clinics include spinal and postural problems, sports injuries, muscle strains, ligament tears, tendonitis, biomechanical and overuse injuries. Referrals from GPs are accepted. Techniques used to treat conditions include soft tissue massage, joint articulation, ultrasound, manipulation and acupuncture for pain relief and help with smoking cessation.
Initial Assessment and Treatment
£37  -  £35
Back and Neck Pain
Biomechanical and Overuse Injuries
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National Obesity Surgery Centre Telford

0161 884 0235 ext: 83155., Telford
The centre is a dedicated weight loss surgery centre and procedures are performed by the surgeons of the centre in different cities across the UK. International patients are also assisted in weight loss through surgery by the surgeons of the centre. A detailed explanation of all the surgical options available to the patient are discussed before surgery is performed.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric Band
Gastric Bypass
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Permanent Makeup by Jeanette Dando Staffordshire

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Lichfield, SY1 1RD
Cosmetic tattooing and micropigmentation are the expert services provided by this therapist at her clinic located at Whittington in Lichfield, Staffordshire. She is fully insured and her insurance covers product, public and treatment liability. She uses an advanced digital tattoo machine and advanced skills to enhance the appearance of customers in a subtle and natural way. She has served the needs of customers for over 10 years. Services provided include tattooing hair on the hairline to enhance hairlines, camouflaging bald patches for alopecia patients, tattooing eyebrows, tattooing permanent eyeliners and enhancing the shape of lips through micropigmentation.

Teeth Whitening Company - Telford

0203 322 9884 ext: 7087354 High Stree, Dawley, Telford, TF4 2EX
One hour treatments to create a bright and white smile are the specialty of the procedure at the clinics run by this company. The company has franchises across England, Scotland and Wales. Whiter smiles and stain removal from teeth using a laser based procedure is performed in one visit. The technique is one the most advanced in teeth whitening technology and is both safe and pain free. The technicians are highly trained and insured and patients will find the experience during the procedure relaxing and the results rewarding.
Teeth Whitening
From £99
Laser Teeth Whitening

The QHotels Group-Telford Hotel & Golf Resort

Great Hay Drive, Sutton Heights, Telford, TF7 4DT
A skilled and experienced team of therapists treat customers at this salon and spa located at Telford in Shropshire. It forms part of the Telford Hotel and Golf resort run by the Qhotels group. Facilities include 6 well-appointed and luxurious spa treatment rooms, a dedicated relaxation lounge for spa guests, a steam room, a sauna and a swimming pool.  Services provided include a range of skin and appearance improving facials that are unique to salons within hotels run by the Qhotels group, body wraps, scalp massage, manicures and pedicures, tanning, waxing and male grooming services.
Beauty Salon Enquiry
Eyelash Wax or Shape (10 mins)
From £8
Men's Chest Wax (20 mins)
From £20
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GP Consultation

Dr Colin Andrew Stanford in Much Wenlock & Cressage Medical Practice - Clifton Lodge

0203 322 9884 ext: 14112Sheinton Road, Cressage, Shrewsbury, SY56DH
GP Consultation

Dr Michael Andrew Guildford in Prescott Surgery

Baschurch, Shrewsbury, SY42DR
GP Consultation

Dr Michael Andrew Guildford in Prescott Surgery - The Village Hall

Shrewsbury Road, Bomere Heath, Shrewsbury, SY43PF
GP Consultation

Telford Dental Centre

0203 322 9884 ext: 559602 Hollinswood Court, Stafford Park, Telford, TF3 3DE
Miss Joanna Porczynska, Mr Donates Labeikis, Mr Maciej Matuszewski, Mr Michal Mak, Ms Marta Pawlik-Mencel work at Telford Dental Centre, a Dental Clinic located 0.5 km from Telford.
Dentist Consultation

Dr Patrick Mark Beresford in Wem & Prees Medical Practice

New Street, Wem, Shrewsbury, SY45AF
GP Consultation
GP Consultation