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The Harley Medical Group - Cardiff

029 2009 370049 Charles Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GD
The Harley Medical Group has been supporting patients in Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Treatment since 1983. The number of over 500, 000 satisfied patients confirms the quality of our procedures every day. Description At The Harley Medical Group you will only encounter highly qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurses, Doctors and professional Surgeons. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask. Remember that your first appointment is FREE of charge - your care is our priority. The Harley Medical Group specialises in: * Breast Surgery * Liposuction * Tummy Tucks * Nose and Ear Reshaping * Face and Neck lifts * Eyebag Removal * Laser Hair Removal * Lines and Wrinkle treatments * Dermal Fillers * Skin Peels * Medical Microdermabrasion * Acne treatments Directions If you are already acquainted with the centre of Cardiff you may easily know how to find us using the landmarks below: We are located in the centre of Charles Street in the middle of the city, which is between Capitol Shopping Centre and St David’s Centre.
Dermal Fillers
Collagen Filler
Fat Filler
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Visify Aesthetics Cardiff

029 2009 477714 Museum Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BH
We are a non surgical cosmetic company specialising in Anti Wrinkle, Dermal Fillers and Lip Augmentation. Our philosophy of providing an ‘On-Call’ and ‘Out of Hours’ service ensures we will always beavailable to meet your needs.  With our highly skilled, surgically trained and professionally registered team to apply our range of non-invasive treatments; YOUR natural Beauty will be Accentuated Every time! We provide a full out of hours service, ‘on call service’ and mobile service ensuring we are the most ACCESSIBLE aesthetic company available!
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Dermal Fillers
From £200 Enquire
An injectable synthesised collagen matrix designed to provide instant hydration, volume and bounce giving you a fresh and radiant appearance.
Collagen Filler
From £200 Enquire
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Visify Aesthetics Cardiff - Laguna Spa

029 2009 8270Laguna Spa, Greyfriars Rd, Cardiff

Cosmedicare Skin Clinic

029 2009 150541 St. Isan Road, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4LW
Cosmedicare Skin Clinic is run by Dr.Eithne Deignan who is a full time doctor in Cosmetic Dermatology. Previously a GP with extra training she holds the Diploma in Practical Dermatology from UWIC.Dr.Deignan has been working in this field for 10 years and therefore has a wealth of experience. Dr.Deignan is highly experienced in skin analysis, diagnosis and treatment of signs of ageing. Muscle relaxing treatments and dermal fillers to smooth lines, lip plumpimg and redefining, Sculptra to volumise the facial contours , skin peels and skin care ranges including prescription only creams. Products used include [Treatment name removed] Ultra, Radiesse, Sculptra, [Treatment name removed], Azzalure, [Treatment name removed]/[Treatment name removed], Teosyal, Belotero, Sesha Skin Care, TCA peels.     Initial consultations are free and without obligation.Treatment may not always be necessary!
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Dermal Fillers
From £180 Enquire
Dermal fillers for facial lines eg nose-to-mouth, frown, mouth corners, brow elevation. [Treatment name removed], [Treatment name removed] Ultra, Radiesse, Teosyal and for facial contouring and volumisation I use Sculptra.
Sculptra™ Filler
From £350 Enquire
Excellent treatment to improve sagging skin, facial contours and hollow cheeks. Now given by cannula method greatly reducing recovery time and with minimal trauma or bruising.

Laferla Medical Cosmetics Cardiff & Vale

029 2009 1527Vanity Rooms & Spa, 2 Heol-y-Deri, Rhiwbina, CF14 6HF
SAVEFACE ACCREDITED PRACTITIONER - Connecting you with Safe Hands Are you concerned about privacy & confidentiality, or being recognised entering well known cosmetic clinics?  Fed up with inconvenient locations, parking problems and getting to appointments that do not fit around a busy schedule!   Laferla Medical cosmetics is your local solution to all your Anti-Aging treatments. Our aim is to be flexible to meet the treatment needs of busy men and women, fitting appointments in and around busy schedules. At  Laferla Medical Cosmetics your Confidentiality & Privacy is our priority. There will be no bumping in to the acquaintances, we base out consultations over extended periods to ensure that your treatments are extremely disgreat and private. 
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Dermal Fillers
£180  -  £350 Enquire
Dermal Fillers  1ml syringe £180.00  2mls £350.00
Radiesse™ / Radiance™ Filler
£200  -  £300 Enquire
With just one treatment of RADIESSE ®Volumizing filler wrinkles and folds disappear.Immediately. Subtly.And because RADIESSE Volumizing Filler naturally stimulates your bodys own collagen your skin looks even better over time.¹ Facial Recontouring   from £ 200.00 Hand Rejuvenation (2)  £350.00
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Laferla Medical Cosmetics

029 2009 4448Ty Lorrall House, Cardiff Road, St Fagan

Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic

029 2009 8263The City Surgery, 187 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3WD
Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic is Cardiff's Premier Non Surgical Clinic. Founded by Dr Raj Aggarwal (MBBS DRCOG) in 2010. Dr Raj is a practising GP by trade but is also a Specialist in delivering Cosmetic Injectables as well as a Qualified Facial Aesthetics Tutor so you know you are in safe hands. The Clinic specialises in providing an extensive range of non surgical cosmetic treatments that deliver safe effective results.All new clients are taken through a free non-commitment medical review and full consultation to help identify any concerns or issues before being prescribed appropriate products, treatments or courses. Treatments range from Anti-Wrinkle Treatments, Dermal Fillers to Specialised Facials. Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic are also Sole Welsh Stockists of Amalian Skin Care range including Amalian Lash Serum. Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic administering Cosmetic Injectables responsibly by Qualified & Experienced Professionals.  Find us on Facebook & Twitter
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Dermal Fillers
In the early 1990s, after a long period of bovine collagen use, Hyaluronic acids (HAs) became the most commonly used biodegradable fillers in Europe. Has are very popular for both soft tissue augmentation and facial volume restoration. The use of HAs in cosmetic practice has literally gone up exponentially in the last 15 years. HAs are now safe, well tolerated with minimal side effects. All products on the market are regulated. In our practice, we mainly use two products. [Treatment name removed]® (Allergan) and RADIESSE® (Merz Aesthetics). We can use others on request. We find these two HAs very versatile and have had excellent patient results. THE [Treatment name removed]® ULTRA RANGE [Treatment name removed]® ULTRA SMILE is specially formulated for the lips and mouth area. It is designed to ehance lip volume, redefine lip shape and to treat vertical lip lines. It can also be used to treat depressions at the corner of the mouth. [Treatment name removed]® ULTRA 2 treats the fine lines, especially those around the corner of the eye and the tear trough area. [Treatment name removed]® ULTRA 3 smoothes medium and deep wrinkles like those between the nose and corner of the mouth and around the lips. [Treatment name removed]® ULTRA 4 has even greater volumising effects and works on the most noticeable folds and lines and can improve facial contours.
Radiesse™ / Radiance™ Filler
At Cardiff Cosmetic Clinic, we use a range of hyaluronic acid fillers, such as [Treatment name removed]® and RADIESSE®. These are non-permanent fillers and their effects typically last for six to 12 months.The hyaluronic acid used in these dermal fillers is produced biosynthetically by bacterial fermentation. (Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found throughout your body. It gives volume to the skin, lubricates the joints and gives the eyes their shape). We use longer lasting calcium hydroxyl appatite RADIESSE® fillers. RADIESSE® is a unique dermal filler made from synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres in a water based gel carrier. It is 100% biocompatible, so no allergy testing is required before use. RADIESSE® is biodegradable and will gradually break down and be absorbed by your body. However, the results are longer lasting than those of the non-permanent hyaluronic acid fillers, typically lasting for 12 months or longer in many patients. Patients express a high level of satisfaction with each of these products.

Ageless Aesthetics Ltd. Cyncoed

029 2009 8272277 Cyncoed Road, Cyncoed, Cardiff, CF23 6PA
Treatments are provided by a full time NHS Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon. She provides injectable anti-wrinkle treatments in the form of muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers. Treatments available for frown lines, forehead furrows, and crow's  feet. Fillers for nose to mouth lines and marionettes. Lip plumping / reshaping, cheek enhancement, nose and jaw reshaping and hand treatments. Treatment for excessive sweating (Hyperhydrosis).
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Dermal Fillers
£250  -  £350 Enquire
Radiesse™ / Radiance™ Filler
£300  -  £450 Enquire

Specialist Skin Clinic Cardiff

029 2009 826710 Penlline Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 2AD
Dr. Maria Gonzalez is the medical director of the Specialist Skin Clinic which is located in various locations across the South of England and Wales. With over 20 years experience in the field of dermatology Dr. Maria Gonzalez has developed her private practice by providing skin treatments across the UK including clinics at: London, Knightsbridge and Cardiff Dr. Gonzalez for many years practised in Cardiff at the University Hospital of Wales and has over 20 years experience working exclusively within the field of dermatology undertaking both clinical work at the hospital and academic work at Cardiff University. Within the field of dermatology Dr. Maria Gonzalez has developed special interests in a range of skin treatments. With an impressive career in the field of dermatology she has been a leading innovator in the teaching of dermatology with many awards for her distinguished work within dermatology. To view Dr Gonzalez speaking about one of this awards see below.
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Dermal Fillers
Collagen Filler
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Excessive Sweating Clinic Miradry

029 2009 552210 Penlline Road, Cardiff

Physiomatters Limited

029 2168 0073 ext: 61040116 Station Road, Llandaff North, Cardiff, CF14 2FH
Cardiff is the location of this physiotherapy clinic where first class physiotherapy, sports massage and podiatry services are provided. A detailed assessment is conducted at first. Physiotherapy is employed to treat back and neck pain and injuries, whiplash, joint and muscle pain and sprains, repetitive strain injuries, overuse injuries, immobilization caused by accidents or illness, incontinence and pelvic instability. Treatments performed include manipulations, mobilizations, electrotherapy, exercise therapy, massage therapy, sports massage, podiatry and acupuncture.
Dermal Fillers

Skin and Face Clinics - Annie Cartwright

0203 322 9884 ext: 71510University Hospital, Cardiff, CF14 4XW
Dermal Fillers

Laserase Wales

029 2168 0073 ext: 85421Llandough Hospital, Penlan Road, Penarth, Cardiff, CF64 2XX
Dermal Fillers

Clearskin Dermatology Treatment Clinic

0203 322 9884 ext: 66366870 Newport Road, Rumney, Cardiff, CF3 4LJ
Clearskin Dermatology Treatment Clinic is a private skin clinic specialising in phototherapy treatment for skin conditions including, persistant psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, acne, prickly heat and other photosensitivity disorders. Patients are seen promptly by our Consultant Dermatologist and Specialist Dermatology Nursing team providing peace of mind and immediate treatment for your skin condition. The Clinic also offers facial and aesthetic treatments including wrinkle reduction, fillers, treatments for excessive sweating, skin camouflage and photo rejuvenation all administered by the Dermatology nursing team.
Dermal Fillers

Essentials Skin and Beauty Clinic /Hair Essentials

0203 322 9884 ext: 801976 Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF102DW
High quality and affordable services in an air conditioned, ultra-modern and relaxing environment is offered at this salon located at Cardiff in Wales. The team pampers and indulges customers while performing treatments and helps them forget their daily stressful routines during visits. All services are aimed at making customers look stylish and feel confident. Services offered include hair cutting, colouring and styling, skin enhancing facials, therapeutic massages, manicures and pedicures, relaxing body therapies, nonsurgical treatments to help patients get rid of localized fat, teeth whitening procedures, hair removal, tanning and a wide range of anti-aging treatments.
Dermal Fillers
From £250 Enquire
1st syringe - 2nd /Additional syringe £180. Many of the dermal fillers we use to treat wrinkles are bio-stimulants of the body's own collagen. Dermal fillers we use consist of hyaluronic acid (non-animal based) which is a substance naturally present in living cells. Filler are injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle and have a lasting result of up to 8-12 months. Hyaluronic acid can be used as a wrinkle filler, fold filler, cheek filler or for even lip augmentation.
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