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MYA Cosmetic Surgery - Liverpool

0203 322 9884 ext: 29590Consulting Rooms, 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AR
With 25 years of experience MYA cosmetic surgeries are providers of cosmetic surgery at reasonable prices. Procedures include breast augmentation, enlargement and uplift, liposuction and facial surgery. Catering for the increasing number of men wishing to cosmetically enhance their appearance MYA procedures include pectoral implants and chest reduction. Consultation with a cosmetic surgeon is free.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles
Dermal Fillers
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0151 808 0274 ext: 85275One Park West, Liverpool, L1 3DF
"I'm booked in for the 6th march 2015. So far excellent communication and feel happy with attending clinic."Katie, UK, 15 Feb 15
"I was contacted the next day and the woman on the phone was extremely helpful."Barbara, UK, 03 May 15
We have the best product at the lowest price.   Because we love you. Smileworks has arrived in Liverpool . We are the leaders in Facial Aesthetics and Dentistry across the North West.  Whether you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, facial rejuvenation or skincare, Smileworks will have the right treatment for you. Dr Rowland-Warmann is now a leader in the Silhouette Soft procedure, having been selected as the trainer for this product.  Dentistry is a huge part of what we do at Smileworks. Cosmetic dentistry from adult braces to crown and veneer cases are av ailable at SMileworks for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  Facial Aesthetics expertly performed by our qualified Dentist. If you want a perfectionist working with your face then look no further.  Dermal Fillers chosen for clinical effectiveness and safety. Expertly performed by Dr Rowland-Warmann. Lip Fillers are a passion of ours. Dr Rowland-Warmann is a master of shaping lips with all different kinds of fillers to create the prefect look.  Sculptra is the be all and end all of collagen replacement therapy that gradually turns back the years. If you want a non-surgical facelift that lasts two years then you have come to the right place. Obagi Skincare is a revolution in prescription only skincare that goes beyond anything you can buy in the highstreet. There is simply nothing like it available anywhere but Smileworks.  We offer the entire range of Obagi products. Kelo-Cote revolu
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
All our consultations are complimentary and you will not be under any pressure to commit there and then.  MJ will discuss all aspects of treatment with you before you embark on anything as it is important that you are in control each and every step of the way.  There are no stupid questions and our job is to keep and make you happy. Get in touch with us on any of the numbers and emails that you can see. Tell us who you are - we love talking to customers and we love talking about how we can help you reach your full potential. Remember that anything is possible. We can use a multitude of systems all working in synergy to create any effect whether you want a stunning change or a super-subtle revitalisation. And don’t worry, you will still be you. Just a more confident, more beautiful you. 
Treatment for Wrinkles
£100  -  £200
All our anti-wrinkle treatments come with a Facial Peel which will make you look and feel flawless. One area: £100 Two areas: £150 Three areas: 200
Dermal Fillers
£110  -  £300
Dermal fillers can be used to get really super results. We only use the leading brands such as Belotero (Merz), They can be used to fill out imperfections such as smile lines from nose to mouth, increase volume where it has been lost such as in the cheek area, plump up lips and even correct acne scars. Fillers are made of ingredients that are normally found in the body, so get broken down naturally in the skin after a few months. In the right hands, dermal fillers can work absolute magic to turn back the years from your face or simply make little corrections in the pursuit of perfection. Lips   -   Dermal filler for the lips can create fullness and a defined pout where there was none before. The interplay between different products and where they are applied is what gets the results. Think of MJ like an artist. A few basic colours that can create infinite effects on the canvas.  Volume Loss   -  Voluma, a sugar-based filler, is a great product for restoring lost shape to the cheekbones and chin in early aging. Radiesse, a calcium and gel-based product, is a volumising filler which acts immediately but also works by restoring collagen, which is like scaffolding keeping the skin tight and where it should be. Everyone knows the score: aging makes everything go south. Products such as Voluma and Radiesse can restore lost volume and put everything back just where it should be. Belotero: £160 (1ml) Allergan products: £110 (0.55ml) - £200 (1ml)
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Rodney Street Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

0151 808 0274 ext: 2392647, Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9EW
"Dissatisfied"s, UK, 18 Jan 11
"not at all. 3 yrs have passed. never did they ask me for a follow up check. took my money and ran as far as im concerned. i had breast implants and eyelid surgery (bleph). instantly 1breast was higher than the other and hard. the other is still numb but sore when touched. he never offered any help an told me i was being picky. he said they'll get better over time(still waiting). my sex life has gone down the drain because they hurt all of the time. i made myself an appointment to see him (he was away golfing) when i did get to see him he wasnt interested in fixing my problem. next time i get the money ill go for quality ELSEWHERE"
This Liverpool clinic is the clinic of Dr. Vinod Kumar who is not only a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon but has a national and international reputation for pioneering many new minimally scarring cosmetic surgery procedures. Surgical procedures at the clinic include breast reshaping, nose and ear reshaping, dermal fillers, liposuction, tummy tucks, treatment for skin lesions and cancer and chemical peels. A detailed initial consultation is offered to patients and an elaborate list of prices based on the procedures performed is also given to patients to make sure that patients understand the cost breakup.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles
Dermal Fillers

Hypolipo Clinic

0203 322 9884 ext: 17620The Hahnemann Building, 42 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9HW
Nonsurgical face and body treatments are offered at this salon and beauty clinic located at Hope Street in Liverpool. Holistic therapies are also offered for the long term health and wellbeing of customers at the salon. All the therapists at the salon are highly trained and experienced and are committed to continuing professional development. They stay abreast with the latest advancements in beauty and skincare procedures. Services offered include facials and massages, spray tanning, manicures and pedicures, hair removal by waxing, laser treatments to get rid of localized fat, counselling and cellulite reduction.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

Laser Plastic Surgery-Liverpool

0151 808 0274 ext: 6189820 Knight Street, Liverpool, L1 9DS
Laser Plastic Surgery-Liverpool is a Plastic Surgeon in Liverpool city center. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles

Malinki Cosmetics

0151 808 0274 ext: 8619112 Rodney Street, Liverpool City Centre, Liverpool, L1 2TE
"HD Brows™ lvl lashes"Rachael, UK, 19 Oct 13
"Pleased with eyebrows and lashes."
Malinki Liverpool's leading Celebrity Clinic Malinki Cosmetics is Liverpool’s busiest Clinic that specializes in Permanent Makeup, HD Brows, Teeth- Whitening, Non-Surgical Lipo & Aesthetic Administration Malinki Cosmetics was founded by Hayley Mack in April 2012. Hayley is the North West’s leading specialist for Permanent Cosmetics, with over 13 years experience in the Beauty Industry, Hayley is highly established & renowned in her own field of Permanent Makeup creating bespoke looks for the ultimate WoWBrow perfection. Based in Liverpool City Centre on Rodney Street, this elite location already has an outstanding reputation, with Malinki Cosmetics being the only clinic to offer you unique treatments tailored to you, but most importantly, carried out by Nouveau Beauty Group trained experts. With clinics held around the Country, Europe, Dubai & India, this is the only place to visit if you are wanting to look and feel good about yourself inside & out With having regular visits from local celebs such as SCOUSE BIRD PROBLEMS & CRISSY ROCK, – addicted to the ultimate WoWBrow & Permanent Makeup Treatments Malinki Cosmetics offer, this clinic has gone from strength to strength and recently signed an exclusivity deal with the revolutionary 3D Lipo system.  This leading celebrity clinic has had COLEEN ROONEY and ALEX GERRARD sign up for the Non-Surgical 3D Lipo sessions since setting up shop on Rodney Street in April 2012. 3D LIPO is the market leading non-surgical
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Advanced treatments available from our leading Harley Street Aesthetics team. 
Treatment for Wrinkles
From £95
Toxin (BTX-A) is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for moderate to severe lines. It is typically used in people aged 18 to 65. This can also be utilised to treat the symptoms of severe underarm sweating (severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis) when medicines used on the skin (topical) do not work well enough in people 18 years and older.
Dermal Fillers
From £150
Facial augmentation: is a non-invasive treatment procedure which involves injections directly to the face to mask or remove facial flaws. The treatment simply requires a topical anaesthetic administered to the treatment area. The distinction of this treatment is the Hyaluronic acid is well tolerated by the human body due to its organic background. Treatment takes between fifteen minutes and one hour.
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sk:n clinics - Liverpool

0203 322 9884 ext: 8849812 Bold St, Liverpool, L1 4DS
This company offers skin enhancement and optimization procedures at all its clinics located across England. Services provided at the clinics include cosmetic surgical procedures, blemish removal, scar and acne removal, administration of Treatment for lines and wrinkles, dermal filler and Sculptra injections, orthodontic teeth straightening and teeth whitening, laser hair removal, blemish removal and tattoo removal, thread vein removal, microdermabrasion, Liposuction weight loss procedures, application of skin enhancing chemical peels, tummy tucks, wart removal, stretch mark removal and the treatment of sun damaged skin.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles
From £199
Mole Removal
From £155
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Samantha Ward Aesthetics

0151 808 0274 ext: 8747237 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9EN
"Brilliant service and such a fab job! Deffo re-booking! "Amy, UK, 21 Nov 13
"They call me back immediately!"Victoria, UK, 13 Dec 13
Transforming the appearance of customers is the aim of this highly trained and experienced therapist at her clinic located at 37 Rodney Street in Liverpool. The therapist at this Clinic creates a relaxing spa like atmosphere where customers can escape reality for a while and feel pampered and indulged during visits. All treatments are proven safe and effective and the aim of the team is to make customers look good and feel confident after visits. Services include facials and massages, manicures, pedicures, eye treatments laser hair removal and hair removal by waxing and the administration of age reversing skin injectables and non surgical laser treatments for numerous skin conditions.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Dermal Fillers
From £150
Fillers are designed to be used in the face to subtly enhance volume and re-contour as well as fill in and smooth wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, nose, forehead, décolletage and hands, to rejuvenate areas which may have been affected by sun damage and the natural ageing process. Depending on your metabolism, dermal fillers last anywhere between six and nine months.
Lip Augmentation
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B-City Clinics

0203 322 9884 ext: 1664788 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AR
"Excellent service was contacted immediately and app arrange for a couple of days the. Was contacted again within 24 hours of enquiring to see if my app was made highly recommend "Daniellegordon, UK, 02 Sep 14
Non surgical medical aesthetic treatments are offered at this clinic located at Rodney Street in Liverpool. The highly qualified team has wide experience in treating patients and making them look younger and rejuvenated after treatments. The team strives to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment so that patients find visiting the clinic a pleasant experience. Services offered at the clinic are the administration of facial injectables to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet and lines between the eyes and to augment facial features, non surgical eyebrow lifts and the administration of injections to reduce excessive sweating.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles
Dermal Fillers
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Dr Jayne Clinical Aesthetics

0203 322 9884 ext: 9834547 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9EW
Professional, discrete and personal clinic. Facial Aesthetics expertly performed by qualified Doctor. If you want a perfectionist working with your face then look no further. Dr Jayne provides exceptional client care using safe and effective treatments to help clients look beautiful and feel confident. Clients can escape the stress of daily life and feel pampered and indulged during visits to the beautiful clinics. Private reception area, waiting room and 2 consultation/treatment rooms for maximum client comfort.
Bookings available for Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  Show Times
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
All consultations are complimentary and carried out by a Qualified Aesthetic Doctor. You will not be under any pressure to commit there and then.  You will discuss all aspects of treatment with you before you embark on anything as it is important that you are in control each and every step of the way. A multitude of systems that work synergistically to create the desired effect are available - if you want a dramatic change or a super-subtle revitalisation, it's all possible. If your not sure what treatment is for you, please just ask. At your initial consultation we can discuss all the available options to meet your goal and budget.
Treatment for Wrinkles
From £100
As you age you lose fat from our face and gain it round your middle and wrinkles become more pronounced as you lose your youthful bloom. Some days it may feel like a stranger is staring back at you in the mirror. But thanks to the amazing advances in cosmetic medicine there are some highly-effective non-invasive treatments to help you age well: that is to stay healthy, fit and attractive for as long as you choose to. I have sourced the very best non-invasive treatments to help you look your best for longer - book a consultation to discuss.
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Aesthetically You

0151 808 0274 ext: 7071488 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AR
"Very pleased with my results"Lauren, UK, 07 Apr 14
"I had the non-surgical nose job in march 2014, I was unhappy with my nose when looking at it from a side profile! I am very pleased with my results, the treatment made my nose look a lot smaller and made my bridge a lot smoother. I would highly recommend this treatment if you are unhappy with your nose and you don't want to spend a lot of money, the treatment takes about ten minutes, the results are instant and it is pain free. The price was great and Michelle is a lovely person and very professional who made me feel relaxed. Hopefully I will be back for more treatments soon :)"
WINNER of Lifestyle BEST AESTHETICS COMPANY 2014 WINNER of WhatClinic BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE 2014  WINNER of Lifestyle BEST BEAUTY CLINIC 2013 WINNER of Lifestyle BEST BEAUTY CLINIC 2012 We offer the highest standards to all our clients. All procedures are carried out by registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Independent/Supplementary Prescribers who have a minimum of ten years experience and specialise in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. At Aesthetically You our aim is to restore and enhance your skin's natural beauty whilst maintaining soft, subtle results. We specialise in the latest non-surgical treatments that can effectively reverse the signs of ageing.  We are an award winning clinic offering wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers for wrinkles and deeper folds, lip augmentation, cheek enhancement, Radiesse Liquid Face Lift, the Obagi skin care system and more. 
Bookings available for Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  Show Times
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Free initial consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles
From £140
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The Skin Lab Central

15 Cases Street, Liverpool, L11HW
The Skin Lab Central is a Medical Aesthetics Specialist in Liverpool city center. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles
£175  -  £275
Dermal Fillers
From £200
1 other location in L1 postcode for The Skin Lab.

The Skin Lab

0203 322 9884 ext: 16631One Park West, 29 The Strand, Liverpool
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