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We have all the information you need about public and private Belgian bariatric surgery clinics. Compare all the bariatric surgery clinics and contact the bariatric surgeon in Belgium who's right for you.

Ease of travel, low prices and a healthcare system that ranks as one of the best in the western world makes Belgium a well established location for medical tourists.  Short waiting times in hospitals and clinics mean procedures like joint replacements can be organised and completed in a few short weeks.

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Obesity Solutions Group

078 48 33 14ECFS bvba, Werfstraat 12/3a, Ypres, 8900
Our objective as a team is to offer motivated patients the opportunity to regain control of their weight and their lives through the non-invasive, efficient and safe gastric banding surgery. Welcome to Gastric Band Surgery Belgium: This could be your most life-changing and positive decision and could very soon set you on the "weigh-to-wellness". Losing weight is a life changing experience and will enable you to experience improved physical and mental well being. Being overweight is a major cause of physical problems and illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes and has resulted in millions of people around the world constantly trying to reduce and control their weight. The solution essentially is to reduce the intake of food and to increase activity levels. If you feel that you have seriously attempted to lose weight without success and you are motivated to make major changes in lifestyle and eating habits, then we can help you to achieve your goals.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric Band
€3950  -  €4250 Enquire
Gastric Balloon
From €2750 Enquire
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European Centre for Follow-up and Services (ECFS)

078 48 18 23Werfstraat 12 3A, Ieper

International Surgery Group - Brugge

078 48 19 11 ext: 74416AZ Sint Jan's Hospital, Ruddershove 10, Brugge, 8000
"The level of care and attention is excellent"CK, Netherlands, 26 Jun 14
"My treatment via International Surgery Group was excellent, I would definitely recommend to others considering an operation. The level of care and attention is excellent."
Our Globally Renowned Bariatric Consultant Surgeon, Dr Bruno Dillemans is considered a World Leading Authority in Weight Loss Surgery and has carried out in excess of 16,000 Successful Weight Loss Surgeries since 2004. He also has the lowest post-surgery complication rate in the world associated with Weight Loss Surgery at 0.04%. In addition, Dr Dillemans has the lowest post-surgery infection rate associated with Obesity surgery at 0.02%. Dr Dillemans is the Chief of Staff at the Department of General Surgery at AZ Sint-Jan's University Hospital, Brugge, Belgium. In September of 2013, Dr Dillemans attended the IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders) World Congress in Turkey which was attended by more than 300 of the best obesity surgeons from around the Globe. During the congress Dr Dillemans was chosen by the attending surgeons due to his considerable experience as one of the World’s Leading Experts in Weight Loss Surgery and was asked to perform Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve surgery which was broadcast live to universities and hospitals in 158 countries around the globe. No other bariatric surgeon in the Northern Hemisphere has received such an endorsement on a global level. International Surgery Group's Hospital is celebrated as one of the world's leading academic hospitals, AZ Sint-Jan's has 1200 beds, a combined total of 200 physicians and surgeons, and over 2100 staff members. This modern high tech hospital
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Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric Band
From €6200 Enquire
The Gastric Band is used for weight reduction for patients with obesity, with a Body Mass Index of at least 30 with one or more obesity-related comorbid conditions.It is indicated for use only in adult patients who have failed more conservative weight reduction alternatives, such as supervised diet, exercise and behaviour modification programs. Patients who elect to have this surgery must make the commitment to accept significant changes in their eating habits for the rest of their lives.
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Belgium Surgery Services

078 48 19 11 ext: 27039AZ Jan Portaels Hospital, Gendarmerie strata 2, Vilvoorde, 1800
"First class"Hannah, NORTHERN IRELAND, 06 Oct 13
"The professionalism from the start through to the operation itself and standard of care was exceptional. Dr de Bruyne, Bart and Frederick are first class; very informative and caring. Everything was arranged and taken care of from the taxi service to the hotel in which nothing was too much trouble. The price of the gastric bypass surgery was very hard to beat for the standard that was delivered again first class. Thanks guys for giving me my life back."
Would you like a fast and professional medical intervention 50% cheaper than in your home country? Come to Belgium for an operation and with the support of the BSS team you will be surrounded with professional people who take care of everything. BSS offers total packages with the most qualified hospitals and the best surgeons in Belgium! ALL-IN package includes: -         Cost of the operation -         24/7 Personal patient care manager -         Complete taxi service -         Accommodation for two in B&B hotels near the hospital -         Consultation and Aftercare advice in your home country  If you are interested in our prices or if you require more information about an intervention, don’t  hesitate to contact us!
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
All patients are welcome for a free of charge baratric consultations at our clinics to help them choice what type of obesity surgery will help you the most to lose your overweight
Gastric Band
€3900  -  €4250 Enquire
In this procedure, a hollowband made of special material is placed around the stomach near its upper end,creating a small pouch and a narrow passage into the larger remainder of thestomach. The band is then inflated with a salt solution. It can be tightened orloosened over time to change the size of the passage by increasing ordecreasing the amount of salt solution. The entire procedure is donelaparoscopically, where a laparoscope is inserted through the abdominal wallthrough small surgical incisions. It induces weight loss byreducing the capacity of the stomach, which restricts the amount of food thatcan be consumed. Minimally Invasive Approach
Gastric Balloon
€2500  -  €2750 Enquire
Gastric balloon or stomach balloon isa non-surgical treatment for people who are overweight or obese. The balloon isinserted into the stomach through the mouth (gastroscopy) and this means thatafter eating a small amount of food, you feel full. Is gastric balloon suitable foreveryone? No. If you have a particular condition, for example anillness related to your heart or lungs, your GP and surgeon may feel theprocedure is too risky to carry out. What’s involved? You will be given a throat spray that has a numbingeffect (you will also be offered a sedative if you wish). Using endoscopictechnique a small thin tube is inserted through your mouth down your throat andgullet and a silicone balllon is inserted and filled with saline in yourstomach. This limits the amount of food your stomach can hold.Your food still passes through your digestive system in the normal way. Gastric balloon installation The gastric balloon is introduced into the stomachthrough the mouth. Your surgeon will perform an initial examination of yourstomach using an endoscopic camera. If no abnormalities are observed, yoursurgeon will proceed with placement of the balloon through your mouth and downyour oesophagus into your stomach. The balloon is made of a soft and pliablesilicone elastomer material and is inserted while in its smallest, deflatedform. The swallowing process is made easier with the help of a throat spraywhich numbs the throat area. Muscle relaxing medications are also used. Once the balloon is inside your stomach, it isimmediately filled with sterile saline through a small filling tube (catheter)attached to the balloon. Once filled, your surgeon will remove the catheter bygently pulling on the external end. The balloon has a self-sealing valve, andat this point the balloon is floating freely in your stomach. Placement timesvary, but it will usually take 20-30 minutes, after which you will be monitoredby the weight loss surgeon for a
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Dr Lemmens Luc

078 48 19 11 ext: 23152Gustaaf De Ridderstraat, 6, Sint-Niklaas, 9100
Giving patients with morbid obesity a better quality of life by improving their health and appearance is the focus of this expert and experienced bariatric surgeon who consults from two clinics located at Sint Niklaas in Belgium. He conducts an extensive health examination and explains and discusses all procedures with patients before scheduling surgery. The safety and comfort of patients is his main concern during procedures. Services provided include weight reduction advice, gastric banding and gastric bypass bariatric surgical procedures and post- surgical diet and exercise prescriptions to help patients maintain a healthy weight.
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Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric Banding
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Direct Healthcare International Limited - Antwerp

078 48 19 11 ext: 33733ZNA hospital - Antwerp Obesity Centre, Antwerp
"Poor service. I thought my email could have been answered."Lawrence, UK, 29 Mar 10
Direct Healthcare International was formed to meet a demand for low cost surgery using hospitals in Belgium, where the surgical standards are second to none. With this aim in mind we sought to use surgeons that we knew by reputation, CV history, and surgical history. These surgeons in order to qualify to be accepted by Direct Healthcare International Limited need to demonstrate a proven track record and in addition carry out a minimum of 250 surgeries a year in their discipline. This we felt sure were criteria that would find excellent experienced tried and tested surgeon and indeed have proved so. Specialising in Obesity Surgery, (Gastric bypasses), Orthopaedic (hip, Knee, spine, hand, ankle, wrist), Gynaecology, General Surgery and Internal Medicine, Direct Healthcare International Limited pride ourselves on providing a quiality service from the point of departure (airport train station, home pickup) to the hospital through recovery and back home, the client is entirely in our hands. At first we didn’t always get it right but our philosophy of listneing to our clients following up nad taking direct action on any complaints means that we have come to be a well ordered smooth running organisation with the experience of thousands of succesfull treatments and out comes leaving thousands of happy clients. Today thanksfully copmplaints are very rare. A recent survey said 95% of clients were entirely satisfied and 98% of clients would use Direct Healthcare International Limi
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric Band
Adjustable Gastric Band - Laparoscopic Surgery (ZNA hospitals)/Adjustable Gastric Band - Laparoscopic Surgery (St Remberts)
Gastric Balloon
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Direct Healthcare International Limited - Torhout

078 48 19 11 ext: 33734St Remberts Hospital, Torhout

Toon Sonneville

078 48 19 11 ext: 22942Maaltebruggestraat 288, Gent, 9000
Toon Sonneville is a Bariatric Surgeon in Gent. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric Band
Gastric Sleeve
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Dr. Bruno Dillemas Genral And Obesity Surgeon

078 48 19 11 ext: 23087Ruddershove, 10, Brugge, B8000
Bruges in Belgium is the location of this clinic where a skilled and experienced bariatric surgeon performs procedures to improve the health and appearance of patients with morbid obesity. All procedures are performed at a well-known and well-equipped hospital in Bruges. A detailed assessment of the health of patients is performed at first before surgery is scheduled. Services provided include diet and exercise prescriptions for weight loss, counselling before surgical procedures, gastric band surgery, sleeve gastrectomy procedures, duodenal switch surgical procedures, gastric bypass surgery, conversion surgery from one form of bariatric surgery to another and post-operative diet and exercise prescriptions.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric Band
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
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JH - AZ Sint-Blasius Campus Dendermonde

078 48 19 11 ext: 23162Kroonveldlaan 50, Dendermonde, 9200
Services of a high standard are offered for international patients by this highly trained and experienced bariatric surgeon who consults with patients at his clinic located at Dendermonde in Belgium. His goal is to improve the health and appearance of patients with morbid obesity and help them enjoy a happy and healthy future. A detailed initial health examination of the patient is performed to ensure that they are candidates for bariatric surgery and procedures are performed if required 8 weeks after the initial consultation. Services include sleeve gastrectomy procedures, gastric bypass surgery, duodenal switch procedures and bariatric surgery revision procedures.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric Sleeve
Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass
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JH - Polyclinique Hopital Saint-Pierre

078 48 19 11 ext: 13101Boulevard de Waterloo 129, Brussel

JH - Clinique Edith Cavell

078 48 19 11 ext: 13103Rue Edith-Cavell 32, Brussel

Surgeons Sint - Truiden

078 48 19 11 ext: 23045Diestersteenweg 100, Sint-Truiden, 3800
Surgeons Sint - Truiden is a Gastroenterologist in Sint-Truiden. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation

Obesitaskliniek AZ Sint-Maarten

078 48 19 11 ext: 23159Leopoldstraat 2, Mechelen, 2800
A comprehensive range of services to help patients lose weight are offered by this skilled and experienced bariatric surgeon and his team who consult from clinics located at Duffel and Mechelen in Belgium. The team consists of qualified and caring dieticians, counsellors and endocrinologists. A detailed initial examination of the health of patients is conducted to understand the underlying cause of their weight gain. Surgery is scheduled only for patients with morbid obesity. Services provided include bariatric surgery including gastric banding, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedures post-operative diet and exercise prescriptions.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
Gastric banding or gastric
Sleeve Gastrectomy
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Obesitaskliniek AZ Sint-Maarten - Campus Rooienberg

078 48 19 11 ext: 13097Rooienberg 25, Duffel

Obesitaskliniek AZ Sint-Maarten - Campus Zwartzustersvest

078 48 19 11 ext: 13098Zwartzustersvest 47, Mechelen

CHU Brugmann

place Arthur Van Gehuchten 4, Brussels, 1020
"Happy"Dariusz, Sterrebeek, 03 Jul 14
"I'm happy with the visit."
With its 854 beds and 20.000 admissions per year, Brugmann UH is one of the largest hospitals in Brussels. Its assets ? Three complementary sites and an ideal size to deploy all its activities and best possible service. Without counting a strong social personality, a resolutely university character, an advanced technical environment and constant architectural improvements. Brugmann UH remains one of the rare hospitals with pavilion structure in Europe and, as a member of the Brussels public hospitals network IRIS, it adheres to the patients charter. It is certainly an additional guarantee to be well received.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation

Clinic Van Gucht

078 48 19 11 ext: 74835Tallaart 42, Lier, 2500
One of the country’s most renowned private centers The Van Gucht Practice, situated in Koningshooikt (Lier), is one of the most renowned private clinics of the country. We deliver highly specialized care – including esthetics and anti-aging treatments – and small surgeries. For almost 4 years now, we deliver the best and the most modern treatments to our patients, who come from all over the country. All procedures are carried out by a highly competent and experienced surgeon, who will provide you with the best specialized care. Together and in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, we look for the most appropriate treatment: we make time for our patients. We listen to your wishes before offering a professional solution. We are a highly qualified and experienced team that gives an answer to all your medical and practical questions. There is always someone present who you can speak to about our treatments , in the clinic itself or over the telephone. We offer you a five star service, starting from your first appointment until the aftercare and a possible follow-up appointment. Your opinion is utterly important! Dr Van GuchtElke Peeters.
Bariatric Surgery Consultation
From €50 Enquire
There is a proper solution for anyone who wants to lose weight. Basic requirements for a healthy lifestyle are balanced food and exercise. However, this is not sufficient for everyone. If you want to lose a lot of weight, you will need a personal coach to look for a proper, personalized treatment. Losing weight does not only improve your appearance, but also your health. Obesity can cause lots of health problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart conditions.On this website, you will find more information on different treatments and the results you might expect. You can also consult Joachim Van Gucht, who will tell you which treatment is suitable for you and who can develop a counseling and follow-up plan to make sure that the effects will last on long term.We are specialized in the following treatments:•adjustable gastric band•dietary advice•gastric sleeve surgery•gastric bypass surgery Afterwards, there will be an individual multidisciplinary intake (screening by experienced specialists, such as a psychologist, endocrinologist and dietician) in the hospital of Willebroek/Bornem. The surgery itself takes also place in this hospital, aftercare and recovery can take place in our private clinic.
Gastric Band
€5000  -  €5750 Enquire
The adjustable gastric band (commonly referred to as the lap band) reduces the amount of food that your stomach can hold at one time with the help of an inflatable silicone device that is placed around the top portion of the stomach. The band slows the passage of food to the lower part of the stomach. As the upper part of the stomach registers as full, the message to the brain is that the entire stomach is full, and this sensation helps the person to be hungry less often, feel full more quickly and for a longer period of time, eat smaller portions, and lose weight over time.
Gastric Sleeve
€7000  -  €7750 Enquire
This is a restrictive type of surgery. Dr. Joachim Van Gucht reduces the size of the stomach with the help of surgical staples. A gastric sleeve, also called sleeve gastrectomy, reduces the stomach to about 25% of its original size. The stomach is first stapled double and then cut in half between the surgical staples. The remaining part of the stomach has the shape of a sleeve, hence the name. The operation removes the upper part of the stomach which produces Ghrelin, a chemical that stimulates appetite.
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